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Hello, hello, hello! I hope all of you are doing well as you fight against catching the flu virus (or if you may have already gotten sick). I’ve been getting a bit busier with the school workload, as I’m sure all of us are! So, where do I do it? I personally like to go to the bottom of Medaille hall in the evening when it’s generally pretty quiet, plug my iPod in & play classical music, then get to work for a couple of hours. I also really love the top floor of the Library because I’m guaranteed to find a place for myself to study, whether it be in a study room or on one of the plush leather couches.
Regardless, when I get comfortably in-the-zone to work, I finish everything I need to and feel SO MUCH BETTER. That’s my goal for this week and hopefully those who sympathize with me too! So, what are your fave spots to be a bookworm?!


I’m very excited for this Friday, because it is the annual Springfest at Fontbonne. This is a day full of performances and activities, which changes a little year to year. This is one of the biggest, most talked about events of the year, which I have been looking forward to for a long time. It is always a great way to celebrate the end of the school year and end it with a bang. This year, Springfest starts out with a performance by indie folk artist Owen Pye. He was on campus earlier this semester during the coffee house night, where he played guitar and sang his own songs. I am glad to have him back.

After that, there is going to be a fashion show, which is produced by the Fashion Promotions class in my beloved Fashion Merchandising department. I am thrilled to say that I am a model in the show. During my first two years at Fontbonne, I have helped dress models and worked behind the scenes for a couple shows, which was a lot of fun. But, I thought I’d try something different and participate as a model. I was a little nervous at first, but I am proud to say that the rehearsals have been going well.

Next, there will be a live-band karaoke in the late afternoon. I am a huge fan of karaoke, so you can count on me to be there the whole time hogging the microphone. How awesome will it be to perform with a live band?! Following this, dinner will be served while the next performers set up for their show. These musicians include Tyler Hilton from the show One Tree Hill and Ryan Cabrera from the show The Hills. These guys were big when I was in middle school, so it will be fun to take a little trip down memory lane. After the show, I am hoping to get pictures with them and have my CD’s signed. Being a huge fan of pop culture, all the events at Springfest this year are right up my alley. The performances will take place outside Medaille Hall in the meadow, so let’s pray for good weather! Regardless, Springfest 2013 is sure to be a hit. I know I’m ready for it!


A couple years ago, I had my mind made up about how some things were going to be in college before I even started. Well, surprise surprise, many of my assumptions were wrong. But, they were wrong in a good way!

I’m not going to lie, I was a little grossed out about the idea of living in a dorm room. I pictured sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, having zero room for my belongings, plugging my ears from a roommate, and showering in a disgusting bathroom. However, I am very glad I faced these fears and decided to live in a dorm. For one, I feel like I am part of a family on campus. Secondly, it really isn’t that gross! I had my expectations set really low and turned out to be pleasantly surprised by all the perks.

Last year I lived in St. Joseph’s Hall, now I reside in Medaille. Both rooms have extremely comfortable beds (or maybe I’m just a really good sleeper). Also, I can fit a lot more in the rooms than I expected. In addition to the large drawer space, you can fit belongings under the raised bed. If I can fit my numerous shoes (I have an obsession), you can too. Regarding the roommate situation, I lucked out and was matched with someone amazing that has become my closest friend. Finally, the bathrooms are actually not so bad. In The Joe, they are cleaned twice a day.

I shouldn’t have been so negative in the beginning. I think I was mostly just nervous. But remember, every experience is going to be as fun as you make it. YOU decide what your life is going to be like.


New year, new people, new dorm, new blog post. There are lots of new things happening this year. Since I am now a sophomore, I have moved over to Medaille Hall, and no offense to The Joe, but I am liking Medaille much better! Since I am in Medaille, I have access to the Griffin’s Nest. You’re probably wondering what a Griffin’s Nest is — it is the 4th floor of Medaille, and it has a kitchen, lounge and games. It is a pretty awesome place. It is open to all students, but it much more convenient going up to it now that I live in Medaille.

My friends and I have really been taking advantage of the Griffin’s Nest. Every Tuesday we gather there and we make a homemade dinner, and we call it “Family Dinner.” ‘Cause if you can’t go home for family dinner the next best thing is to enjoy a meal with your school family. It really is a nice feeling to sit down and share a meal that you made with some friends, and it also has the perks of great dessert! :) Tonight I will be enjoying Shrimp Linguni Pasta and cookies, it sounds good just typing it. So, tonight when you sit down for dinner with your family, enjoy it! Don’t take it for granted!

See you next week,



Case Closed

by Alumni Posts September 26, 2011

I was pretty sure I had a mystery a la Nancy Drew or, even better, The Phantom of the Opera, on my hands when I heard piano chords drifting through the AMC, the main level of Medaille Hall.  I first heard the music a few weeks ago when I was working on a computer in […]

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