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This topic is perfect for me right now. I’ve recently gained so much weight since I moved on campus and let me tell you, it is not pretty at all. My boyfriend kept trying to get me to work out and eat healthy, but it was so hard and I just kept getting bigger and bigger. Pretty soon I became self-conscious about my weight and decided that it was time for me to start “working out.” I would work out for two days and then stop and go back to my old habits. I felt like I had to do it rather than I wanted to do because it would make me a healthier person. I stopped pressuring myself to lose weight and just decided to do it one step at a time. I first cut back on sodas and now I drink only water. Then I started eating salads, daily and replacing fatty and sugar snacks with grapes, strawberries, and raisins. I do eat meat but not big portions of it like I use to. Eating a salad and drinking water before a meal can help you cut back on over eating. I bought a scale and so far I have lost 4 pounds in about a week. The best key to losing weight is to try and do it naturally. Don’t force yourself because then you’ll feel under pressure and it’ll feel more like a chore that you don’t want to do. Instead of telling you brain, “I can’t have this cookie,” tell your brain “I don’t want this cookie.” Little steps like these can take away huge pounds!



Butternut Squash Macaroni

by Stephany on November 26, 2013

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Last week, we made Butternut Squash Macaroni with the first graders at Maplewood Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center. Every single kid loved it!  We had no picky eaters at all.  While I was cooking this recipe with them, I thought about us college students. How hard it is to cook a nutritious meal.  This recipe is easy, affordable, nutritious, and quick.  Try it at home!  If you freeze it, it can last up to 3 weeks.


1     lb. macaroni/ elbow noodles

2     cups cheese sauce

2     cups of butternut squash

½ tsp. garlic


-       Preheat the oven 350 F.

-       Wash the butternut squash.

-       Cut it lengthwise and scoop out the seeds and crud (The Pre-school children actually helped in this step).

-       Put the butternut squash in cookie sheets and place it in the oven.

-       After the butternut squash is cooked, take remove the peel and blend the meat part of the butternut squash.

-       Boil 1 lb. macaroni pasta and put it in the pot with boiling water. (9 min with added salt).

-       In a pot heat the cheese sauce, garlic and the butternut squash.

-       Once the cheese and squash sauce has boiled, add the macaroni.

-       Mix well.

-       Enjoy!


Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce that it’s time for another restaurant review. And a favorable review I shall give! Although no restaurant has yet uprooted PuraVegan from the number one spot in my heart, I now have a very exciting close second: Frida’s Deli! I’ve been meaning to try this place for a while now, but somehow it either slipped from my time or agenda. I finally found the time to go a few weeks ago, and I’ve already been back twice. It’s that good.

Frida’s is a 100% vegetarian deli, and their menu caters easily to vegans, raw foodists, and gluten-free as well. Their main staples are hot and cold sandwiches (their veggie burger was awarded “Best Non Beef Burger” by the Riverfront Times, by the way), but they also offer soups, smoothies, and juices. You can order straight from the menu, but they do made-to-order requests as well!

And the best part? (Besides the food, natch) They compost and recycle almost everything in the restaurant, and they carry local and organic products when available. Music to my ears! And the chopped kale salad isn’t anything to sneeze at either. It’s suuuuper close to Fontbonne, too!

(622 N and South Rd, right off Delmar!)

Raw vegan sunflower tacos on lettuce!

Chopped marinated kale salad!

Mushroom walnut burger with sprouts!

Takin’ shots of celery juice. I’m about dat life.

PS – I don’t work here, and I didn’t receive any compensation for this rave review. I really just like it that much. Now go try some kale salad.



Faith and Sacrifice

by Sherry on February 22, 2012

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Today I’m bubbling over with emotions. I recently went through surgery and have been busy trying to recover from it and have had many complications plague this process. I got a call from my adviser about my classes and she told me that one of professors is concerned about my schoolwork and the ability to continue with the pace of the class.

This is heartbreaking for me because I had to leave college the first time because my mom had breast cancer. I have prayed for years to have the opportunity and spirit again to go back to college and finish what I started. With this call, it brings back lots of memories of leaving school and leaving things unfinished with my degree. I am blessed to have the adviser that I do who called me and is trying to work with me on the best possible solution for this one class.

It is at times when there is a struggle in our lives that it is so easy to lose track of the big picture and have faith in what God is providing in one’s life. I have taken time this afternoon to pray and ask for God to lead me in the direction that I need to go. I pray this willingly because only my Heavenly Father can see the stress, pain, and anguish that my heart is feeling right now and only He can heal that and help me approach things in a positive and productive way.

I am reaching out to each of you today to remember that there are life-changing sacrifices that we make each and every day no matter how small or large. The important thing is to remember who needs to be in control of these decisions- our Heavenly Father. It is through His almighty grip in our lives that we are able to cope, see the bright side of things and find the determination and strength to keep going.

Blessings on your week-



Heart Month

by Mareaka a.k.a. Free Hill February 8, 2012

Hello, Fontbonne Community! Yesterday, I was at a Walmart store and decided to check my blood pressure. I have been seeing a higher than my normal range after the birth of my baby three months ago. I was shocked to see that the reading was even higher — 145/90-hypertension 1. I realized that I cannot [...]

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Microwave vs. Slow Cooker

by Sherry January 30, 2012

This year has started off with a bang in my life. I found out that I have pre-cancerous cells growing and am need of surgery to ensure that they don’t turn cancerous. On Friday, I got a call from my doctor to let me know that my insurance company has denied my claim. They want [...]

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Looking Forward to Friday!

by Marielle February 23, 2011

I’m sure this is a common thought for most people during the workweek, but I happen to be extra excited because I’m planning on hitting the mall! And while I do happen to love shopping, I’m more interested this weekend in the St. John’s Hospital “Heart to Heart Fair,” which is being held at West [...]

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