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I was lucky to meet Dr. Pressimone at the international students dinner on September 4th. As I came near the Wydown House, I noticed how everything was set up to make this dinner a welcoming experience. The flags in the entryway representing the countries, the tables in the front porch and the decorations inside the house created an inviting atmosphere.

I was one of the first students to arrive there, which was intimidating at first. Then I met one of Dr. Pressimone’s daughters, Maddie. She was in the living room of the house playing, when she saw me she came to me and gave me an Easter egg sticker. Although a small gesture, the manner in which she did it made me feel more at home.

Then I met Dr. Pressimone. He approached me with a smile on his face and extended his hand to great me. When we started talking he asked about me: how I was, where I was from, and he made sure we established a connection. Dr. Pressimone and I are relatively new at Fontbonne, I have been here since January and he has been here since July. But the most interesting fact is that one of his daughters is from Guayaquil-Ecuador, which is exactly where I come from. Realizing what we have in common made meeting Dr. Pressimone an engaging experience, which is why I would like to encourage Fontbonne students to meet him.



Asian Heritage Festival

by Penny on November 26, 2013

in Extracurricular

Asian Heritage Festival is an annual Asian American community event in St. Louis. The purpose of this event is to offer an opportunity to gather the community of Asian Americans together. This event is supported by the Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC).

Last month, I invited my American friend to attend the 2013 Asian Heritage Festival with me to experience a different culture. In this event, there were different booths with cultural food, merchandise, and travel information about different Asian countries and businesses. I am originally from Taiwan, and I was so excited when I saw there was a table promoting Taiwanese dressing and food culture. It was a very fun event to try different food and see different traditional cultures, like Taste of St. Louis. The most special feature was the free dancing shows on the stage, including traditional Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dancing. It was a very meaningful and fun event to gather Asian Americans together and also promote Asian culture to the Americans.



Advising week

by Penny on November 26, 2013

in Academics

Last week was our advising week, which is a very important week to prepare for registering for classes. Next semester will be my last but not least semester at Fontbonne, which is sad but very exciting news. I will take my last three graduate courses: marketing for non-profits; administering programs for children and families; the contemporary applications for health communication. I am very excited to take these classes, because I believe they will benefit my future career in the healthcare industry!

However, to be honest, I think I will miss Fontbonne after graduation, since everyone here is so friendly and so supportive of me. I will always cherish my last semester at Fontbonne.


When I saw pumpkins, I knew Halloween was coming.

This year, I’ve done my first pumpkin craving with my friends at Fontbonne.

Last Thursday, Fontbonne offered an interesting activity–carving pumpkins–to students. Actually, I’ve never thought about carving pumpkin by myself until my friend, Carlos, invited me to do it. When I saw the huge pumpkin, I was going to give up carving the pumpkin because it was too heavy for me. My friend Carlos, however, just gave me a big hand in the last few minutes. He said: “Penny, I can help you take off the top of your pumpkin, then you just need to scoop out the seeds and focus on crafting your own pumpkin.” Sure, I said. So, I did my first pumpkin carving at Fontbonne. Wow, it was a very unique experience.

Actually, carving a pumpkin looks so simple but it’s really hard, because there is too much work to carve a pumpkin: take off the top, and take out all the seeds inside. Moreover, the skin of the pumpkin is hard, so you need to be very careful when you carve it. I know one of my friends cut her finger when she carved her pumpkins.

Here are some tips for carving pumpkins that I’ve learned in the United States:

  1. You can use the pumpkin carving tool sets they sell in stores.
  2. Use a sharp knife to cut off the top of the pumpkin.
  3. Wear a pair of glasses to protect your eye from the dust.
  4. Scoop out seeds with a spoon.
  5. Wear gloves to take out the seeds, in case your hand feels sensitive about it.
  6. Remember to store those seeds to roast them. The flavor of roast pumpkin seeds is so delicious.

Even though it’s a little dangerous to use knife to cut a pumpkin by myself, I still feel it’s so much fun to cut it. I enjoy carving a pumpkin!


Sushi Party @FBU

by Penny October 11, 2012

Have you eaten sushi in a Japanese restaurant before? This semester, I’m so lucky I made some friends from Japan. Therefore, we decided to have a sushi party to make sushi together at Fontbonne University. Before making the sushi together, Ian and I took the Japanese students to the Asian street on Olive Blvd to […]

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Day tour in St. Louis

by Penny September 27, 2012

A one-day trip is FREE in St. Louis?    What’s this for? It’s a free one-day trip in St. Louis. Because many international students just arrived in St. Louis this year, the Fontbonne International Students Alliance (FISA) plans a day tour for students who are new in St. Louis. We had so much fun because many […]

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President’s Night!

by Penny September 13, 2012

Yesterday, I had a good night because it was “President’s Night”, which is a Fontbonne event welcome to international students. At President’s night, our President, Dr. Golden and his wife, Monica, invited international students to come to their house and eat dinner together. I felt honored I had a chance to join this president’s night, […]

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Upcoming International Events!

by Lizzie February 21, 2012

Are you the type of person who is open to any culture, ethnicity, and values? Or maybe you love to try different delicacies or activities from all over the world? Well, guess what? Fontbonne International Students Alliance (FISA) will be hosting two exciting events in March! First, we have the International Potluck and different students […]

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Let’s Blog :)

by Lizzie February 1, 2012

Hey everyone, I’m finally getting back into blogging. To start off, I am happy to be back in school. My classes so far are interesting and very educational. Not too long ago, we had the Chinese New Year Dinner at the Mandarin House which was a wonderful event! It’s great to meet so many different […]

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