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Welcome Back!

by Taylor on February 15, 2016

in Career Paths,Extracurricular

Hey guys! It’s been a great 2016 so far, and I am excited to be one of Fontbonne’s newest student bloggers. Here’s the basics you should know about me. My name’s Taylor, and I’m a junior here at Fontbonne. I’m majoring in dietetics and minoring in chemistry, and hoping to get into med school after graduation so that I can work in sports medicine, specifically with tennis players. I’m a triplet from from a little town called Ozark, about 4 hours southwest of St. Louis. My brother goes to school in San Francisco, and my sister in Kansas, so we are kind of all over the place right now. Originally, I chose Fontbonne because of their amazing dietetics program, and I thought that I would play tennis here. The tennis thing never happened, and I changed my mind about what career I wanted my sophomore year, but Fontbonne still ended up being the perfect fit for me.

During my 3 years here, I have had the opportunity to be involved on campus in pretty significant ways, whether through my current campus job of being a resident assistant, or through the various organizations I am a part of, including ODK, SAFCS, and Fontbonne ResLife. This place keeps me busy, and I feel like there is always something cool going on here.

The best part about Fontbonne for me would have to be the people. I have managed to find some really spectacular friends here that have kept me going and made me excited about life, and every semester I meet more people here that impact me in different and cool ways. My best friends are people that I really had nothing in common with before I got here, but who have managed to become some of my favorite people in my life.

I hope you guys are having a great 2016 so far, and I can’t wait to share more with you!



New year, new people, new dorm, new blog post. There are lots of new things happening this year. Since I am now a sophomore, I have moved over to Medaille Hall, and no offense to The Joe, but I am liking Medaille much better! Since I am in Medaille, I have access to the Griffin’s Nest. You’re probably wondering what a Griffin’s Nest is — it is the 4th floor of Medaille, and it has a kitchen, lounge and games. It is a pretty awesome place. It is open to all students, but it much more convenient going up to it now that I live in Medaille.

My friends and I have really been taking advantage of the Griffin’s Nest. Every Tuesday we gather there and we make a homemade dinner, and we call it “Family Dinner.” ‘Cause if you can’t go home for family dinner the next best thing is to enjoy a meal with your school family. It really is a nice feeling to sit down and share a meal that you made with some friends, and it also has the perks of great dessert! 🙂 Tonight I will be enjoying Shrimp Linguni Pasta and cookies, it sounds good just typing it. So, tonight when you sit down for dinner with your family, enjoy it! Don’t take it for granted!

See you next week,



One thing I really love about Fontbonne is how easy it is to embed yourself in the community. I’ve been very fortunate in my experiences at this school and have gotten a lot of opportunities that I may not have at a larger school. With all these experiences has come the possibility of making friends and building a pretty strong community. I would say that I have a diverse group of people that I “fit it” with and that’s something that I really enjoy. I am on the Fontbanner staff this semester, I am a member of Campus Ministry, I sing in the choir, and I live on campus. That’s so many opportunities for me to meet people and make friends!

I think this past week has really shown me how much I am part of the Fontbonne community. I was sick at the beginning of the week and because one of my roommates works in Student Affairs, someone in that particular office sent me an email and mentioned that she hoped I was feeling better. Another student gave my roommate some medicine for me to take, which has really helped me sleep this past week.

I’ve also had some completely spontaneous conversations this week. My neighbors from down the hall consider me their fifth roommate, and I had two great conversations with one of them in the last two days. We talked about relationships, friends, school, Halloween, etc. I also had a conversation with a girl who lived on my floor from last year. We’re friends, but we have never really hung out that much. I was originally interviewing her for the Fontbanner, but I found myself in her room talking about our views on friends, boyfriends, marriage, families, and plenty of other topics. I am just glad that these types of conversations are possible on this campus. I’m sure they happen in other places, but I just don’t think I could have the same experience of being close to so many people at any other school. While this may not be everyone’s view, it is something I realize how much I appreciate as the Thanksgiving season approaches.

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fontbonnesarahMy favorite Springfest memory would be the dunking booth.  Wouldn’t you love to see your Resident Assistant dunked in a huge pool of water?  I know I would and I DID.  It was awesome, because if I was mad at any R. A. I could take it out in the tank!  Honestly, I wasn’t too good at it, to tell you the truth!  But I pulled some strings and had a friend dunk the R. A. of my choice.  It was great to see their shocked face of being dunked.  They will look at me differently now!  I hope they held their breath.  HAHAHA.  After being dunked they had to walk around in the wet clothes.  Fantastic!!!
Another memory would have to be the stupendous inflatables that were at Springfest last year.  So I challenged a good friend of mine to a duel!  It was awesome.  We climbed up to a podium-like space with jousting poles,  one for each of us.  Then we would try and force the other person to lose their balance.  I was planning on showing my friend who’s the boss of that game; unfortunately, she ended up showing me who’s the boss.  Anyways, if you lost your balance you would fall on a large inflatable.  So all’s good!  Even though I was horrible at that game, I still will always keep it dear to my heart.

What would you do at SpringFest? Check out student activities for more information!


Mike- Organizations & Res Life are His Favorites

by Fontbonne University November 11, 2008

I have many favorite things about Fontbonne University. First, I love how the school plans lots of exciting activities for all the students. For example, there was a free haunted house tour on Halloween and movie nights once a month for free. The students can have good clean fun without spending money. Next, I enjoy […]

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Mary Alice-Makes Friends Her First Day

by Fontbonne University October 22, 2008

           On move in day, there was music blasting, people everywhere, and cars packed with stuff.  There was so much excitement! I am from Louisville, Kentucky; I was scared that I wasn’t going to make friends that fast at Fontbonne, but boy was I wrong.  The first night I was already up late talking with the […]

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Libby- From Barely Packed to a Perfect Fit

by Fontbonne University October 22, 2008

The night before I left to go to start my first year of college at Fontbonne University, I wasn’t even finished packing. Not only was I worried about forgetting something, but the thought ‘I’m really starting college’ wouldn’t leave my mind. I had heard college was fun but hard work, but I didn’t really know […]

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Rachel – Starting the New School Year

by Fontbonne University October 10, 2008

My heart began to race in anticipation the first week of August. My return to Fontbonne Univeristy was quickly approaching, and I couldn’t wait! Being at home in Tennessee all summer fell short of my fast-paced life at school in Saint Louis. Coming back to school earlier than other students was refreshing to me. I […]

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