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I did not even realize that I ended my first year of college with nothing less than a B. This is great. I realize that all my hard work paid off. All the nights that I spent in the dorm studying instead of going out to go party has paid off. Never underestimate yourself and always strive to be better. Staying focused on your grades and not getting distracted can get you a long way. Even though I did have fun every now and then, I was always focused on my school work. It is always good to have a connection with the professors. They are there to teach you and you are there to learn. The greater your relationship is with the professor, the easier and more comfortable it will be for you to ask questions and get more understanding about the school work. I am so proud of myself for passing my first year of college with a BANG!!!! If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything!


Well I am pleased to say that I am now a part of a major group at Fontbonne. The stresses of interviewing are over because now i’m officially a FOCUS leader. I am so happy to start this new journey and possibly become a role model for incoming freshman. I am ready to bond with the other leaders and create lasting friendships. Here’s to a new start with new people! Yayy FOCUS!!


There are so many great people that every student should get to know on campus. It might just be too hard a task to narrow it down to one. So to be fair, I’ll break this topic down, and I’ll choose a person in an educational sense, as well as in the social scene. Therefore, as a general statement, everyone should get to know their own advisor. My advisor has been more than helpful in my studies here, but he is always looking out for things outside the Fontbonne community that would help me too. As a pre-law major, he has given me flyers from a wide variety of things such as law school admissions fairs, interesting cases in the news, and mock jury trials. As far as students on campus go, there are a number of people who are always fun to be around! In my experience at Fontbonne, there are two main groups of people always looking to have a good time — Focus Leaders and FAB (Fontbonne Activities Board). You can never go wrong with these people. Finally, to get back to the original question of “Who is one person that every student should get to know on campus and why?” I choose Cameron Elliot. Not only is he super social and always passing out hugs that bring happiness to your day, he is the Student Government President, a helpful resident hall assistance, a member of the undergraduate academic committee, and on the Fontbonne Board of Trustees. So if you’re looking for a pick-me-up in your day, have an issue with anything Fontbonne related, or even get locked out of your room, Cameron is your man. In a nutshell, everybody should get to know Cameron Elliot, and I’m sure he would be happy to get to know you!!


I have always been a big fan of smaller schools, and this was one of the major factors in choosing Fontbonne as the University I would attend after graduation from St. Elizabeth Academy High School. I have three older siblings, two of which went to universities in different parts of Missouri, and although that is not too big of a move it was still hard for me to never get to see them. This was a big hint to me that I did not want to leave St. Louis for college, but I did want to live in the dorms. I visited the numerous colleges and universities in and around the St. Louis region, and realized that Fontbonne was the fit for me.

The small, close-knit community is so welcoming and great to be a part of! I was nervous to be living on campus and away from my family for the first time, but that soon vanished once orientation kicked off! There was a group of upperclassmen, known as FOCUS, along with the other college rookies who were either just as nervous or even more than I was, who made the first weekend in college one of the most memorable! Everyone was so eager and willing to get to know each other while away on orientation, that it made making friends super easy!

Almost everyone in the dorms leave their doors open and do not mind it all if you just pop your head in to say hi or mention you like the picture frames on their wall. Fontbonne easily became my home away from home, and quick. I had no problem making friends, and did not feel scared or nervous about college anymore. All the girls on our floor get along great and make it very comfortable for you to be yourself.

All-in-all I love Fontbonne so far! I do believe attending this small but mighty university was one of the best decisions of my life! I enjoy my home away from home, and love everyone who is part of my new Fontbonne family!


Mary- Picking A Favorite Is Impossible

by Fontbonne University February 4, 2009

I can’t say that have just one favorite event on campus. There are so many things that I look forward to throughout the year, that picking one would be rather impossible. We’ll start at the beginning of the year with FOCUS. Orientation is definitely more than one event, but when you put them all together […]

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Andy- Loved Being Involved

by Fontbonne University December 2, 2008

This semester, I have been not too much involved with the dedicated semester as much as I would like to be.  I am very interested in the goals for the millenium.  But this semester has been the most fun for me, I was a FOCUS leader, in other words, a freshman leader.  I am the […]

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Mary- One Step Closer To Millenium Goals

by Fontbonne University November 20, 2008

This Dedicated Semester has been very interesting. I’ve been able to partake in quite a few of the events, and they’ve all impacted me in some way…As an orientation leader, I was required to read ” They Poured Fired On Us From the Sky” a story about the lost boys of Sudan. I wasn’t too […]

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Andy- The Best Student He Can Be

by Fontbonne University November 12, 2008

My favorite thing about Fontbonne is that is such a tight community.  Everyone knows everyone, even if they don’t know their name, they know them by their face.  Also, how Fontbonne gives the students so much opportunitites to be leaders and to get involved.  It has given me so much, because I came in as […]

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Mary- Opportunity's More Than A Word

by Fontbonne University November 6, 2008

Hmmm…what’s my favorite thing about Fontbonne? I have about a million answers to this question, but I think they can all be summarized in one word: opportunities. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought that I would have so many amazing opportunities at Fontbonne. Because of the close-knit community here and the number of […]

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Mary – The FOCUS of the New Year

by Fontbonne University October 10, 2008

Coming back to school this year was especially exciting. As an orientation leader for Freshmen Orientation, I got to move back on campus two weeks before everyone else, which is a lot of fun. It’s nice to be at school for a while without having to go to class and work, it makes the transition […]

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