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Presidential Election

This year got really nasty with comments and jabs at each side of the Presidential debate and that was just on my Facebook among various friends. This year the politics of politics took its toll on my mind and spirit. I consider myself liberal in my views and found myself being called out on several occasions by friends. The weird thing to me about this is that although I am liberal in my political views I don’t tend to tell many people about them nor talk about politics with others.

I’m content to know where I stand on various issues. Because of this I don’t feel the need to tell everyone how I feel, persuade them to feel what I do, or try to change them. I guess I’m happy to live in a country where so many views can be held and or expressed. I am thankful to the men and women who have served our country in the military to protect this right. If anything I am thankful to be friends with various people with differing opinions from my own. There is something to be said in learning from others is how I’ve always felt.

This leads me to a story about election day. I had lunch with a very conservative friend of mine that chose to talk to me about politics. I told her that she knew that I was liberal and where I stand but I am thankful that we live in the US where we both can have such differing views and be friends. She backed off and agreed she was thankful that we were friends and that no matter what our political view she was glad she knew me. Wouldn’t this be a great thought for our leaders of our country, state, and towns to have?

I know that I’m praying for our current leaders and will continue to do so in the next year as some change and others stay the same. In reality, our leader, is not a man or a woman but God and through Him all things happen. I would much rather pray that God be a part of our country and how our leaders handle things than spend time debating with one another over fine details. I pray that you will join me in the coming weeks in praying for our leaders that they be graced with God presence and work for God’s glory. Together, I pray our country takes a stand not against one another but to pray for God’s almighty presence and will to be done in our country.

Blessings on your week-



Alumni Posts


by Alumni Posts on November 19, 2012

in Extracurricular

Originally I was not going to vote, but something changed my mind. I think it was the fact that if I didn’t vote, I couldn’t complain. That feeling wouldn’t feel right in my opinion. I was educated on the candidates, so I knew who in my opinion could lead this country.  I voted for Obama.  He seemed to be doing a good job  in my view that is why I voted for him. This wasn’t my first Presidential election. My first one was back in 2008. I voted for Mike Huckabee in that election. He had great ideas that I liked. He wanted a small government, he is a Christian, and he had experience in a government office.


Today is historic for the nation, and especially myself. Today, this first Tuesday in November, was the first time I voted! I have to say the experience was not as unnerving as I thought it would be. I was almost nervous to go vote today, partly because voting was a new experience and my vote was one of great significance. Today America is deciding the next president, and I helped in making that decision. When I stop and think about it, it truly is a remarkable right we have.

I registered to vote here at Fontbonne (how convenient!) a few months ago, and have been preparing for today for quite some time. I got all necessary information, probably more than I needed, to vote together, and brought myself up-to-date with the candidates and propositions. I considered myself an “informed” voter today. I did vote because I have never been able to, but also because it is a right I have, and as an informed citizen I enjoy having somewhat of a say in how things are run.

Voting was painless. I went after class this afternoon, and unlike other places here in the U.S., there was no line. My Fontbonne ID was all I needed, and I could even choose between paper and electronic voting. So many decisions! I chose paper. It seemed more official that way, actually inking in my votes. The whole process took me less than 15 minutes, and I made sure I grabbed an “I Voted” sticker on my way out.

I will probably remember that experience for the rest of my life, and will continue to vote. My job is done. Now all I have to do it sit and wait for the results! I think it’s going to be a close one!

Until next week…


Hey Griffins! As we all know yesterday was election day. It was my first time being able to vote and I took my opportunity. I feel that it is important for young people like us to vote. It may or may not affect us now but in the future it will. And, most likely it will affect our future children. This election was so close, I got worried that the candidate I voted for was not going to win. I also thought it would of been tied. Overall I was pleased with the election and knowing that I took a stand on who I want to run this country made me feel good. I believe it is important for everyone to vote. People back then fought for the right to vote and now people do not understand why voting is so important. It is very important, every vote counts. So I’ll leave you with this, be educated on the candidates and register to vote. We have the privilege to vote, why not use it.


Time to vote!

by Alumni Posts November 6, 2012

Today is the most important date for American citizens, because it is election day for the American President! This year, there are two nominees for U.S. President: Barack Obama (Democratic) and Mitt Romney (Republican). Before the election day, Obama and Romney debated 4 times. I saw all of the debates via the internet. Both of […]

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Dorm Life

by Alumni Posts March 6, 2012

The dorms at Fontbonne are awesome. I have been on several college visits and to be honest, even our freshman dorms are nicer than some upperclassmen dorms at schools back home in New York.

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Andy- Thinks America Needs Change

by Fontbonne University November 4, 2008

This year’s presidential race is not a big thrill to me.  Although it will impact my future, I still am not 100% involved in the political “stuff.”  But as the campaigning continued, I came to believe that Obama had an upper edge, because he has a much better grasp on  what the presidency is.  His […]

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Libby- Informed and Ready to Vote

by Fontbonne University November 4, 2008

It is the eve of the 2008 Presidential Election.  This is the very first election I will ever vote in.  To take away some of the anxiety I am experiencing, my family and I will be heading to the polls together.  I am excited to be part of such a monumental election thus far in […]

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Thomas – I Like to Ask "Why?"

by Fontbonne University November 3, 2008

Tomorrow America will decide the next President of the United States of America. To say it’s been a long ride would be the understatement of the century. This is the first presidential election that I can vote in and I really got into the day to day political buzz in this election. It has been […]

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Krista- Supports Differences in Politicial Opinion

by Fontbonne University November 3, 2008

These past few months on campus have been very…interesting. There has definitely been a lot of turmoil surrounding this election, and at first, I thought it would divide our campus (like it was suppose to divide our country). Heated debates between friends supporting opposite parties have frequently occurred on Fontbonne’s campus. But despite it all, […]

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