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Fontbonne Day

This week is another busy one! The Fontbonne Activities Board (FAB) is hosting their annual Spring Spirit Week. There are events planned everyday that lead up to the dance. The overall theme is neon. Here’s the line up of exciting events.

Monday: “Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Mystery” trivia competition during the day and Dueling Pianos performance at night

Tuesday: Trip to the Cardinals game

Wednesday: Splatter paint your own stunner shades during the day and watch “Frozen” in the meadow at night (and eat ice cream)

Thursday: Free lunch for commuters (we’re serving Pot Belly sandwiches)

Friday: Fontbonne Day (community volunteer work) and neon volleyball tournament at night

Saturday: Blacklight Bash! (it’s a dance with all the lights out, but will still be able to see thanks to the awesome glowing decorations and paint splatters on people)

It’s crazy to think how fast the end of the semester is coming. After Spirit Week, there’s only two more FAB events left: Trivia Finale and Springfest. Springfest is an annual end-of-year celebration that is collaborative among various student organizations. There will be a live band, food trucks, dunking booth, tie-dying, Velcro wall, and more. After the carnival portion, the fashion merchandising department is hosting a fashion show (I am also a part of the class that is producing this). Following that is a “Taste of St. Louis” dinner, and then time to relax and play video games and/or do Pinterest crafts. And finally, to end the night, a movie will be shown on the blow up screen.

I am very thrilled for these final events of the year. They have been a work in progress throughout this entire semester, so it’s exciting to see it all come together.


Here at Fontbonne, we have a “Fontbonne Day” devoted to service. It’s a day where classes are cancelled and students have the opportunity to volunteer for numerous community service activities. I did not get involved with “Fontbonne Day” last year, but I was quick to register for a activity this year and volunteer last Friday.

The day began early for me (8 am) with coffee and a quest speaker. After about an hour each group broke off and went to their volunteer site. There was everything from gardening, cleaning, preparing for events, and washing dogs. I volunteered for something near and dear to my heart: animals. My group went to Open Door Animal Sanctuary in House Springs, MO. It is a no kill shelter that is the home or temporary home of more than 300 cats and 100 dogs.

While at Open Door, I loved and comforted the new-born kittens, as well as groomed some of the older cats in their “Cat Heaven”. All the cats were really inviting, frequently brushing up against my leg or meowing for attention. The dogs were housed in kennels, and we had the opportunity to give them their exercise and take them for a walk. Although it was more of a glamorous volunteer opportunity, I still felt good giving attention and love to the animals that need it most.

After visiting Open Door, I think I’m going to go back a few times this summer to volunteer and donate. They are in need of food and other supplies for the animals. I might even make a cat blanket or two! I will definitely be participating in Fontbonne day again next year. A day devoted to service is truly a good day!

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Good afternoon!

I figured I should post a blog since I’ve been slacking off..I apologize for that! :)

I hope everyone had a good weekend. If you ask me, I think it was in-between. First, everyone know Friday, April 12, was Fontbonne Service Day, right? Of course you do. And my accomplishment for that day was being the team captain for my group! That was a huge step for me.

My group went to the Shalom House for our service site. Shalom House is a shelter for homeless women who needs help to rebuild their lives. It’s a really great place because the women receive services and support for as long as they need until they’re able to live on their own, and they don’t have to pay anything until then. Classes are also provided for them, such as communications and skills. Rebecca Tucker was our volunteer coordinator and we communicated really well.

Our duties were to prepare and cook for our women. Our menu included spaghetti, garlic bread, corn, fruit salad, lemonade, brownies and hummingbird muffins for dessert. Yummm. The women really enjoyed it! Our group did an amazing job together. Our next assignment was helping Janette with sorting out things in their sanctuary area. There were so many new/old things in there! From what I remember, there were clothes, shoes, bags/purses, etc. Even boxes of Oreo cookies! Anthony Hall and Erica Garcia were definitely busy taking those away. They did great!

It was definitely a great service day. Rebecca really, really, really appreciated us, and I was so happy to hear that. I may come back next year!

Friday was also one of my cousins’ birthday. She’s 16 now! Man, the years really flew by. It was a pretty fun night with family, karaoke, Vietnamese pancakes (banh xeo) and a random game! I guess we could call it Name that Name in ABC order. Something like that.

Saturday was just work day. The usual. Then Sunday, I also went to work but afterwards, my sister and I went to Fontbonne to pick up friends to go for some Ted Drewes! Our fellow friends were Sem, Carlos, Erica, and Ahmed. If I was able to pick them up earlier, Izzy could’ve made it too. There’s always next time!

So yeah, that’s all I wanted to say about my recent weekend. Be safe, and take care!


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Fontbonne Day

by Alumni Posts on April 22, 2013

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Last Friday, April 12, was Fontbonne Day, which is our community service day in mission together. On this day, faculty and students joined different service projects in the St. Louis area.  First, we gathered together for reflection and discussion in the morning of Fontbonne Day. There was an introduction and an interfaith panel on Catholic social teaching. Then, we left campus to do our different group service sites in the St. Louis area.

One of my graduate classmates, three Fontbonne faculty, and I joined the service project for SarahCare Adult Day Service, a day care
organization for disabled adults. They have over 20 clients in their organization, and different adults have different needs to be taken care of. Our group did many activities with the adults. We played puzzles and games (candy land, Bingo) together. I’m not familiar with American games, and this was my first time to play Candy Land and I played with adults. It was so much fun.  I also assisted them with walking, lunch, and anything they needed. During the day, I’ve learned I need to pay more attention to listen and chat to those with special needs.

I remember one of the clients kept telling me “I love you, you are pretty and sweet. Everyone here loves you so much.” She told me over 10 times in just 1 minute. Since she has dementia, she forgets easily what she said. Every adult in this organization had different needs, but they’re so cute and very open minded to express their love. They gave me many hugs and kisses, even though I just stayed with them for a few hours.   Aw…, they’re so sweet to me. Even though they have some disability, their heart is so lovely and sweet.

For me, Fontbonne Day is a really meaningful day to contribute to the St. Louis Area. I will get involved in more volunteer and service opportunities in the future.

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Such an eventful week!

by Alumni Posts April 16, 2013

April in general tends to be an eventful month, so here are some snapshots from recent events: For more information about the Shalom House: Peace, Love, and April!!!!

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I’ve Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You?

by Carlyn April 15, 2013

This past week was full of events, because it was spirit week. Every semester, Fontbonne has a spirit week the week of the dance (which is on Saturdays). So, every day last week was leading up to the big, main event. It was very busy, but also a lot of fun and definitely worth losing […]

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The End!!

by Alumni Posts May 3, 2012

Hello Everyone! I just wanted the end the year with a CONGRATS!! We made it!! I know I still have one more week left and it’s exams, but the end is so near that I can taste it. I have been a busy bee and Fontbonne has been great with making the last few weeks […]

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by Alumni Posts April 24, 2012

Greetings, blog-readers! We’re smack in the middle of a scary point in the semester: the final stretch.  There’s this exhilarating we’re-almost-done smell in the air, and all kinds of fun events are going on.  A few nights ago I nearly froze to death at the Spring Dance at the Lemp Mansion, which was held on […]

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Diversity and Service

by Alumni Posts April 12, 2012

Hello Everyone, Diversity week is this week and tons of activities have happened! We had a Fontbonne for Justice Event where the Fontbonne community was asked to wear a hoodie as a sign of support for justice for Trayvon Martin. Bollywood Dance lessons were given, and we did One Day Without Shoes for children around […]

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