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Missouri Access Funding

Everyone is riled up over the proposed change to the Access Missouri Funding program. You can see itfontbonneandrew2 will have a huge impact at Fontbonne, affecting roughly one sixth of the student population.

What happens when you take away money from those students? Well, let’s be realistic here; the planned change doesn’t take the money away, it just reallocates the money towards public schools. So, students are now essentially required to go to public schools. But, public colleges and universities aren’t for everyone. Some students may completely fail to thrive in such environments. Students deserve the choice so that they can select what’s best for them. When you start forcing students into environments where they can’t thrive, they fail to be students, and the money is essentially wasted. Furthermore, many private colleges and universities may be downright better. So what does this reallocation of funds do? It denies students who really need assistance a true chance to escape and instead worsens a problem.

I’ve already written to my representatives about this problem (my Missouri representatives, anyway). Have you? If not, get on it.

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fontbonnemikeI believe that students should take action to ensure that the Missouri Access Grant maintains its original value. As students in a private school, we have worked hard in our daily lives to earn money that will assist in the financial aspect of a college education. There is absolutely no reason why the government should take away something that we have earned through our time and endeavors. One-sixth of the Fontbonne student body receives financial aid. A reduction in financial aid for these students, including myself, could have devastating effects.

The goal of any education system is to provide useful knowledge to students so that they will be successful in the future. A good education system should reward students who apply themselves and strive to attain this knowledge. Through grades and success in the classroom, money must be supplied to the people who deserve it. The new proposed bill would decrease enrollment in many private schools throughout the state. As a result, people of private colleges that could not afford to continue attending them would face difficult decisions concerning what new college they would have to attend. This could cause transportation problems, problems regarding the quality of education, and certain financial problems. It is imperative that deserving students of private schools in Missouri receive the financial aid that is necessary to enable them to be successful. We as a community need to ensure that our students get what they deserve.

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