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Blood Drive

On Wednesday, October 5, the Psychology Club sponsored a blood drive. I’ve never given blood before but always wanted to. My grandfather, who died from leukemia when I was in grade school, used to give blood often because he was a rare blood type and wanted to help others. I was very close with him and it was hard when he died, so when I heard the there would be a blood drive right on campus, I knew I would donate in his honor.

To be honest, I was really nervous about giving blood. I’m not really a squeamish person but I was just a little uneasy about how it would work. But once I got there, I realized there was nothing to worry about. It didn’t hurt at all and I felt like I was in good hands. Before I even knew it, I was finished and free to go. But knowing that I helped someone else was such a great feeling.

One of the things about Fontbonne that I like the most is that there is always something to do on campus. Whether it is helping others by donating blood or going to watch a comedian at the DSAC on a Friday night. There is never a dull moment, which is great for someone like me who is always searching for something fun to do!

The Colors of Fall

Today I noticed for the first time that the leaves are changing. You know what that means. It’s FINALLY fall — my favorite season! I love the crisp air, the crunch of leaves under my feet, the cool jacket weather. I can’t believe it’s my last fall at Fontbonne. It went by so quickly. It feels as if I was just moving as a freshman a few weeks ago. Starting this year out, I didn’t think I would miss it, but I’ve definitely changed my mind about that. Know that I may not be in St. Louis this time next year has made me really want to enjoy it. The beautiful weather has made this much easier. Like this past weekend, I went to the Arch with my roommates. We have made a St. Louis bucket list. I’ll keep you updated on what we’ve accomplished!

I hope you’re getting to experience the beautiful weather too! And appreciate fall at Fontbonne!

Places to go, People to know!

This week, I was asked to talk about someone on campus who is important to know. Well, I couldn’t physically name just one person. I feel every adult on campus is important to know in some way for some reason. Depending on what your interests are, some people are more important than others. The people that I feel everyone should know are the president (Dr. Golden), their advisor, and the admissions people. I feel like everyone on campus should be close with the president in order to unite the campus with each other. You advisor will be important to you for all 4 years of your college. The will make your schedule, help with problems, and are just a good person to talk to with any problems. The admissions people are the ones who got you here. They gave you your scholarship, they accepted you, and they take care of any transcript issues. It is definitely important to be involved with the admissions people.

Now for the individuals. If you are a sports player, obviously your coach is a good person to get close with, especially if you play all 4 years. Whatever clubs, or extracurricular activities you are involved in play a huge role in who your are so you should get to know the president of the clubs and the other club members also.

The Power of a Hug

There are no words that can be said to compare to a hug. There is something special about embracing someone that is unexplainable. We hug when we are excited, we hug when we are happy, and we hug when we are sad; and they all help in some way. I read an article a while ago that there is a healing power when you hug. When it comes to our health, there is nothing more stress relieving and cozy about a hug. Human beings need this physical contact to feel connected.

Yesterday I had a friend who got some bad news he can’t play basketball anymore. He had this look of complete sadness all over his face. As he walked by me, every part of me wanted to say something to cheer him up but I didn’t have the words. I reached out and gave him a hug and a smile was slapped on his face. Later that night he thanked me and said it made him feel so much better. The hug was free, took no time as all, and it means more then you really know. Always remember a good hug can always increase your mood more then other things. When you see someone that isn’t feeling their best go out and try it. I promise you it works.

Commuter Week!

Happy Commuter Week, everyone!

Commuting is the way to be this week, as the Commuter Advisory Board is pulling out all the stops with its (relative) plethora of events to celebrate all those who don’t operate out of a dorm room.  This is CAB’s first year as an activities-based group rather than merely an outlet for diatribes about parking, and Commuter Week will test out the new administration (i.e., me with lots of help from Brent Hickenbottom, the club’s adviser.  I’ll be the first to admit it’s an autocracy.  Trust me, though, I’m definitely working on this, mostly because I’m tired of doing so much work.).  All this is pretty exciting, but by “exciting,” I mean “thrilling and terrifying and exhausting, all at the same time.”

Here’s the schedule:

Monday: Commuter Breakfast from 8:30 – 10:00 in the Griffin’s Nest, Tricycle Races in the DSAC at 12:00, where the grand prize is a $50 gas card.

Tuesday: Commuter Breakfast

Wednesday:  Commuter Breakfast, Commuter Dinner with food from the Pasta House

Thursday: Commuter Breakfast – Brent and Janelle Densberger, the Director of Student Activities, will be flipping pancakes for everyone!

