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Best Study Spots

by Taylor on April 25, 2016

in Academics

Hey guys! As you all know, finals week is quickly approaching which means it’s time to start studying. Lucky for you, Fontbonne is full of great places to have a good study sesh. Here are all my favorite places:

The Library (obviously)– I usually like to go into one of the study rooms upstairs, but if those aren’t available there are desks all around the perimeter of the floor that will work just as well.

The Meadow– If the weather is nice this is the perfect place to go. There are always tables, chairs, and benches scattered throughout for you to study at, plus it’s the perfect place to people watch. 🙂

DSAC– I love studying here at odd hours like between lunch and dinner time when it is usually pretty slow in there. It’s almost always quiet, and you can get food while you study! DSAC also has a great patio that you can sit on when it’s nice out and see the whole campus from.

The lobby of St. Joseph’s Hall– During the day, it seems like most people head over to the AMC to study, leaving the Joe lobby almost deserted and always quiet. I like studying here during the day because of this and because it’s so bright in the lobby because there are windows everywhere. There’s also always an open computer, which is not always the case in the AMC  or library depending on the time.


Where do you like to study? Keep going griffins, the semester is almost over!



This is my third year at Fontbonne, and before this year had you asked me what my favorite spot on campus was I would not hesitate to say the Meadow. I still love the Meadow because it is where everyone on campus goes to hang out on the nice days. Plus so many great events take place there, and we cannot forget the hammocks. Everybody loves the hammocks!

And as amazing as the Meadow is, and I will always love it, this year I discovered my new favorite spot. I moved into one of the apartments in the Southwest building, and I always knew there was a little courtyard in the center of the building, but this year I’ve really gotten to see how great of a spot that is. There is a sculpture in the courtyard, some picnic benches, and new this year there is a community garden. It’s a nice, small, very quiet and relaxing place to go. I really enjoy going out there now!


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