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And So It Begins

by Conner on January 29, 2014

in Extracurricular

Two weeks down, fourteen to go. This has become my countdown, and it is yet still early in the semester. I absolutely love my “busier than busy” lifestyle here at Fontbonne, but coffee and caffeinated teas have become my best friends.

This week, I was particularly busy with one of my favorite and most recent involvements, Omicron Delta Kappa. ODK is a national leadership honor society. After being chartered last semester, we are more than excited to start participating as an established organization on campus.

To help promote ourselves to students, we set up at the Activities Fair this week to provide everyone with a little information of what we’re all about. ODK also has a Facebook page! You can check it out by following this link: We post daily, with #MotivationMonday, #TriviaTuesday, #WebArticleWednesday, #ThrowbackThursday, and #FBUODKFanFriday.

Omicron Delta has many events planned for this semester, including an “End the R Word” campaign, Service Day project, and a collaboration with Student Government Association with the Last Lecture series.

FBUODK at the Activities Fair!

Let the semester begin! It’s going to be a struggle, but why not tackle everything now while I’m still young? Deep breathing, caffeine, and support from my family and very best friends are all a girl needs to get through anything!

Thanks for reading..


All semester, some Fontbonne students have worked and looked forward to November 16. This day marked the Omicron Delta Kappa initiation. ODK consists of upper classmen that are ranked academically in the top third of students and have experience in a variety of campus organizations and leadership roles. This honors leadership society is new to Fontbonne this year, so this initiation was one for the record books. As of this past Saturday, all of the new members have now been officially and proudly inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa. After the ceremony, the afternoon was spent at the reception, in which we all mingled over sweet and savory treats that were blue and gold like the ODK colors. It was nice to have everyone together, including the national officers that flew into St. Louis especially for Fontbonne’s occasion. Going forward, ODK will continue to host leadership initiatives, Lead by Example events, and participate in service projects.

The fun from that day didn’t end with the ODK ceremony and reception. Afterwards, my wonderful mom and I went to the Fabulous Fox theatre to see Rain. This is a Beatles tribute band that we saw together a couple years ago. We enjoyed ourselves so much then that we felt like we had to see them again. If only everyday could end being crooned by live Beatles tunes…

Congrats to all the new Omicron Delta Kappa members!


Fall. It’s that time of year when everything whizzes by. After midterms, it’s one event, test, project, or activity to the next, and the next thing you know finals are over and it’s Christmas break. This past week, it was enjoyable to hit the “pause” button for an evening and relax.

Student Government Association (SGA) held their annual Fall Festival. Numerous clubs and organizations on campus got involved by providing games, food, or other activities. Held in the Meadow, it was a beautiful fall evening for all that stopped by. The Cardinals game was projected so us Cards Fans didn’t miss out on the action. Holy Crepes, a food truck, was even on campus providing chilly students with the warmth of some delicious crepes. Pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, and a Halloween costume contest were some of the tables sponsored by student organizations. Offerings of chili, apple cider, caramel apples, and other candy and treats were welcome for all. One thing that’s always a constant at Fontbonne is free food. The Fall Festival was no exception!

Omicron Delta Kappa was one of the student organizations present at Fall Festival. At our general board meeting a few weeks ago, we determined we wanted to offer something different and decided on pumpkin bowling. It’s a simple game of bowling with a pumpkin bowling ball (basketball) and ghost pins (soda bottles). I spent the week of the Festival preparing for our tables by painting faces on the basketball and pins. ODK gave out individual pretzel bags to students, which we adhered our special Halloween logo to.

It was a very successful event. We had a lot of students come out and do their best with pumpkin bowling. Only one person knocked down all the pins the entire night! I’m excited to move onto the next ODK event or involvement, but don’t want the rest of this fall semester to go by so fast!

Thanks for reading..

ODK Pumpkin Bowling

Treats ODK provided with our Halloween logo!


As you probably already know, October is breast cancer awareness month. In support of that, Fontbonne Griffin Gang (the group that works to promote school spirit) hosted a Big Pink Volleyball tournament. This took place after the women’s volleyball team played against Westminster. All the players wore pink jerseys. Also, pink t-shirts, balloons, and even cupcakes were being passed out to the crowd. I loved looking at a sea of pink.

The recreational tournament was unlike traditional volleyball games. We used a giant, and I mean giant, inflatable pink ball. It was actually a lot harder than it looked to lift that monstrous thing over the net. It was fun though; definitely not something anybody can say they play on a daily basis (or even have at all). The team that I played on was #ODKAlltheWay. This was a group of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) Leadership Society members. We did not win the tournament, but we all enjoyed ourselves and supported a worthy cause and event. As cliché as it may sound, that is all that truly matters.

Speaking of ODK and a worthy cause, ODK sponsored a campaign the morning after Big Pink Volleyball. The campaign is called It Can Wait, which encourages people to not text while they are driving. Tables were set up in the library, cafeteria, and DSAC so that people could learn more about the dangers of this habit and the statistics. Then, they were able to sign and pledge and receive a car decal as a reminder. Not to brag or anything, but I’m proud that Fontbonne is affiliated with so many great causes and organizations. And, I am proud that I can say that I’m a part of them.



by Conner October 14, 2013

This year I’m excited to be a part of a new organization on campus. Omicron Delta Kappa, or ODK, is a national leadership honor society that is being established at Fontbonne. Other circles are installed in universities all over the U.S., so it’s a very big deal for us. I’m a member of the chartering committee [...]

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