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Fontbonne University offers a wide range of major and minor options – covering many different career paths. The path I decided on was education! I am pursuing a degree in elementary education in hopes of teaching second or third grade after I graduate. The reason I chose elementary education as my major is because I want to inspire children and open their minds up to the possibilities they have ahead. I want to teach kids about the many different areas of knowledge from learning grammar to sciences to math to social studies. I love working with kids and I watching them learn how to accomplish new things; teaching is such a rewarding career. What made me want to go into teaching was working with children for the past three summers. I work for a program called Adventure Quest, and it is a day program for school-aged kids where we sings songs, go on field trips, do arts and crafts, play field games, learn about different careers and places around the world, and so much more!

Working with children can be challenging but it is also very exciting; you never know what you are going to get! Kids are so much fun because they keep you on your feet, they have an urge to learn new things, and their laughs are contagious! I would recommend the elementary education program here at Fontbonne because it is one of the most prevalent majors here. The small class sizes allow you to really get to know your classmates and professors so you are able to talk about in-depth topics and fully understand your class context. There are also many elementary schools around the Clayton, Missouri area so you are able to complete your practicum at a school of your preference. I would highly suggest coming to Fontbonne if you are interested in someday working in the field of education!


I’ve always heard that it’s best to live in the present, and focusing too much on past and future events isn’t healthy for the mind.  While I do agree that focusing too much on the past is typically unproductive, sometimes it is productive to have an idea of what your future may look like.

Now, I’m no psychic, but I can tell you without a doubt that your future may not end up exactly as you planned…and that’s okay!  Planning still serves a purpose. It gets you thinking about what you want to do post-college, and possibly for the rest of your life.

For me, today is the perfect day to discuss where I see myself in ten years, because today I had my first real-client, nutrition counseling experience through my Medical Nutrition Therapy class.  Thankfully, other dietetics classes have prepared me for this experience. It was nothing brand new to me, but living the true client-counselor experience really gave me a fuzzy feeling inside. I absolutely loved it.

In ten years, I see myself working as a Health Coach in an outpatient setting or possibly a clinical setting. Health Coaching is a type of goal-oriented interviewing that helps motivate clients to create their own goals. More often than not, when people create goals themselves, they follow through with them. When someone other than the client creates their goals for them, it makes those goals less personal and less meaningful. If I could help my future clients make even the simplest of positive changes in their lives, I would feel accomplished with my day. I know I could do something like this for the rest of my life.

Fontbonne has helped me prepare for my future in so many ways. Since developing my own healthy habits, I have always known that I wanted to do something with nutrition, but I didn’t know exactly what to do. The dietetics program at Fontbonne does a phenomenal job at letting you explore different career choices out that are out there. I believe I have found my emphasis in the dietetics world. It’s nice to know that, even in the same major, there are so many different ways my classmates and I will be creating positive impacts on the health of communities and individuals.



Without having a car here on campus I get to experience this beautiful city by foot or by bike! I am from St. Paul, Minnesota and I love being somewhere new where I don’t know where I’m going and what I am going to find. Biking around the Fontbonne University area the past few weeks I have found grocery stores, museums, restaurants, beautiful fountains, and lots and lots of coffee shops.

One thing that I love about St. Louis is the amazing coffee shops. I am the type of person that likes to change up where I study, and of course, coffee is always a bonus too. There are so many great coffee shops right here in Clayton, let alone the greater St. Louis area. There is a Starbucks Coffee within about a mile in every direction, but there are also so many local places around here. One of my favorite places to bike to on a sunny day is Kaldi’s Coffee House. This is just blocks away from Fontbonne University and they have arguably the best iced mochas! The people here are so friendly and it is located in a calm and beautiful area; it is such a wonderful place to sit and relax and get some studying done.

Beyond coffee, there are so many other wonderful things to do in St. Louis such as explore the beautiful Forest Park, go to the comedy shows at Fitz’s restaurant on Thursday nights at 10:30, try the amazing local pizza places, and of course, go to the St. Louis Arch!

