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Staying Organized

by Katie on October 1, 2014

in College Life

If you’re anything like me, you start the semester with the best of intentions.  You vow to stay perfectly organized and file everything in its appropriate place before you go to sleep at night… and then September rolls around, and you’re back to your unorganized, I’ll-deal-with-it-later habits.

If you know anything about Pinterest, it’s a wonderfully addictive tool that you can use to find lots of fun DIYs for college and for other projects.  It uses boards to organize pins (think: links to website articles or images that that interest you) and lets you go back to those pins at any time via your Pinterest profile.  Just sign up for an account and search different DIYs, or utilize their huge number of Pinterest board categories to search a broad amount of topics.

A big thing on Pinterest is their DIYs on organization.  I searched far and wide on Pinterest’s DIY boards (so you could save your precious study time!) and found the best, most convenient organization-DIYs for college students.  Smartphone apps are another great way to stay organized, so I included one app to very useful links for college students.  I often use my phone’s calendar for study prompts and reminders.  I also use AnyList (one of the apps listed in the 3rd link below) to make To-do lists, grocery lists, and any other important reminders.

Stay organized this semester and enjoy the following links!


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So maybe you think that since I’m a senior, with almost 4 years of college life behind me, I have it all figured out. Not really. I’m just making it up as I go. But I can offer some advice based on my past experiences, good and bad.  All things considered, looking back now – I think I made a pretty good run at it. So here are my thoughts:
1. If you’re thinking about playing a sport, and you have the chance to do it, do it. Being a collegiate athlete, even at the D-3 level, is an experience I will always treasure.
2. When that sport becomes stressful and unenjoyable and forced…quit. I quit track and cross country after 3 and a half years (plus my years spent on teams in high school and grade school) because I was burnt out. It was the best decision I could have made. It’s important to experience college as just a normal student as well, not just a student-athlete.
3. If you don’t like sports or don’t want to play, that’s fine. But join something. You’ll meet people, and be able to participate in something you’re passionate about…or find something you never even knew you were passionate about. And hey, if they don’t have a club or organization that fits you, create one. I started an Environmental Club here at Fontbonne my freshman year and it’s been one of my proudest achievements ever.
4. Go out and have fun. The college life is a short one, and it’s unlike any other experience you’ll ever have. Live it up.
5. But don’t forget you have classes. And don’t fail them. You can rage 24/7 for about a semester before you’re gonna have to drop out. Pick a major that interests you, not just one you think will get you a well-paying job. I love the idea of being a dietitian someday, and the fact that I enjoy my dietetics classes really makes life better.
6. Stay somewhat organized. Find a method that works for you – I use the little sticky notes app on my Mac to make daily to-do lists for myself and note which assignments are due soon. I also write out all major assignments due in each class for the semester and tape the lists to my wall, so I can cross things out when I turn them in. Maybe that’s a little too intense for you, but you gotta stay track of things somehow or you’re gonna be stressed when you find out you had a paper due in class today.
7. BE KIND. Seriously. I hate to say it, but some people I’ve dealt with in college are just….mean. I’m not claiming to be a saint by any stretch, but it’s never a mistake to show kindness to someone. Everyone is going through life at a different pace, and the best choice you can make is to show love at every opportunity presented to you. You won’t ever regret it.



Semester Goals

by Deanna on January 31, 2014

in Academics

This is a very hectic semester for me! I have to observe for a total of 80 hours in middle schools this semester, 30 for one class and 50 for another. I am also taking two online classes, which I am not the biggest fan of online classes, but I couldn’t avoid them! I have already had two group projects. So, I’ve basically been busy non-stop basically all my school work, meeting up with groups, observing and working. It’s been… interesting. Can’t complain too much because I have loved every minute spent in those classrooms this semester, which makes me much more confident about my decision to become a Middle school teacher, and excited for the day I have my own class and classroom!

Staying on top of all that needs to be done is the hard part. I have all of my course calendars pinned on the wall that my desk is up against so that I can constantly see the due dates of assignments, and check them off as I go. I hope that these observations continue to be as enjoyable as they have been, and that by the end all my effort shows for these classes. Fingers crossed!



Back to School

by Kristen on January 29, 2014

in Academics,College Life

Hello again!  It’s been a long break from blogging for me.  Of course, winter break was long in general.  I think I could’ve gone crazy from staying inside so much, with all the snow and cold weather we had at the beginning of the month.  So it’s nice to be back at school where I have classes and friends to occupy my time.

I don’t know about you, but the first few weeks of new classes are always weird for me.  It takes a while to get used to new schedules, teachers, and seating positions.  In fact, I frequently forget where I sit in class.  It’s hard to keep things straight when you have the same classroom for multiple classes.  I hope to get used to my new seats soon so I no longer walk into classrooms and blank out!

On a more organized note….

What I really wanted to talk about today is time management skills.  At the beginning of each year, many people look at their lives and try to organize, clean, and refresh.  I would like to share some of my organizational methods with you, in case you’re looking for some pointers.

1.  Don’t over book your schedule:  I am guilty of doing this one often, but it’s something I’m working on.  It is important to have down time in your schedule, for resting, homework, or running errands that pop up during the week.  As students, we endure long days, with classes, sports, jobs, and meetings.  From personal experience, I can say that being Energizer bunnies (they keep on going) all the time is exhausting.  Having a little time to yourself during the week can save you some stress and cranky days.

2.  Write everything down:  I have both a planner and a calendar, and use both regularly to keep track of everything I have to accomplish.  With so many assignment due dates, tests, club meetings, practices, etc. I find it helpful to have a place to look to find what I need to do each day.  It keeps me from feeling overwhelmed and forgetting to do things.  Another way I write tasks down is using to-do lists.  Before I start homework, I always make a list to give me a starting point.  It’s easier for me to know what to work on when I have a concrete list in front of me.

3.  Limit the procrastination:  Everyone puts things off now and then, but waiting until the night before a project is due to begin said project never ends well.  I find it helpful to begin planning for major projects a few weeks in advance, so when I actually start putting it together, I at least have some notes to give me direction.  It’s also helpful to break down a big project into steps to do each week, so I don’t have to finish everything in one sitting (which gets super tedious).

4.  Sleep is your friend:  As college students, we often sacrifice sleep for studying or friends.  However, it is difficult to get through a long day without getting enough sleep on a regular basis.  It’s also harder to concentrate in class without sleep.  And isn’t learning the real reason why we came to college?  While coffee can compensate for a few hours, it’s always best to get the sleep we need.  So make sure you’re getting enough sleep for your body and mind (8 hours is recommended for our age!).

Hopefully these tips can help you get your schedule on track for this semester.  There is a lot coming up to look forward to.  Good luck as you finish out your year!


Fun day Monday…Right

by Alumni Posts February 6, 2012

Everybody seems to dread Mondays, but I love them. It can be quite crazy in the morning getting everything organized for the week, but once the list is made, I can start working on what I need to do. I can be too organized, if there is such a thing, but if I am not, […]

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