Procrastin…..I’ll tell you later….

Procrastination. We all do it! It is everyone’s best friend yet an enemy at the same time. You never get things done, leave it to the last minute, and so on.  Here are a few things you could do to step up your organizational gameimage & avoid procrastination . 1. Use a planner of some kind; keep due dates of important events, assignments, tests/quizzes and large projects in that planner. It is scientifically proven that if you hand write something, you are more likely to remember it better. But what if a planner isn’t your thing? 2. In that case, most (if not all) digital calendars have several helpful features: A. Re-occurring events is one. I200_sf you know for a fact that you have a test in a class every Wednesday, have that calendar push a reminder every week so that you never forget about that important test. B. Another great feature is the frequency of the reminders. Here’s a real world example: I have Board Meetings that I need to constantly attend. So I have my phone remind me several times about it in this exact order: 2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes prior to the Board Meetings. This not only lets me know that I have a meeting coming up, but it also give me an idea of how much time I have left before I have to leave for the Board Meetings. C. To go even further – have the calendar remind you in advance (i.e. Due date is Dec. 5; remind me on Nov. 20th @ 8 AM). 3. And finally, one EXTREMELY helpful tip that I don’t know if everyone uses is: Let’s say you have a project or a 12 page paper due within a month or two. No one ever told you that you had to complete it in one sitting. Break it up! Divide the project or paper up into smaller sections so it doesn’t look so overwhelming. Completing smaller parts = less stress. Until next time guys, stay classy!

Friends are a Necessity

So let me be completely honest. I kind of forgot about school at the end of the week last week because I decided to take on a pretty tough babysitting job, (3 boys, 3 nights, 4 days) which had me going crazy by night 2. So when it came to the weekend, of course I did not hold back. I let myself have some fun. I went out with great friends Saturday, had lunch at my new favorite restaurant with two of my very best friends Sunday, and I ended the weekend by going to Forest Park with some other best friends of mine to watch the Blood Moon Sunday night. Despite the two papers I have due tonight, that I have yet to start, I still say it was worth it.

I guess it doesn’t matter what stress I’m under or what needs to be done now, I still want to always have time for my friends. Because without them, yeah those papers might have been done three days ago, but my sanity would be gone, and I wouldn’t have such great memories.

“Let all that you do be done in love.”

-1 Corinthians 16:14

Persuasion and Procrastination

Some of you may know other than serving the purpose for me to rant and jabber on about my college experience and life in general, this blog is used to give prospective students an idea of what it’s like to be a student at Fontbonne. This blog is my way of marketing Fontbonne University, giving others insight into how wonderful it is here.

Another way I market or advertise Fontbonne is through Fontbonne Student Ambassadors (FSA). This is my first year being an ambassador for Fontbonne, and I love it. As an ambassador, I have designated time slots each week in which I’m free to give tours. The tours are my time to show the student Fontbonne’s campus, and persuade them to the best of my ability to choose Fontbonne. The tours are individual, and I think that this one-on-one activity helps in making Fontbonne the right choice. Being a part of FSA directly involves me in some students college application process, and as a result I market Fontbonne through the tours I give. FSA also helps out with open houses and group tours that take place here on campus.

Joining organizations and clubs at Fontbonne does take up “free time”, but I definitely do not regret becoming a part of FSA. I am hoping for the next few weeks “free time” will exist in my life, although I highly doubt it. At this moment it sure doesn’t. There’s just a few weeks left of first semester, and as soon as I finish one project I have to start the next. This really makes me wish I started earlier. Between classes, practices, and meetings there’s no time! I have now been reminded that it’s best to get things done early. It’ll save you a lot of time (time for sleeping!) in the end. Never will I procrastinate on a ten page Chemistry paper again, but I am right now because I have yet to begin. Yikes!

Until next week…

It’s About All I Can Take

Guess what! We have officially made it through half of the semester. I know I’m constantly counting the days until Thanksgiving, winter, spring, and summer break (I would include fall break too, but that’s a joke), but I really do love school. I just hate the stress that comes along with it. Oh, and living in a dorm. I hate living in a dorm and desperately want an apartment next year (heck, why wait? Why not next semester?)
Anyway, tons of stuff happened this week, and I learned a few very important hot tips that I’d like to pass along to you:

#1: Assignment guidelines for projects are often misleading. They make you think that what you’re doing is NBD, and that you have tons of time to do it. WRONG! As soon as you get those assignment guidelines, hightail it to the library or wherever and get to work. Otherwise you’ll be like a majority of my classmates in my Quantity Foods course (myself included!) freaking out Wednesday night before turning in our massive Cycle Menu project the next day. Spending all of that time in the Kinkel Center together was quite the bonding experience.

