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I’m enrolled in African American Literature this semester (my final semester) and I’m so in love with the reading material (Passing by Nella Larsen, works by Charles Chesnutt, Autobiography of Malcolm X.) I’ve decided to do my senior thesis on African American Women Writers of the 19th century. I was told that this will be the very first in Fontbonne history and I want it to be perfect. On another note I’m thinking about maybe looking into teaching African American Literature. As I said, I’m so in love and the other literature classes I’ve taken never scratched the surface.

I’m taking this as an Independent Study because originally the class was canceled, and has been canceled every other time that I’ve signed up. This class has opened my mind and allowed me to be exposed to writers that I’ve never read before now.  The reading material is what makes this class so amazing. Knowledge is truly power.


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Thinking about the Brain

by Alumni Posts on January 27, 2013

in Academics

It’s really exciting to be an upperclassman. Yes, it means that the classes are harder and that the homework takes longer, but, at the same time, it allows you to delve deeper into the topics that you love. Another perk- you have the opportunity to take independent study courses.

This semester, I’m enthralled to be taking an independent study course in neuroscience with one of my favorite professors, Dr. Smith. In this course, I will learn about all aspects of the human brain, ranging from its embryonic development to its evolutionary relatedness to brains of other species to its anatomical structures. In addition, I’ll have the opportunity to work with a human brain in lab and learn about clinical neurology through readings from one of my textbooks and articles from various scientific magazines and journals like ‘Science’ and ‘Scientific American.’

This class won’t necessarily be easy; however, I think it will definitely help me out since I’d like to eventually do research relating the human immune and nervous systems. So if you decide to major in biology, I definitely recommend that you try taking an independent study course in some subject area that especially interests you.


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