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Life is a test

by Alumni Posts on February 10, 2014

in Faith

Pray your way and be worry free. Things rarely make sense if you force them. Just be yourself, do whatever makes you happy and don’t waste your time trying to fix things out of your control. – Jeffery Facchin
I know… we all can change. – Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

A wise man told me this recently when I told him that I felt lost. So I took his words of wisdom into my life. I started to focus on what makes me happy, which one of the things was writing poetry. I had thought about changing what I wanted to do with my life. I changed my major to General Studies English. I felt the weight and worry lifted off of my shoulders. The stress that was holding me back just disappeared. I can have more open to my career than what I had previously.

I was not going to worry about trying my hardest to make everyone happy, but I was going to make myself happy again. That meant that I was taking more appreciation into the friendships that I currently have right now, and everything that I have in my life. I wasn’t going to try to force broken friendships to be fixed. If it was meant to be fixed than the broken friendships would be fixed.

Doing things like reading graphic novels, playing video games, and writing have changed my outlook on life. I had recently asked my folks if I could adopt a dog as a graduation gift in December. They said as long as I pay for everything for the dog. This had made my whole year. I felt more grown up because of this. I am looking forward to my dog. I will have something to look forward to when I came home from work. I have changed for the better. I take more pride in what I do.


Alumni Posts


by Alumni Posts on January 31, 2014

in College Life,Uncategorized

I am going to different this week and post a sonnet I wrote. I hope you all enjoy it.

The Pancake Sonnet

Pancakes are so delicious

From blue berry to chocolate

Each can be very nutritious

Unless you haven’t ate

When I think this it makes me hungry

All I want to do is eat but I have no food

Which can make me angry

That is the current mood

Pancakes can be cooked in many ways

Blue berries, chocolate chips, buttery

The best time to eat them is at the end of the days

They can be made artistically

Pancakes are very golden

Better when hot not while colden


Alumni Posts


by Alumni Posts on April 13, 2011

in Academics,Extracurricular

So I was in my poetry class tonight, and my fellow blogger, Cameron Braun, wrote a poem about money. I really liked the poem, by the way, Cameron, even if it was a little like a riddle. Anyway, it was interesting because it described something that I see every day. In his poem, Cameron was describing a one dollar bill. I couldn’t tell you what exactly the one dollar bill looks like except that it has good old George Washington’s face on it. Oh, and the ones of course. Many, many ones are part of the one dollar bill. It just made me think of all these things that I see or do every day, but that I never take time to appreciate. For instance, I’m not sure which shoe I put on first when I start my day. I know that not many people do, but it’s something so engrained in us, that we do it mechanically. I just think it’s funny how these little things become almost imperceptible in our lives. What do you think? What are somethings that you do every day, but maybe don’t notice?


Fontbonne seems to have a great deal of interesting professors. A favorite among the student body is Dr. Jason Sommer. He has the typical professor look as he is always rockin’ a sweater. I wanted to see if the hype over Dr. Sommer was with good reason, so I enrolled in his poetry writing class this semester. The class is formatted in a work-shop style as two lucky students get their poems critiqued every week. We also read and discuss many professional works, including Sommer’s. I thought I would show one of my poems, about my Rubik’s cube — go ahead, get your laughs out….

Alright, here is the first draft of last week’s work.

Repetition’s Reward

Representation of challenge.
A timeless symbol of perceived intelligence.
Trimmed in black with smooth plastic seams.
Lines laying south, and running west.
The six faces of color divided, and dispersed.
All resting together in a hands hold,
And furnished for fidgety fingers.

Movements of clockwork of a day’s light never saved.
Rotations racing to cross the right finish line.
Pearl white as a starting block,
For hours lost in a marathon of fascination.
Completion has never been so desired,
But the destination is only a mirage.
And luck, luck is fleeting and misleading.
Frustrations arise from a journey taken in circle.
Square one comes and cubes,
To the many who try and conquer.

Determination can spark new hope,
As failure extinguishes great flames once lit.
A method to solve the mystery is found.
A single answer to all questions.
Patterns, like fingertip dance moves.
Call it ‘The Rubik Repetition’.

The colors begin to come together.
Movements desegregate the diversity.

And completion waits,
After precise pivots.
The finale approaches,
And the finish line appears.

An orchestrated symphony,
Of motor skills and fingers finesse.
The commotion seems of catastrophe,
But the memorized moves return success.
The cube is solved,
The puzzle has been mastered.

So there it stands,
High on it’s pedestal of triumph.
An engineered toy of perfect craft.
Deceiving the unknowing witness,
Of it’s true simplistic nature.
To solve is to know.
And to complete, is to understand.


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