#2: Never start studying the night before an exam. I like to say that I was conducting an experiment in which I was testing the hypothesis that studying the night before an exam will produce a lower exam score, but honestly, I put off studying because I was just plain stupid. Oh, and because of hot tip #1. The assignment guidelines for my Cycle Menu project duped me into thinking it wouldn’t be so bad (when it was), and so I spent more time on that project this week than studying for Plant Biology.

In other news, today I got my ID badge for the Botanical Gardens! Look at my face! Don’t I look so serious and professional and official? I think so!

Most enthusiastic intern EVER.

Have a great week everyone. And whatever you do, don’t procrastinate!


“Yet Again” by: Grizzly Bear

Determination, Procrastionation, Eating Disorder Awareness

Hello everyone,
As some of you might have noticed, the Lenten Season started this past Wednesday. This year, I have been hoping to be less of a procrastinator. Lately, I have been putting things off until the last minute, which causes stress, the ripping out of hair, and the occasional yelling at the ceiling to that higher power. I am good about getting things done, but my prioritizing tends to put some things to the wayside and then sneak up on me when I least expect it! Among other things, I am determined to do things not necessarily super ahead of time, but sooner than the night before. Those reports I know about weeks ahead of time will be started that day and I will create little tasks to complete at intervals instead of the whole chunk at one time. Anyone else who is just as determined to make a difference in their time management can follow these tips. One thing that is always told to me is list, list, list. It is actually proven that things are more likely to get done when written down.

Someone I know likes putting any assignment that is given on a notecard. All notecards are then pinned up on a corkboard in the order that they are due. Every time an assignment is finished, that notecard gets taken down. For more motivation than disappearing notecards for a clean corkboard, a person can hide a cute/funny image underneath that can only be revealed when homework is done. I keep a notebook full of different lists. “To Do” lists, “homework” lists, “ideas” lists are all compiled into one notebook. This might sound like a waste of paper, but I only use notebooks from past classes to be more eco-friendly. Plus, with technology now-a-days anyone could create a list in Word and save it or use an app. Unfortunately, multiple obstacles get in the way — namely, Facebook, an easier assignment, or just pure laziness (I am most familiar with the last one!). Something to boost motivation to finish something could be a kind of rewards system. Do something before allowing yourself a Facebook break. You can be like “I will finish reading two pages with a page of notes before stalking this person I friended” or “if I write one more substantial paragraph, I can text for five minutes with whoever I want.” Either way, these are all possibilities for frequent breaks to increase productivity. If you choose to follow them or follow something that works for you!

On an ending note, don’t forget that RECYCLEMANIA is still going on!!! That means use our new recycle bins on campus to recycle those plastic bottles, aluminum cans, papers, and teracycles!! This is technically a contest, but it is all for the good of our planet so do what you can!!!

One more thing!! I promise to tone down on the exclamation points…maybe…Did you guys know February 26th –March 3rd is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week??! Well, it is. So keep your eyes peeled for information about this tragedy that is consuming our nation and what you can do to help stop it. If you can’t wait and would like to know more NOW go to! This is something people need to be on the lookout for. Just the other day I read an article stating boys are more likely to be anorexia than girls! What is with the gender shift? Check out the article at this link Alright, that is all I have to say on the matter so I hope someone got something out of this post.

Jeanne! (I might like exclamations a bit too much…!)

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve blogged… It’s been roughly a month, and I have been adjusting myself to my new schedule. After that month-long break, it was hard for me to jump right back into classes. I can say that I am glad to be back in the dorms, I love being able to see friends at all hours, and it certainly is good to get that college experience of living away from home, and I am fortunate enough that my house is only about 15-20 minutes from here so if I need anything, I do not have to go far. The best part about living on campus is how convenient it is: 1. I rarely have a tough time finding a parking spot, because I hardly ever need to leave campus during the day and come back while the crowd of people are there for classes. Around 4 p.m. or so, everyone begins leaving and the lot becomes much emptier, so it is nice because I know that parking is one of the major problems for commuters. 2. I don’t have to wake up super early for my classes. I have an 8 a.m. class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so it is nice not having to wake up any earlier than 7 a.m. ever. 3. I can nap between classes. On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I have a two hour break before my last class, so it is nice to know that I can easily get back to my room and have time to take a nap and have no worries of being late to class. Living on campus really is great.

The reason I haven’t blogged in a while is because this semester I am trying to dedicate myself a lot more than last. I did really well last semester, I just know that there is room for improvement, and that I can stress myself out a lot less if I don’t procrastinate quite as much. I remember last semester my friend and I were talking about how we both had put off a 7 page paper until the week it was due and out of stress and frustration I just said to her “College is a procrastinators playground!” Which really is a good way to sum it up. Because if you procrastinate in high school, there is a good chance you may have a really tough time adjusting to your first semester of college. Even though you are not in school for as long during the day, that does not mean you have a lot of free time. College can get really busy and hectic. If you don’t manage your time well enough, it will bite you in the butt later on. I have learned this and not necessarily the easy way either. That is why I am trying harder this semester, and I hope to keep it up.

