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I just got back from a conference in Minneapolis called NACA (National Association for Campus Activities). I attended this last year as well in Boston and have been looking forward to it again ever since then. This is a conference in which there are a variety of teaser shows and market places in which you can visit with the performers and their agents. The point of this is to see what performers you want to bring back to your campus. There are a variety of singers, DJs, comedians, poets, acrobats, and more. There are also educational sessions to attend. I presented at one of them. It was titled “Dealing with Divas: How to Handle Difficult Performers.” I spoke about my experience as the live performance chair on the Fontbonne Activities Board and as an entertainment agent at TalentPlus.

My experience was so amazing; I don’t even know where to begin. I saw so much talent that I am so excited to see perform at Fontbonne. I will definitely come back. I am a huge fangirl and follower now for some of my favorites, such as Two Worlds, Matt Beilis, and Josh Vietti. In addition, I learned a lot of valuable information at the educational sessions. There were five of us from the activities board that attended. We all bonded tremendously and met many new people at the conference that hosted about 1,500 students. We also enjoyed taking some time to see what Minneapolis has to offer. For example, we ate some cool restaurants and visited the Mall of America. Because my career is in the entertainment industry, this setting is definitely my forte. I didn’t want the show-watching and critiquing to end. NACA has provided me so many amazing opportunities, memories, and friends. This is priceless and something I will never forget.

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This past week was an exhausting, but fabulous one! For five days, I was in Boston for a conference called NACA (National Association for Campus Activities). This opportunity came up because my position next year on the Fontbonne Activities Board will be the Live Performance Chair. The FAB president for next school year (Brooke Stochl) and my advisor (Joel Hermann) went as well.

The conference primarily consisted of teaser shows, presented by performers that travel to college campuses with their acts (i.e. musicians, magicians, and comedians.). After each showcase, there was a marketplace lined with booths, where performers and their agents are set up. I walked around there exchanging contact information and spoke with them about their schedule, budget, act, etc. Next year, it will be my job to book any live performers that come to Fontbonne’s campus, so this conference was very beneficial. I spoke with many cool and talented people, and am very excited to meet some of them again when they come to Fontbonne.

In addition to seeing shows, there were some informational workshops that I attended. These were great for leadership development and learning more about what other schools do for their events and marketing. I like talking to students that come from all areas of the U.S. Another exciting part of the conference was meeting Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from the movie Frozen. I love anything Disney, so this was a major highlight of the trip for me. Joel, Brooke, and I also had a little time to explore the city. We went to Boston College, Harvard, and ate some amazing seafood at local restaurants. While Boston is obviously a big city, it was still very quaint. I really liked this about Boston. This trip was definitely an amazing experience.

Brooke, Joel, and I with the "Frozen" characters, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa!


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