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Fontbonne University

Thinking about coming to Fontbonne? Here are some reasons why you should consider this lovely school!!!

1. It’s small. Unlike at a big school where the lectures have 75 students or so, Fontbonne is only a few thousand students, so the classes are like max 30 people. The professors have less students to know so it’s easier to get to know them and most likely you can get to know a lot of the students on campus!
2. It’s in a good area. There are plenty of things you can do while attending school here. Whether it’s going a few blocks down to Delmar to check out the loop, or going to the Galleria or Brentwood. It’s also a few blocks away from Forest Park where there’s tons of fun activities always going on. With winter coming up, the Steinberg skating rink will be opening soon too!!
3. There are a lot of major choices. Whether you’re looking into one of the education fields, nutrition, or something else, Fontbonne has a variety of academic choices.
4. It’s negative wind chill outside, snowing, and your professor still hasn’t cancelled class? Good thing the buildings are only 5 minutes away from each other!

Fontbonne is a nice little school with a big personality. That’s why you should considering coming to Fontbonne today!!


Hello Everyone,
NEDA week is coming to Fontbonne this week!! What is it? It is National Eating Disorder Awareness. A group of dedicated students set up various events throughout Fontbonne to bring to light the tragedy that an eating disorder can bring to a person’s life, how to help someone with an eating disorder, and more. Posters are everywhere and a Facebook event has been listed. Keep your eyes out!!
So Far the lineup includes:
MONDAY: LIBBY LYONS presents an interactive session on eating disorders from 12-1pm in the Lewis Room.
WEDNESDAY: What do you know about eating disorders? Find out in the DSAC from 11am-1pm and win a HOMEMADE COOKIE!
Something St. Joseph Hall on the 3rd Floor is Operation Beautiful. It is an inspirational post-it note program from a Blog called Operation Beautiful. The Girls floor of St. Joseph Hall helps this blog by posting positive post-it notes!! Hopefully you can see some of the ones I am and will be posting throughout the semester! This blog is especially good for NEDA week and anyone can do it! Just go to !!

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Oct 20 is the annual celebration for The National Day on Writing.

The Kinkel Center at Fontbonne had a fun event for celebrating the National Day on Writing, and also encouraged students to write more.

I joined this event in our library last Thursday, Oct 18.

In this event, the Kinkel Center invited students to write a story that began “It was a dark and stormy night on the Fontbonne campus…”. Every student added a sentence to make the story become scarier.

Before I added a sentence to the story, somebody wrote “The wind whistled eerily between the buildings and dry leaves blew across the sidewalk.” So, I just added a sentence “Then, some scary voice was coming out from the tree.” Haha, I don’t like scary stories, but it was so much fun to play this game.

I love reading and writing, because they are the most important tools to increase my knowledge and improve my English. Beginning to see myself as a writer and reader was a crucial step on my journey in learning English. I like to explore the world of America by reading, and share what I learned by writing. It’s hard to keep writing and reading in English, but it’s worth it to do it.


Fontbonne is perfect for me because it is a small, friendly campus. I have attended Catholic schools my whole life, and I figured that attending a Catholic college would be a great way to continue my education. The grade school and high school that I attended were both very small, so I knew that going to a big school like SLU would be very intimidating, and it would make me nervous. I felt right at home when I toured Fontbonne though, and it made me really excited to begin my college journey. I also love the fact that Fontbonne is extremely commuter friendly. Since I live about an hour away, I have to try to plan a schedule that fits my commuting lifestyle. Fontbonne has flexible hours that allow me to have no early morning classes or classes on Fridays! Also, I love the people at Fontbonne, and I do not regret choosing Fontbonne as my college (or not even applying to anywhere else… not recommended). I wish everyone luck on their college journey, whether you are in school or deciding where you want to go. Let your heart lead you, and you will make the decision that is best for you!


Students writing for Real Life at Fontbonne are paid a small fee for each post by the university.