Theater on Campus – “The Children’s Hour”

Playwright Lillian Hellman

Last Thursday night I was able to able to attend Fontbonne’s production of “The Children’s Hour,” the 1938 play by Lillian Hellman. The script was inspired by the true story of two female boarding school teachers who were accused of engaging in a love affair and the tumultuous aftermath they were forced to endure. This intense tale of fear and intrigue is brought to life with marvelous acting from Fontbonne’s versatile thespians and a wonderful assembly of period props and costumes.

The pleasant experience of the production was enhanced by the comforting accommodations in lobby (located on the second floor of Southwest Hall). The lobby staff made a special effort to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere with complimentary coffee and cookies for each guest. I definitely recommend following the Fontbonne theater schedule to learn of upcoming productions. Admission is also free for students leaving no excuse for Fontbonne kids interested in watching good stories unfold in a friendly, live environment.

Hello is anyone out there?

I am selfish and self centered.  But I am curious, does anyone read my blog posts?

I love to write but don’t write often enough. Writers write, so that is why I have undertaken the task of contributing to this blog. Really I should not care what others think, but I totally wondered, is anyone out there in the Fontbonne world reading my blog?

I want to write topics that others can relate to, I want to be helpful, I want to share the Fontbonne experience with you all.

If you are out there and would like for me to blog about a certain topic. Let me know, I would be happy to oblige. A little bit about myself. I am in the Masters program for Theatre Education.  I have my undergrad in Theatre and Communications from Fontbonne. I am recently engaged and work as the House Manager for Mustard Seed Theatre. I like running and yoga and I am a cat owner. I believe God has a plan for each and everyone of us and by taking the right action we live out God’s will for us.

Anyone else out there enjoy theatre?  If so, what are so of your favorite plays? Or do you have any St. Louis venues you love to go see productions at?

Anything else you would like to know?  ASK ME!

Number One Question

The number one question I get when I tell people I am getting my master’s in theatre education: Fontbonne has a theatre?

Why yes, yes they do, and the theatre is producing excellent pieces of work through student productions and through Mustard Seed Theatre. The upcoming student production is a show written by Sarah Kane and directed by Tricia Duffin: “Crave” is an intense and experimental piece that explores the yearning and the longing to form relationships and the forces that stop these relationships from working. read more. Please note that this production does contain adult themes and language.

The other response I get is, “Oh, I love going to see shows.” I should really go see one. Again, yes, yes you should go see a show. Did I mention that “Crave” is free to all Fontbonne students? In this economy, who can beat that? A FREE night of thought provoking entertainment. Right here on the Fontbonne campus.

“You get mixed messages because I have mixed feelings.”
― Sarah KaneCrave

Go See The Elephant!

Hey Fontbonne students- Welcome to the new school year!  I am Ann, and I am working on my Master’s in Theatre Education. I am also the Resident House Manager for Mustard Seed Theatre. This theatre is located on the Fontbonne campus in the Fine Arts building. I encourage all students to check out Mustard Seed’s latest show, “Going to See the Elephant.” It is a show about the trials and tribulations of 4 women in 1870 Kansas. There are some great dramatic scenes along with some humor. It is not to be missed. If you are interested in ushering a show contact Mustard Seed by going to their website If you usher, you can see the show for FREE! Otherwise student tickets are $20.00.

Playland at Mustard Seed Theatre

Fontbonne is blessed not only to have our student theatre department but also Mustard Seed Theatre, a professional company that performs out of our theatre. Since I am getting my master’s in theatre education, I know where the fine arts theatre is on the Fontbonne campus. However, I have had several students indicate to me they did not even know Fontbonne had a theatre. Well, kids, it’s time to do some exploring on campus, and go see Playland, the latest production from Mustard Seed Theatre.

Playland is visually beautiful; you are transported to an amusement park. But the three-character play is much more than that — it is a story of love, loss, guilt, forgiveness and hope. It is written by South African playwright Athol Fugard and is a piercing look at the effects of war and the struggle for redemption. “Playland” stars Charlie Barron and Eric Kilpatrick, and it is directed by Deanna Jent. It doesn contain adult language.

February 2-12
Thursday-Saturday 8 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 2 p.m.
(Pay what you can or pay with a can – Saturdays @ 2 p.m. – Reservations Required) Bring canned good and see the show for FREE!

To make reservations, call the Mustard Seed Theatre Box Office at:

Winding Down and Wrapping Up

It’s hard to believe that this semester is all but over.  It seems like just yesterday that I was trading in my sunblock and swimsuit for a monstrous organic chemistry book.  But here we are, at the gateway to Christmas break.

Yesterday, I was talking about the semester with my friend and fellow blogger, Carly.  We agreed that this semester has definitely changed us.  This semester has challenged us in ways that we never saw coming.  As for me personally, I definitely learned a lot more about my personal strengths and weaknesses, and I think I definitely realized what my true passions in biology are.

Even though this week has been stressful with lab practicals and classes winding down, I still have a lot to look forward to.  Tonight, I’m going skating at Steinberg in Forest Park with Fontbonne, which should be hilarious because I haven’t ice skated since I was in the second grade with Girl Scouts.  And tomorrow, I’m going to see Mustard Seed Theatre’s production of “Godspell” with two of my closest friends.  Next week is CAB’s scooter races event and the biology department’s Christmas party. 

So as the semester winds down, it’s time to wrap up all of the projects and studies that I still need to complete.  Which reminds me, I also need to wrap up some Christmas presents that I have yet to buy…just go ahead and add that to my to-do list.  🙂

What’s on Your iPod?

It’s crazy how much you can learn about a person just by browsing
through their iPod’s playlist. I’m pretty sure that most people my
age have playlists that include pop, rap, and alternative hits from
the top 40 billboards. However, if you looked at my iPod, you may be
very surprised. Over half of the songs on my iPod are from musical
soundtracks. In fact, some of my most-played songs are “Defying
Gravity” and “I’m Not That Girl” from “Wicked,” “On My Own” from “Les
Miz,” “Hey There” from “Pajama Game,” and, one of the most stirring
songs ever written, “Finale B (No Day But Today)” from “Rent.”

Which brings me to my next point: theatre. I absolutely LOVE theatre. We are so lucky to be in Saint Louis where there is an abundance of amateur, community, collegiate, and professional theatre. And, now that it’s springtime, we are entering one of theatre’s best seasons! The Fox has just released its new season lineup, which includes “The Addams Family” and Disney’s “The Lion King.” And, it’s not too long before The Muny kicks off its summer season with “Legally Blonde”!

If you’re looking for more economical tickets for a production, let me
remind you about Mustard Seed Theatre’s upcoming play, “Till We Have Faces,” which will be playing in Fontbonne’s Blackbox. Or, if you’re into Disney-Elton John collaborations, my high school, Notre Dame, will be doing “Aida” next weekend. I’ve been helping out with crew for it, and I can assure you that it will be an awesome production!

So get out there and see some shows. Then maybe you too will begin filling your iPod with showtunes!

The Chosen

On Friday night, I was an usher for Mustard Seed Theatre’s “The Chosen.” This play told the story of two friends, Danny and Reuven, and described the hardships that their relationship faced due to the different religious beliefs that their fathers held.

I was very moved by this play. All of the actors were right on cue, and the set, lighting, and sound designs fit the play’s mood perfectly.

If you want to see a still-relevant play with a great ending, go see Mustard Seed Theatre’s “The Chosen,” playing in the Fontbonne Theatre through Nov. 7!