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Griffin Scratch

If you happen to have a Griffin Scratch planner, you may notice that every once in a while it mentions something called “Griffin Games”, usually listed as happening in the DSAC ‘caf at noon. Griffin Games are short contests or games that are put on by FAB (the Fontbonne Activities Board), and there are always prizes for the winners. They pop up at places other than DSAC as well – there were some at the Activities Fair at the beginning of the year, and also some for Spirit Week last week.

Last year, when I was but a naive freshman, I wasn’t even quite sure what these Griffin Games were. I did eventually figure it out, but since I never eat in DSAC, I never managed to find myself over there when they were happening. THIS WAS A HUGE OVERSIGHT ON MY PART. Anyone who knows me knows that: A. I am a very competitive person. B. I always play to win. C. I love free stuff.

Therefore, I have made it my goal this year to attend every single Griffin Game that I possibly can. So far, I have participated in blindfold musical buckets during the Activities Fair (I went hardcore and won a $15 iTunes card), a balloon stomping game, and most recently bingo. I’m sure there are more, too, but since I didn’t win anything they are of course insignificant in my memory.

So I encourage you to make Griffin Games a part of your life! Usually they are more or less games of luck, so everyone has a chance to be a winner! …AND THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN WINNING.


In high school, I didn’t really need to have good time management because I didn’t have a lot to worry about. I could have time for clubs, sports, classes, friends, have time to go to Friday night football games, and still get good grades in all my classes. Coming into college, I never realized how much of a difference it was going to be. Being involved with clubs, sports, classes, friends, and having time to go to activities around campus almost feels impossible. Since my freshman year here at Fontbonne, I have realized a lot about myself. I realized that I need better time management. You can still have fun in college, but you have to make sure you plan your schedule so you won’t feel so stressed. My best friend has become the Griffin Scratch, which is the planner given to us at the beginning of the year. I write down every little detail of each day that I might just need to remember. Having better time management this year is going to help me a lot, and I am so glad I have finally realized that it is an important aspect of being a college student. 🙂


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