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This week I had the opportunity to meet with a private practitioner speech therapist. She talked with me about all the different places she has worked as a speech-language pathologist, and even let me observe a therapy session! I was super stoked because this was the first time I got to watch a therapy session up close rather than through a computer screen like they make us do at Fontbonne. I realized that I have definitely learned a lot about speech and language in my two semesters at Fontbonne. I picked up on voice and language errors and was confident in using speech therapy jargon with the therapist.

I definitely feel more confident in my choice of major now, and the experience has helped me reflect again on why I want to be a speech-language pathologist. I believe communication is very important — after all, how can society succeed without communication? How can people fall in love if they never speak with one another? How do friendships form without talking about experiences, likes, dislikes, etc?

Not to mention that studying how the voice works is amazing! It’s crazy how intricate the voice is, and there is a lot more science to it than one would think. I think my background in singing makes me particularly interested in studying the voice. So if any of you out there love to sing and think that the only way you can turn that into a career is by being a popstar…think again! You can be a speech therapist and incorporate singing into your therapy! It definitely helps some people and can be a lot of fun :)

Whatever major you are going into, be sure you look into what career that could lead you to. And always be sure you have good reason for why you want that to be your career. College can be kind of scary because you have sooo many decisions to make, but it can also be exciting for that very same reason!

Until next time,

Joanna :)


I’m going to keep this blog post gloriously short tonight. I just felt the need to share my copious amounts of happiness with the world.

Lately I’ve been wearing this really stupid smile on my face as I sit down to study with my biochemistry textbook, which is becoming satisfyingly worn-in with highlighter and pencil marks where I began underlining things that I felt were important before coming to the conclusion that everything was important and that I was wasting my time. Yes, the shift has occurred: the scary newness of unfamiliar territory has worn off, and I finally, finally feel at home on the third floor of AB. I love the feeling I get where, after reading the same chapter in my biochem book three times, it all finally clicks (yes, it does take that long for this information to sink in). I love how fellow blogger Courtney and I have the longest email conversations freaking out over homework problems every evening after classes are over. I love how my professors move exam dates for us when we ask reeeally nicely. I love how my friends were so excited and happy and welcoming when I made the switch, even when I was feeling nervous and awful about it. I love how all of those same friends don’t stop being my friend when I’m crabby because I’ve been working on the same Michaelis-Menten equation problem or what have you and can’t seem to get the same answer as them. I love how Doc takes the time to answer all of my calc questions during her office hours, and lets me sit there and do my homework. I love knowing that somehow, all of the crazy information (because some of the stuff I’ve learned in the past few weeks is really kind of mind-boggling and awesome) will help me make a difference someday as I face the challenges of our time.

Sure, I may have spent six hours (at least) working on a biochem take-home test problem, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


“Clash the Truth” by Beach Fossils (I. Love. This. New. Album.)


Hello everyone,

One of the most terrifying things I have discovered about college is only two words and it is MAJOR APPROVAL! This comes in a lovely form that tells the college you are going to what you will be studying to become for the duration of your stay. This means that you have pretty much picked your future career. Once you have decided and filled out the form that states the life you have chosen, it is difficult to switch. It might be easy to say, “Oh, I don’t want to do this anymore!” Changing it on paper is not as easy. 1) The paperwork needed to switch majors is grueling to do especially if you are lazy, and 2) most of the classes you have taken probably pertain to the major you picked first and switching means all that money you spent on previous classes was wasted. Some are lucky and have classes that work for the major that was and the major that will be, but money is money and it cannot be given back because of a lapse in decision making. How are you supposed to know you will like the major you picked, though?! Unfortunately, there is no exact science to know for sure.

I have picked Special Education as my major and Fontbonne University has made me realize what a daunting task I have decided on. Education, in general, involves many steps to complete and a lot of money in between. Education courses only count for education, obviously, so if I didn’t like it in the end, I would be back at square 1. I was nervous and overwhelmed every time I looked at this checklist to become a teacher, though! Eventually, I looked pass the checklist and looked at what I really decided on as my career choice. I picked children. I chose to be an educator and a life-long learner because I wanted to spread the knowledge I have and will have. I did not pick the list of tasks needed to be a teacher, but that won’t stop me from doing what I want to do. I was lucky enough to have taken an Education course that put me in the classroom and seeing all of those kids only solidified my resolve.

So all I am saying is that one way to know if you have the right major is to stand back and look. Is the list of tasks to get to your end goal too much? Can you see pass it to what you will become? If you are having difficulty, try finding hands-on experience and do a test run. Otherwise, your unwillingness to move forward might be an indicator. Again, we can never be sure we are making the right decisions about our future, but we can do our best and see what happens. GOOD LUCK to ALL of you!!! I am simply a voice you can choose to or choose not to listen to.


Choosing a major is a very difficult action for college students. Many students change their major several times during school. However, I have always wanted to study biology. Biology is simply the study of life. How can people not be interested in life?

I chose to be a biology major for several reasons. First, I have always wanted to become a medical doctor in order to care for the sick and suffering of the world. Ever since I can remember, I have felt deep empathy for people less fortunate than me and have wanted to make a difference. Second, biology is a great major because it keeps my options open to other fields. I have the opportunity to pursue jobs in dentistry, botany, and biotechnology if I change my decision about wanting to become a doctor. Third, biology and the complexity of life never ceases to fascinate me. I enjoy learning about how the human body functions as well as the concept of evolution and the relationships between organisms.

When I was younger, I began studying different animals and learned to love them. Consequently, becoming a veterinarian or a zoologist is also a possibility for me in the future. I enjoy going to the zoo and doing whatever else I can to show support for the animals of the world. In the future, I see myself traveling to poor countries and exotic places to help the sick and suffering. Doctors Without Borders is definitely an organization that I am interested in joining. Finally, a minor reason I chose biology as a major was because I love challenges. Biology is one of the most difficult majors to undertake in college, and it has challenged me in ways I never foresaw. The road will be long, but I will make it through. I will be successful because of my education, and I will make a difference in the world. I will not be a wealthy man materially but spiritually because I will use my knowledge to help those in need.

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