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Kansas City

Well, I must admit this post isn’t very St. Louis centered, but it does highlight another pretty cool place in Missouri – Kansas City! It’s about 5-6 hours away by train, and has some pretty cool stuff. I especially liked the farmer’s market – it’s huge! Bigger than Soulard! – and the raw/vegan/organic restaurant that I naturally hunted down.

While at the market, I visited tons of local produce stands, and even stopped by the nearby tents of the flea market. Funny story, I was wearing one of my Fontbonne Cross Country shirts, and a guy stopped me and reported that his mother had gone to Fontbonne back when it was an all girls school. There was also an urban farmer who knew Fontbonne through his sister who graduated from Wash U. Small world!

This market accepts food stamps as well, which, especially as a future dietitian, I support 100%!

Lovely orchids!


Ruby red turnips, yum!

This dude carved flowers out of melons and stuff. Neat-o.

Bulk spices!

The restaurant was another winner. You know I love me some raw vegan food, and this was delish! I had the raw lasagna with olive tapanade and cashew cheese, some house-made kombucha, and a raw tiramisu! Fantastic! I would go back in a heartbeat (but of course Frida’s Deli and PuraVegan here in the STL will always be my true loves). My mother, aunt, and uncle went along with me to the restaurant, and I’m pleased to report they enjoyed it as well! Yay for passing along the joys of vegan food! 😉


Lasagna and side salad.


So if you ever get a chance to hit up KC, be sure to get off the beaten path a bit and try some of the local hotspots!


My favorite photo memory from Fontbonne is a little more challenging since I’m a Pathways student up in Kansas City. The one thing that my family does each year since I entered the program is go down to Fontbonne for Christmas Around The Campus. It is truly a bonding 5 hour drive for the kiddos and I, but once we are there we’ve been made to feel right at home. What a sweet blessing for weary travelers.

Attached is my fav pic that I took last December of my kiddos. I think this represents what I have felt since I was admitted into Fontbonne- family. Even though, I’m not on campus going to class, I feel the strong ties of family at Fontbonne. Whether it be through the campus weekly mailer, a prayer request that is sent via e-mail, or the care and concern that my professors and my advisers within the Pathways program have shown me.

I would have to say that I have many great memories from Fontbonne. My son still sits with me through each and every video that I watch online. When I started he wanted to sit with me through the first one and told me, “hey, maybe I’ll learn something too”. My daughter has helped me through my IT issues and shared with me that she draws determination in school from seeing what I’m going through as an older adult. She says she is determined to make it through college no matter what.

I’m thankful for my Fontbonne family even though I have never seen or met most of you. You have shown myself and my children what strength, determination, community, and family is all about.

Blessings on your week- Sherry


When my daughter, Emily, was a little girl she loved the Wizard of Oz. Because we were so tired of seeing Dorthy daily we searched for another musical with Judy Garland. We found the movie, Meet Me in St. Louis. It deals with a St. Louis family and friends at the time when St. Louis hosted the World’s Fair. She instantly loved the movie and would sing, “meet me in St. Louie, Louie, meet me at the fair.” Because of this infatuation, we went to St. Louis for the the first time and fell in love with it.

That summer we went to St. Louis with both of our kids, my son was just 4 months old. We went to the Arch, which leaves you with a sense of awe. My son was crawling and scooting along on the carpeted sides of the observation area of the arch and looking out the windows. My hubby, who is afraid of heights, just kept repeating, “we need to get down from here.”

The other attraction that we went to was the Science Museum where the kids were free to roam with the interactive exhibits. The one place we always have wanted to visit is the St. Louis Zoo because everyone we meet that has been there tells us how awesome it is. We particularly want to go now because my son, Dale, was Marlon Perkins for his famous Missourian project and the St. Louis Zoo was where Perkins worked and thrived at.

Even though I am a Pathways student and live in the Kansas City area, we love where Fontbonne is located. We have gone to Christmas Around Campus twice and each time, we are charmed by the campus, students, and staff. Both my husband and I love the small campus feel. I appreciate the advisers and professors that are willing to help and go the extra mile for me even though I am no where near them. I can only imagine the positive energy force that lingers with each and every student that attends classes on campus.

As always I pray that God will be blessing and is leading your week.

Blessings- Sherry

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Now, I’ve never seen the musical “Oklahoma,” but I know a couple of songs from it, like “Everything’s Up to Date in Kansas City” (and of course, the Oooo-klahoma one).

How this relates to my life? Well, on Friday, I took part in the Fontbonne In Service and Humility (or F.I.S.H., but more commonly written just as “FISH”) Service Trip to the Kansas City area. The song from “Oklahoma” gets raunchier towards the end, but it’s the only song I know about Kansas City, so it’s been in my head all week.

Anyway, the trip was an absolute landslide of fun times with new and old friends, and I’m really glad I went! We did some rigorous-but-fun manual labor on the trip that included cleaning up an urban farm (my group made about thirty five-foot-tall tomato “cages” out of chicken wire in the course of a morning), packaging huge bins of canned goods and peanut butter jars into boxes (which takes a lot of stamina when you’re doing it for hour after hour), and sorting tiles, constructing a trim rack, pricing blinds, and picking up trash at the Kansas City ReStore, part of the Habitat for Humanity organization. The group also conducted a Litter Index Survey in the area, and although driving around to evaluate areas on their cleanliness was not exactly physically difficult, the job was really rough on our sunny dispositions thanks to getting lost quite often.  As my car’s navigator, I take a lot of the blame for the fact that my group went WAY off course and ended up in Saint Joseph, MO, when we were supposed to be staying in Kansas City. Whoops.

When we weren’t working, the group was eating great food from the moms and grandmas of the group chaperones – we had spaghetti one night, and Kansas City barbeque the next! It was great! We also visited the Liberty Memorial, which is the national memorial for World War I, and the Plaza, an outdoor shopping area with a FOUR-LEVEL Barnes and Noble. How cool is that???

What really made the trip a success were the people who went on it. It was so much fun to hang out with everyone in the group – there were thirteen of us, and we played card games or Banana-grams every night we were there!  I had come into the trip knowing three or four people from various things, but by the end of the trip, I’d made great connections with new people, and “solidified the bonds,” as my friend called it, with the ones I had known at the beginning.

We stayed in a cabin on the edge of the woods, and on the first morning, there were deer outside!  On the way to the service sites and Sunday Mass, we got to see several beautiful sunrises from the Kansas City hillside.  One night, we went to a campfire that our “neighbors,” a group from Cincinnati, Ohio, also on a service trip, were having.  We met them when they dropped by bearing cookies, so we returned the favor and took them a pie!

Among the myriad of humorous moments on the trip came on Sunday morning.  A group of us had gone into town to attend the 8 a.m. Mass at a Catholic church, and after the service, a old woman came over to our leader and said “You have such a lovely set of daughters!”

In short, this service trip was an incredibly-fun way to spend part of my spring break, and I’m so very glad I went!


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