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Ok, NOW I believe I’m here

by Carlyn June 20, 2013

Only in London can you see Big Ben. Only in London can you see Buckingham Palace. And, only in London can you see queen. I felt a huge “aha” moment come over me when I first saw Big Ben. The architecture and gold detailing on that building is absolutely gorgeous. Seeing such an iconic monument [...]

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Sure, I’ll do a photo shoot in London

by Carlyn June 13, 2013

One week of study abroad classes down, four more weeks to go! Although, it’s not like I’m counting down the days I have left in London. I don’t want to rush this amazing experience. The course that I’m taking is called “Styling Fashion.” This is not a class offered in the fashion merchandising program at [...]

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Made for Freedom

by Carlyn June 3, 2013

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in another fashion show. I experimented with the modeling aspect again, as I did a few weeks ago for the Springfest fashion show. This show contained the same amount of excitement and enthusiasm, but had a very different purpose and atmosphere. The goal of this fashion show was [...]

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by Conner April 29, 2013

Today is Springfest at Fontbonne. I spent most of today helping the fashion merchandising promotions class with their fashion show. I did odd jobs and helped dress models. Although I was backstage for most of the show, I think it was pretty amazing! I know I have a lot to live up to when I’m [...]

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A Reintroduction and Sophomore Year

by Conner September 12, 2012

Hello everyone! I am so excited to begin blogging again. For those of you who did not read last year, here’s a brief introduction. I am in my second year at Fontbonne University and on my way to becoming a fashion merchandising major. Being here at Fontbonne has only increased and sparked my interest in [...]

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Intro to Carlyn!

by Carlyn September 11, 2012

Hello! My real name is Carlyn, but most people call me Carly. Either one is fine. This is my first year blogging for Fontbonne. Here’s a brief description of my life. You’ll learn much more about me and my quirkiness as the year progresses. I am a sophomore majoring in fashion merchandising. The clubs that [...]

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Change is Good

by Conner April 16, 2012

Well, this is it. There’s just four weeks left of my first year of college! I can hardly believe it. This past week was quite a busy one, with final projects being introduced and other class related things to do. SHESA (Student Human Environmental Sciences Association) is sponsoring Denim Day in a couple of weeks, [...]

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Stressful Week Ends with Some Fun, well Maybe

by Conner April 2, 2012

This week I learned a lesson: If you have time over Spring Break to work on assignments for college, don’t be lazy and do them! My Spring Break was wonderful. It was nice and relaxing. I did absolutely nothing, but I should have used my week off to get ahead in my school work. That [...]

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College Life Before Break

by Conner March 16, 2012

This week at Fontbonne was full of spring and all things that accompany the week before spring break: tests, excitement,homework, packing, and a whole lot more. Not surprisingly, this week went by fairly slowly, but that’s alright because my spring break begins tomorrow! I have just finished packing for break, and I have to say [...]

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Fontbonne and Fashion, Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

by Conner February 16, 2012

One of the most important decisions you can make in your life is what you decide to study in college. This may be what one would think at the ripe old age of seventeen or eighteen, but in reality, it isn’t. Nevertheless, it is a choice that has to be made, and mine was particularly [...]

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