Friday: Commuter Breakfast

Saturday: A joint production by CAB and the Residence Hall Association:  Zoo Photo Scavenger Hunt!  We’re meeting in the AMC at 1 p.m., and will carpool over to the Zoo for the scavenger hunt!  Bring a digital camera and a cord to connect it to a laptop, if you have one!

Then, on Monday, October 10th, we’ll be having the first official CAB meeting of the year! CAB had a slow start (it’s already OCTOBER, for Pete’s sake, and we’re just now having our first activities), but I think this week makes up for it!

Hope to see you some time this week, commuters!

My First Blog!

Hello Everyone!

This is my first blog, and I’m excited to get to share my college experience with all my new followers! I am currently a junior at Fontbonne University in St. Louis majoring in English and Pre-Law. I also play NCAA division three basketball and golf. Even though I have to spend a lot of time studying and practicing, I still find plenty of time to have FUN! If I had to choose my favorite part about my entire college experience, it would definitely be all the new people I’ve met. I didn’t know anyone when I came to Fontbonne but by living in the dorms and playing sports, I’ve met a ton of good friends.

Until next time,

“The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.” – Elbert Hubbard

The Anatomy of the Griffin Grill

Being a resident at Fontbonne, I find the most convenient place to eat on campus is the Griffin Grill in the DSAC. Most of the students find the food selection at the Grill satisfying, but there are definitely some particular favorites among the students. My standard lunch will usually consist of a chicken wrap. Below are some handy hints when ordering a wrap:

1. ALWAYS get fried chicken. (I used to get grilled, and then I finally tried the fried; since then, I’ve never gone back.)
2. Remember you have options when ordering your type of wrap (wheat or white).
3. Make sure they warm the tortilla before making your wrap (it will prevent the wrap from cracking).
4. Get it right, get it tight! (you don’t want your wrap falling apart when you’re in the middle of eating it, ANNOYING).
I usually prefer getting ranch or hot sauce on my wraps. It definitely adds a zing. :]

Another crowd pleaser at the Grill are the quesadillas. I personally like my quesadillas with cheese and chicken and NO pico de gallo. And of course, always get the fried chicken! It tastes way better than the grilled. Also remember to ask for salsa, because it completes the meal.
Another popular item on the menu is the spicy chicken sandwich. Super yummy! I usually get mine with ranch, but it apparently tastes good with mayonnaise too.

Those are some of the favorites I’ve tried at the Grill, so if you haven’t tried them yet, I strongly suggest you do! :]

Nothing Better.

This is my first post of the year, and also my first post ever. I’m so excited to be a part of the Fontbonne blog. The other day I was thinking back to when I was still in high school and college seemed to be so far away. I can’t believe that, even as I write this, I’m almost halfway through my first semester.

I guess I should start off with a little information about myself. I’m currently a freshman, and I graduated from Ursuline Academy last spring. I’ve lived in St. Louis all my life. I always knew that I wanted to attend a school in or at least close by St. Louis. What really attracted me to Fontbonne was the size of the school. I loved that I was able to have the college experience without the overwhelming size of a state school. I looked at a few other small universities in St. Louis, but once I visited Fontbonne, I couldn’t see myself at any other school.

I couldn’t be happier. The weather has been wonderful, I’m at a school that I love, and I’m constantly surrounded by wonderful people. I couldn’t think of anything better.

First. Post. Ever.

Hello All :)

I am pretty excited to be apart of this whole “blogging” thing.

To start it off, my name is Kaniz Abbas and I am a junior at Fontbonne. I play soccer, am a member of the Biology club, Psychology club, Sociology club, Griffin gang, and I am the Vice President of marketing for SGA. Needless to say I stay pretty busy around the campus and I hope to keep people updated on the fun things that go on around this campus! Fontbonne is kind of small but super social, which I am sure you are all aware of, so my blogs are going to cover what goes on at these festivities. Since it is the start of a new week, as well as my first blog, I will just list some things off to ya’ll in hopes to see you at the events.

Women’s soccer game at WashU- tonight at 7.

SGA cookie decorating- Tuesday the 27th in the meadow at 4.

Dedicated Semester Event (this may help those who need credit for class ;))- Tuesday the 27th in The Lewis Room at 7

Sociology Meeting- Wednesday at 7

Men’s Soccer game- Friday (Home) at 6

Thanks for reading and next week I hope to let you know how everything went :)