For more information about the fun things to do around St. Louis and Fontbonne University check out this video:



She Had Me Sold

by Jordyn on September 9, 2014

in College Life

I didn’t originally plan on attending Fontbonne University. Actually, I wasn’t even sure of what I wanted to do with my life, but I had decided to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising or Marketing, and I was determined to find a school where I could complete a degree and get out.

I originally chose the Arts Institute of St. Louis to attend. My father and I visited the campus in late November to talk with their admissions counselor. They wanted me to go there…BAD. They called me at least three different times a week to see if I had made a decision. But The Arts Institute still didn’t seem right for me. So my father said one day… “Why don’t you look at…Fontbonne University?”

I had been so stressed and so tired of looking at colleges that I originally didn’t even want to go check this school out. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was so painfully cold and windy. Definitely not a day you wanted to tour a college campus. When we arrived at Fontbonne, we immediately went to admissions and met Jenna.

At first we just talked about the basics: what kind of scholarships I could be awarded, how my credits would transfer, etc. Then Jenna offered to give us a small tour. She took us to AB hall and pointed out certain classrooms as well as the fashion merchandising showcases…it was basic information…but I felt a spark of excitement. I started to be excited about my degree and what I could do if I went to Fontbonne. She took us back outside…

And this is when Jenna REALLY spoke to me.

I remember we were outside in the cold; we had to kind of raise our voices over the wind. Instead of just saying goodbye to me…Jenna wrapped up our session by saying just how much she loved the school. She had originally attended Fontbonne as a student, and she expressed how much she appreciated the memories she made here and how much the place meant to her as a place of education and a place where she now works…I was really struck. She was genuinely expressing how great of a school Fontbonne was. From then on, she had me sold. I remember leaving Fontbonne knowing that I had found my school.

That was my first impression of Fontbonne University. Just one person can completely change your outlook on things. Can sway your opinion, but for all the right reasons. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t spoken to Jenna. She’s the definition of an amazing admissions counselor. I actually moved on to campus, and that day I was kind of terrified. Terrified of not making friends, starting a new job, and attending classes. I literally knew no one…but just as Jenna expressed…Fontbonne is a great school and I immediately adjusted. I’ve made so many close friends in such a short time, and I already love my classes.

For once I feel like I am in a place where I actually belong…I am totally psyched to continue my education here at Fontbonne. I’m hoping to maybe leave a lasting impression on future students, just like Jenna did for me. Thank you for that first impression Jenna! Thank you for everything.

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Fontbonne is Special

by Alumni Posts April 3, 2014

I chose this image because this is a picture of me and two of my friends at Fontbonne University. As you can see they aren’t the same color as me but that didn’t matter to us. We were having a great time at a Fontbonne party just mingling and talking with everyone. We had a […]

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First Fall Weekend in St. Louis

by Joanna September 25, 2013

A beautiful weekend in the Lou. The weather was perfect and there was plenty to do! My friends and I walked to the Balloon Glow, We even saw a magnificent firework show! On Saturday, we saw dancers in the street, Boy! How they could move their feet! At night, I attended the Buddhist Mid-Autumn Fest, […]

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by Alumni Posts February 25, 2013
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by Alumni Posts March 14, 2012

Hello Everyone, So this week I just wanted to point out how bipolar St. Louis weather is. Just the other day, it was pouring down rain and in the high 30s. NOW, it is 80 degrees, windy, sunny, humid, and everything else that comes with spring. The problem is… it ISN’T spring!!! By the time […]

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It’s Just Around the Corner…

by Alumni Posts November 11, 2011

Okay, don’t hate me for this, but I’m about to do a reallllll quick plug for Christmas here. I KNOW, I KNOW, IT’S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET. Trust me, I’m aware, and I am super duper pumped for T-day and I’m not trying to delegitimize it at all. Now. That being said, Christmas is just […]

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Spending Money

by Alumni Posts November 11, 2011

I am a poor college kid, just like every other college kid in this world. However, I am an exception. I am a jobless and poor college kid. My parents and I had decided before I left for Fontbonne that I would take a leave from my job, and only work on breaks. This was […]

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