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International Bazaar

Last Wednesday, we had a big annual event on campus called “International Bazaar” which is like a cultural carnival. We had so many different foods, dress, and toys from different countries, such as Taiwan, Japan, Peru, Saudi Arabic, Mexico, and Iraq.

In this event, all the international students had their own country’s table to show the culture, food, holiday, dress, and other thing from their country. My friends and I took care of our Taiwanese table. We put Taiwan’s flag, map, and also made a slide show to present Taiwan to visitors. Also, we put some Taiwanese snakes and traditional tea on our table. Also, I wore a traditional dress to let every one know our dress culture.

My friends and I also tried many traditional foods from different countries, such as Thai-food, Mexican food, Indian food, Vietnamese food, and Japanese food. Also, we saw some cultural dancing, like Peruvian and African dancing, which impressed me.

I really like this event because not only did I try many different yummy cultural foods, but also I’ve learned more knowledge about other countries from international students. Even though all the cultural food, dancing, and dress are different from mine, I respect their cultures a lot, because they’re worthy to respect. It was a such meaningful international event I attended at Fontbonne.


This past Wednesday, Fontbonne hosted the International Bazaar. Though I only had an hour between classes to take part in the events (Wednesday is my very busy day), I had a great time sampling food, listening to the live Mariachi band, and browsing the vendors’ treasures from around the globe.

I was very impressed by the beginning of the Bazaar. International and first/second generation students paraded into the DSAC wearing their traditional clothes while carrying their countries’ flags. It was so cool to be made aware of all of the diversity present at Fontbonne.

After the parade, I bought a necklace from Africa and then sampled some Lebanese food. Unfortunately for me, I had to leave the Bazaar relatively quickly in order to get to class on time. However, I had a great time, and I plan on attending the Bazaar next year.

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The past two days have been awesome for me! Last night, I joined the Fontbonne International Students Association for Salsa Night, and learned to… dance the salsa, of course! I’ve never considered myself much of a dancer, but I had so much fun as I learned the basic moves from a really good teacher. What was even more surprising was that enough guys came to Salsa Night and all the girls had a partner! It was a little difficult to pick up on moving quickly to the tempo, but once I got the rhythm down, the other steps came easily, and we learned a routine that’s pretty simple, but looks really fancy to an outsider! Now I’ve got some smooth moves to use at the Fall Dance!

My fun times at Fontbonne continued this afternoon when I attended the International Bazaar on campus. Fontbonne students from around the world hosted tables which they decorated with objects and posters from their countries to teach visitors about their cultures. Among the nations represented were Korea, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, and Taiwan. Plus, there was food from many different countries, live entertainment, such as a mariachi band and African drummers, and I even got a henna tattoo from the India station!

In short, thanks to Salsa Night and the International Bazaar, it was great two days, and I had a super-fun time learning about my friends’ and fellow students’ cultures!

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