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Last Thursday night officially marked the beginning of spring break for me because I don’t have classes on Friday (I do have meetings, but no homework was due, so it can still count as break). This time, I don’t have adventurous stories to tell about amazing travels. Nope, I was still at school. I’m not complaining though, because I finally got to complete a project that I hadn’t had time for previously. From 4:30-11:30 p.m., my roommate and I worked on creating another visual display for the windows in Anheuser-Busch Hall (don’t worry, we did break for dinner). It felt nice to just get it all done at once. This was not required for a class; we just really enjoy using these projects as a creative outlet. This display will stay up until the next fall semester (then there will be a class that takes over). Because it will be present for a while, we needed to pick a theme that would be appropriate for this spring, summer, and fall. The solution to that problem was designing a tribute to our beloved Fontbonne and Griffin mascot. Check it out!


One thing I would like to do during my time at Fontbonne is to attend an athletic event for every sport. If you look at the Fontbonne athletics page (which is by the way) you’ll see that Fontbonne has baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, track, volleyball, bowling, softball, and dance. So far I’ve been to a game or two for most sports (and more than a few track and cross country meets), but I still have a few to check off the list.

There are plenty of opportunities to support the Griffins, especially during home games. It may not be the same experience as, say, going to a Mizzou football tailgate (you will notice, perhaps, that Fontbonne’s football team is rather… nonexistent), but it’s always a good feeling to support your school. I know my last blog was hawking the joys of going to a track meet, but now I’m extending my challenge to any and all sports. Get out there and cheer!


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Go Purple & Gold

by Alumni Posts on March 21, 2012

in College Life

The question was posed, “How do you share your Fontbonne school spirit?” I knew that when I started looking into Fontbonne and the Pathways program that I would not be the typical on-campus student. In reality, I live about four hours away. What I found out is that Fontbonne’s colors were purple and gold, which are my children’s school colors for Pleasant Hill where we live. This seemed like a small sign that I would somehow fit in.

Since I live at a distance from the campus, I find the way that I show my school spirit is in that I talk with others about Fontbonne. I tell people about the Pathways program and how manageable it is for me. The Pathways program provides me the opportunity to learn from home and allows me to incorporate school into my lifestyle. The professors and advisers from the program have an excellent turn-around time when I call or email them with questions. Everyone that I’ve met at Fontbonne has been supportive and knowledgeable.

If you have been reading my blogs, you know that I recently underwent surgery and have been waiting for biopsy results. This has been a stressful time for me and my family. Last week I went to the doctor and found that the biopsies looked good… what a sweet blessing from God. I am still not healing as fast as I had hoped, but am blessed to be surrounded by a supportive family, doctor, and my adviser and current professor. I know that with all this support, I will make it through recovery and be able to continue on my educational path.

Blessings on your path –



Hi there!

How do I show my school spirit?  Well… I guess I show my enthusiasm for the school community mostly by supporting other groups’ events.  I’m not in every club on campus, but I end up attending lots of groups’ events because I know the people running them or I have friends in the club. It makes me feel like I’m contributing something to the group, because when I run events for CAB, I appreciate every single person who shows up. (Even though CAB’s hosted several successful events this year, I always have this irrational panic attack twenty minutes before the event starts where I start saying “Ohmygosh, what if NO ONE COMES?!?” over and over again. I’m sure it gets really annoying for the people who have to work with me.)

The point is, I try to get a little “do unto others” action going by attending other groups’ events, even if I only stay for a little while. It makes me feel like I’m doing good for the community atmosphere (but not in a way where I think I’m gracing them with my presence –  I just know that it always feels good when people show up for your event!) and if that isn’t showing school spirit, I don’t know what is!


FBU 2 U!!!

by Alumni Posts March 9, 2012

I like Fontbonne, and I enjoy telling people that I’m a student at Fontbonne. There is a long history of ensuring women are educated and prepared for the working world. Knowing the history of Fontbonne helps my school spirit, as I’m proud to be a student here. I express my school spirit by wearing Fontbonne […]

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Fonty Spirit :)

by Alumni Posts March 7, 2012

How exactly do I show my Fontbonne spirit?? Well that’s easy enough! Fontbonne has always been like a family to me. Its close-knit community and friendly staff have made me feel more than at home here in St. Louis. Coming in as a freshmen two years ago, I realized that people here LOVE to get […]

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Distant School Spirit

by Alumni Posts March 7, 2012

Some may be wondering what’s up with my post title. Well, let me tell you, I am a very busy mom, and I am unable to g0 up to Fontbonne as much as I would like. I read the e-mails about the school activities, and I would love to participate in majority of them. I […]

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Griffin Pride!

by Alumni Posts March 6, 2012

How do I show my school spirit, you ask?! Simple! I go to sport games and cheer on the Griffins from the stands! This past weekend, I went to 4 baseball games, sporting my purple Fontbonne hoodie because it was so cold out! Just last week I went to my first ever men’s volleyball game […]

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