Real Love Had Not Quite Yet Found Me.

Okay, so I’ve decided to procrastinate out of sheer frustration with my chemistry homework. Currently, we are reading chapter 14, which is creatively entitled: “NMR Spectroscopy.”

Enticed? I knew you would be.

Quite frankly, I don’t understand how to identify chemical compounds utilizing IR, NMR, or any other acronym, for that mater. Give me a chemical synthesis to do or something; anything’s better than trying to identify a compound by looking at some crazy graph thing. So, to get to the point, I’ve decided to do something more fun and write my blog for the week instead of working on my online homework assignment, which consists of twenty-three headache-inducing NMR problems. Some of the problems even incorporate NMR, IR, and Mass Spectroscopy for a triplet of fun (that was a little NMR humor. A triplet occurs on the spectrum when…I’m not even going to explain it.)

So. This all got me thinking on my run today: “Wow, some people would really hate to be me.” I mean, going out and doing a 10.5-mile run only to finish and have to do Organic Chemistry homework isn’t exactly a fun way to spend a Saturday. But for some reason, I still put myself through those things anyway. I mean, Organic Part Dos isn’t required for my major, but, call me crazy, I wanted to take it. And sure, by the time I had only thirty minutes left to go during my run, my legs were about ready to quit and my stomach was not too happy (fun fact: this was likely due to the fact that blood is shunted from the skeletal muscles to the digestive system, which is why you shouldn’t work out after eating). But I somehow managed to keep going anyway, simply because I like a good challenge and will often go to extreme measures to seek one out for myself.

I guess the point of my little rant here is the fact that, while you’re going through something particularly challenging, whether it be running up a hill that’s so steep it feels like you’re walking up it or trying to motivate yourself to sit down and really focus on your chemistry homework even though it’s not clicking, it may not be fun but it’s all totally worth it in the end. Yes, your stomach may hurt the rest of the day, and yes, your eyes may never want to see an NMR again. But when you stop and reflect on what you’ve accomplished, it feels pretty awesome.

So. Because my two best blogging buds (note my use of alliteration here) gave me shout-outs on their blogs, I’d like to do the same:

*Courtney: I hope this blog was more positive and not so whiny and complain-y as my blogs usually are. Also, those two girls in that picture you posted look like the epitome of awesome. I wish I were friends with them.
*Elizabeth: I hope you get over that strange (cough) you have.

Anyway. Enough positive thoughts for one day. NMR is calling my name once again and I must heed its call!

Have a good week everyone, and remember to push through those challenges!


P.S. Hmmm…somebody gave me a hot tip during Organic Lab that nobody listens to the music I put links up to on my blog. So, FYI, this week you are missing out on a lovely piece titled “July” by the amazing Youth Lagoon, unless of course you click here. I’m in love with this guy’s music, and I can’t wait until he comes to St. Louis. April 3rd can’t come soon enough!

Word to the Wise


Procrastination is not the answer! It is VERY tempting! But do NOT, I repeat, do NOT procrastinate!!! It only stresses you out more later, and causes you to loose sleep. Neither of which are good things.

Last night I pulled my first college all-nighter, all because I put off typing my final speech for public speaking a little but too long. I was so compeletely tired today I could hardly function. I am warning myself not to procrastinate next semester and I am warning everyone else of it’s dangers. Finals week is NOT a good time for procrastination or all-nighters!

Just don’t procrastinate, you will be happier later, trust me!

Total Access

This week I’m facing a dilemma of not only putting off my homework but now I don’t have access to a file that I need to read for an assignment. Had I not procrastinated I would have seen this problem ahead of time and called the Technology Department at Fontbonne.

Did I mention it would not be the first of many calls that I’ve made to those kind hearted people that work in technology? They are always so patient in helping me through the latest dilemma I find myself in. After being married to my IT guy hubby for a while, I dread what these poor technology people think of this computer challenged student. I am always thankful for their patience, their capability to help me in a reasonable amount of time and for their grace enough not to laugh at me. The last time, I called a few weeks ago, I shared this with them and they said that they aren’t there to laugh but to help. I consider that a blessing in itself and I go to sleep soundly tonight knowing that in the morning the technology department will help me sort out where I’m going wrong or give me the “total access” that I need.

May all you trick or treat fans out there find more treats than you do tricks over the coming week and be blessed in all that you do.

Blessings- Sherry

Study Day

So, question, do any of you actually study on academic study day? Here I am, TRYING to write a paper, and all I can think about is how much I would rather be doing anything else. I’m so close to days filled with sunshine, barbecues, and good friends that I can’t concentrate on anything school-related. Regardless of my temporary distracted state, I will try to power through this essay. My hope is that you are able to do whatever you need or want to do today. Good luck!