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Freshman year is like a blank sheet of paper, you wield a pen waiting to make your mark on it. The question that burns into you is, “Who do I want to be?” That’s just the issue, you never know. You don’t know who you are, until you finally meet others. Until you finally surround yourself with people that you believe to be awesome.

I walked onto campus a little earlier than most freshman, being that I’m an athlete. The people I met on campus first were my team and that was an experience. In any sport, you start off picturing the whole season, what it will be like. The first day I met my team, we had a “heated discussion” over the pronunciation of Reese’s. Right off the bat, I knew these people were fun. I knew that I didn’t have to worry about being an odd individual because, sorry guys, everybody on my team has one thing that makes them “weird” and I think that’s the beautiful thing about people. I’ve heard that the people at Fontbonne were welcoming, but I didn’t, nor could I ever, imagine I would hit it off with people so quickly. I walked out of practice that day feeling a little less anxious, I knew I had a guaranteed support system. Athletics are funny like that, they turn out to be your family away from home.

My first impressions of Fontbonne University weren’t the buildings, they were the people. The people here are so welcoming and accepting towards what makes you, you. They don’t try to fix you, they enhance you. They make you into the person you were meant to be, not who they want you to be. The freedom to be yourself can really do wonders for someone and the first people you meet can make you feel like you chose the right place.


“I bet this place is haunted,” My little brother whined as we waited in the hall outside the admission’s office to talk to my admission counselor. He wasn’t a fan of the arched doorways, marble accents and stained glass windows, but I sure was. The architecture was just one of the first things I noticed when I stepped on Fontbonne’s campus for the first time.

I first visited the summer before my senior year in high school to get a tour of campus and meet with an admission counselor. Like I was saying earlier, I noticed all of the beautiful architectural features that are unique to Fontbonne’s campus. I observed everything from the grand stone steps leading up to the entrance of Ryan Hall to the perfectly manicured lawns sprawling all across campus. The glamorous architecture wasn’t the only thing that I remember about my first visit to Fontbonne.

I also remember all of the friendly faces I encountered while being given a campus tour. My tour was being led by a current student who kept a smile on her face the entire time, even though it was scorching hot outside. As she took me around campus, I kept noticing how every person we passed would say “Hello” to us or smile in our direction. That made me feel like I was already a part of the Fontbonne community.

My visit to campus really sealed the deal for me to come to Fontbonne for my undergraduate studies. I fell in love with the gorgeous architecture and the friendly faces of the Fontbonne community which let me know I was at the right university for me. A little over two years after my first campus visit, I still agree that this is the right university for me.


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The freshman struggle

by Alumni Posts on January 30, 2014

in College Life

Freshman year. Unknown teachers, book fees, roommate issues, and more. Have you ever written a paper and felt like you got an A but your instructor thought otherwise? This has happened to me plenty of times. The worst part is that the instructor won’t even let you redo the paper even after your countless hours of hard work. To top that off, you’re broke with no money in the bank. You’ve applied to a countless number of jobs but no one will hire you because you’ve never had a job before. Pretty soon you are ready to just give up! Next thing you know, your phone rings. “Hello is this Britney?” “Yes” I say. “Are you still interested in the job position?”… Aha, life has just began. :)


A lot of people ask me, ‘Why did you choose to go to Fontbonne?’ Actually there are many reason why I decided to go here. First I knew I wanted to go to school in St. Louis. I lived here my whole life and couldn’t see myself living anywhere else. I also knew that a large state school was just not for me. I looked at a few universities within St. Louis and when it came right down to the wire, I just knew that Fontbonne was the place fore me.

I can still remember when I first visited the school, I began to imagine myself going here. I know it sounds silly, but I really felt like I belonged here.

Now, a few months in, I know I was right. I love the size of the school and the location. I’ve met some wonderful people but still have the comfort to be able to go home whenever I get homesick. Honestly, Fontbonne was the perfect school for me.


Nothing Better.

by Alumni Posts September 27, 2011

This is my first post of the year, and also my first post ever. I’m so excited to be a part of the Fontbonne blog. The other day I was thinking back to when I was still in high school and college seemed to be so far away. I can’t believe that, even as I […]

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Andrew – Leaving Home for the First Time

by fontbonneuniversity October 10, 2008

The last few weeks of summer were particularly emotionally charged, to say in the least. Friendships that had been growing since grade school, middle school, high school, and even for just that summer now had to face the difficult challenge of saying good-bye. It was a tough time for all of us in my circle […]

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