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When I started out at Fontbonne I had every aspect of my educational future planned out. I was going to major in Art, minor in Psych, and eventually go off to get my master’s in Art Therapy. Art Therapy is an up and coming career in the mental health field that uses art as a means of helping people with issues they might not have the spoken words for; it helps enrich the lives of the elderly and the mentally disabled alike. It’s a great path for someone that loves art and also really wants to help people. It was also a career choice that would be almost guaranteed to bring in a paycheck while I tried to make time to create my own art. After my first semester, and now into my second semester, I have had a slight change of heart. I fell in love with ceramics. Walking into the ceramics studio to create feels like coming home, and I don’t want to ignore that. So I will be changing to a Fine Arts major with emphasis on ceramics. I’ll be keeping my psych minor because I find it so fascinating, and it’ll give me more options for what I can do when I graduate if I need it. My love is art, my passion is ceramics, so that’s what I’m going to strive to do in my post-college life. Life is too short to work 9-5 in a cube 😉


The weekend before last marked a significant date in my dance career. It was the last time I “took the stage” as a Griffin Girl. I’ve been on the dance team at Fontbonne for three years. During my freshman year here, I made the mistake to not partake in any extracurricular activities, and forewent what I had been doing since I was five years old.

Clearly, I couldn’t stay away from dance for long, and joined the team the  following year. This decision ranks in the top for the best  decisions I have made in my life so far. You see, dance is not just a sport for me. It’s more than a performance or source of entertainment for others. It’s a way I let myself deal with all that life can throw at me. Dance is my catharsis, my release in life.

So I continued, and I met the greatest gals whom I now call my friends. We were more than just a team. We were there for each other. We all needed dance, and we needed each other. 2014-2015 Griffin Girls

Griffin Girls was the perfect outlet for me to keep dancing and still focus on building the future I so desired. I could dance while focusing on my education, work, and other leadership opportunities. My time here at Fontbonne has been some of the greatest years of my life, due in part to the Griffin Girls.

“Dance with your heart and your body will follow”. Those are the words of choreographer Mia Michaels, and could not be more true. I may not be the dancer with the best leaps, turns, or flexibility, but I dance with my heart in each and every performance. It is my heart that is rooted in dance, and the thought of being done with the art form causes it to ache a little.
The Griffin Girls Cheering on the Griffins

Who knows where I will go with dance next, but my heart will always hold a passion for it. That I know for sure.



On my Facebook page, my cover photograph is a still shot of Simba looking at the sky after Mufasa’s starry figure has just left him. The last words he said to him were, “Remember Who You Are.” I think that recently, I have personally forgotten a lot of things that are important for me. In my case, it is that of music. What triggered it was the call to sing something during Karaoke Night tonight. I was greeted with “Izzy, Izzy, Izzy, Izzy…” asking me to sing. And I was humbled by this call. So I killed the rendition of “A Moment Like This” by Kelly Clarkson. It was probably one of my best performances yet!

So, considering that… I suddenly recalled how important singing is to me. It is a way that I connect with people and with God. How on earth could I have forgotten about this part of me? The only explanation is that I have been so engulfed in speech pathology that I FORGOT that music is important to me too.

I think that in our journey to discover ourselves, we tend to lose a little bit of ourselves too. While after all, there cannot be gain without loss. When I first arrived at Fontbonne, I was a business major with intentions to obtain a minor in performing arts. In my sophomore year, I discovered that business wasn’t for me. I changed to speech pathology and fell in love with it. I also kept up with my performing arts minor. But come junior year, I felt like I needed to get a grip on speech pathology. Once my minor requirements were complete for performing arts, I bowed out and exited stage left.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my major. But the Master’s Degree is so concentrated that even though you feel much more challenged and accomplished in your major, you really need to make time for other things you love. Hope you take that advice and make sure to remember to OWN and HONE your dreams 🙂


One thing that’s great about getting into the junior and senior years of college is the fact that most of your classes relate to your major. As I said before, my major is dietetics, and this semester I’m taking: Community/Public Health Nutrition (School-Aged Child through Adulthood); Application of Nutrition Concepts; Quantity Food Service, Purchasing, & Operations; and Food Pathways of Diverse Groups. Needless to say, I’m knee-deep in nutrition!

I really do enjoy these classes, though, and not just because healthy eating is a passion of mine – I really feel like they are preparing me for my career. “Busywork”, or assignments that don’t really seem to have a point except to use up time, is a pet-peeve of mine, and I hate feeling like I’m wasting my effort. But for the most part, I feel like the assignments I’m getting in these classes are things that a real-world dietitian would be doing. An example: in my Quantity Foods class, one project we have is to prepare a “Cycle Menu”, or week’s worth of meals, for a certain group. I chose elementary students. But the assignment is more than just dishing out random foods to make a menu – we have to research nutritional needs, have a meal pattern, analyze our foods to make sure they are adequately nutritious – it’s like I’m working for a school district!

And I have the same types of projects in my other classes. It can certainly be time-consuming, but I enjoy the work and feel like it’s worthwhile. Because that’s the best thing college classes can do for you – prepare you for the future you want!


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