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Well, we’ve made it: the end of the 2011-2012 school year. I had my final class period today, and now I’ve got just two exams to conquer before putting the whole thing to rest.

One thing that I’ve realized worked out really well this year was my collection of friends. See, a lot of the people I became close with freshman year weren’t here this year for a myriad of reasons, from graduation to going back home to Japan, and for a little bit, I was kind of lonely, seeing as I’d kind of concentrated my friend circle around a few core people. This year, I guess because I was forced out of my comfort zone when my friends left, I worked hard by joining new clubs and making tons of smalltalk to gain new acquaintances, many of whom by this time have developed into friends. I still miss seeing my freshman-year friends around campus, and I keep in touch with them, but I’m glad I was able to make new friends in my sophomore year and expand my circle. The people I’ve gotten closer with this year (including all the people I was friends with last year) have helped me grow a lot, and hey, school’s a lot nicer when you’ve got friends.

Have a great summer, and I’ll talk to you in the fall!


Hi FBU community! We are getting closer to the end of another semester, and some are about to graduate and some of us are still a work in progress. For those of you who will be remaining students for a few more semesters, I encourage you to take advantage of activities and organizations while you are here. Not only are these activities fun and informative, they can be added to your resume. There are many clubs based on majors such as Human Services, Business, Human Environmental Services, etc. just to name a few. These clubs allow you to put your major to work, creating a tangible experience. Many of us do not take advantage of the college life, but we pay for these clubs and organizations that provide us options and the opportunity to be more than just students. Many of the clubs have scholarships that are exclusive to the members. You can meet new people and network and even make a difference out in the community. Enjoy your college life; it is just as important as that junior and senior year in high school: priceless.


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