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Okay, so it’s not Halloween quite yet…I know!  But if you’re not a celebrator of the holiday itself, it’s not a huge deal.  I prefer to think of it as part of the whole fall experience — a specific day to go all out and celebrate fall.  I am not a fan of haunted houses, witches, skeletons, ghosts, or any of the other holiday-specific traditions.  It’s not because I am scared of them, but as a Christian I just can’t say they are in line with my beliefs.  This is just my personal opinion…I think it’s totally fine if you have fun participating in these activities, especially if it’s an opportunity to be outside and enjoy the weather!

With that said, my previous Halloweens have included hayrides, bonfires, and…trick-or-treating with my horses!  Where I live is not conducive (or even possible) for trick-or-treating, unless you want to walk two miles and only visit three or four houses.  My church always had a really nice event when I was growing up called Trunk or Treat, where people would decorate the trunks of their cars with a theme and hand out candy, so I still had the classic experience of dressing up and having some Halloween fun.

Now that I’m older and have horses, though, I’ve changed up the game a little bit.  Last Halloween was the inaugural kick-off of “Equine Trick-or-Treating”, and the plan is to have an exciting second year to continue the tradition.  It’s the exact same concept as human trick-or-treating, except I don’t really dress up my horses (I could, though…hmm).  They have to perform a trick before they get their treat!  Blondie can smile, and Pearl will smile, kneel, bow, do the Spanish walk, count, and climb up on a rock or steps.  I think I’m going to make them Rice Krispie treats this year, but they’d be happy with anything — carrots, apples, marshmallows, safe fruits and vegetables, or special horse cookies and treats.  Yes, they’re a bit spoiled…but they deserve it. 🙂

Stay safe and enjoy the day, whatever your plans include.  (yes, it’s a regularly scheduled day at Fontbonne, but rumor has it there are multiple bowls of candy around campus…..just saying……)  Happy Halloween!




Fall is here!

by Adriana on October 25, 2016

in In Saint Louis

Even though fall already started few weeks ago, I still want to share the different fun activities I have done during this season. I am not a fan of cold weather, but right now it’s kind of a mix between cold and hot so its fine.
I went apple picking for the first time and it was very fun. We had to walk through the apple orchards looking for good red or green apples. Personally, I prefer the green ones. It was really tasteful having fresh apples.
The week after apple picking I went to Eckert’s farm for the evening. It was a great day very sunny and the sunset was beautiful. There were different things to do there, like, games, giving food to kangaroos, and spending time around a warm bonfire. When the night came we had smores and hot dogs, they were delicious.
I appreciate this kind of activities that Fontbonne University offers, especially if you are not from here it is a great way to know more about St. Louis.
So far I have enjoyed fall season. I can’t believe we are already in the middle of the semester, time is flying like crazy. I hope everyone is enjoying fall season too.
Take care,
Adriana S.



Prepping for Fall

by Taylor on October 4, 2016

in Uncategorized

Finally, my absolute favorite time of year has arrived! For those of you who don’t know, I look forward to fall more than any other season. There’s nothing better than leaving the brutally hot summers of the Midwest and being welcomed into the crisp fall weather and beautiful leaves filled with all things pumpkin spice! I look forward to it every year, and I definitely have a few things that I do to prepare. I’ll list them below for anyone who is curious!

  1. Make a fall playlist- For whatever reason, my taste in music shifts a little bit with the seasons. I have always been a HUGE fan of alternative rock, but in the fall I love what I call “coffee shop music”. This is music that is calmer, more acoustic, and is definitely something I want to listen to in my red plaid shirt while I sit on my laptop sipping on coffee in the middle of Starbucks. This includes artists like The Lumineers, Kodaline, Ed Sheeran, Atlas Genius, early Coldplay,  and for whatever reason Taylor Swift’s album Red (which is arguably the most fall album of all time, sorry.)
  2. Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING- I am one of those obnoxious people that not only looks forward to pumpkin spice, but will incorporate it into my life as much as possible. I’ll buy candles that smell like pumpkin pie, add it to things like pancakes, cookies, and oatmeal, and will try every version of pumpkin spice lattes that I can find. Make fun of me if you want, but you can’t have fall without pumpkin spice.
  3. Update my wardrobe- Fall means out with the shorts, bright colors, and floral prints I usually rock in the spring and summer and in with the plaid, dark colors, boots, and darker hair for fall! I’ll usually update my wardrobe and change my style a bit for the fall to match both my mood and the weather. I like themes, and it’s fun to change things up sometimes. Plus, I can almost always find an excuse to go shopping.

Those are the top 3 things that I like to do to prepare for fall. What do you guys like to do? Have a great week!




Image result for pictures of scarves

Oh, how I love the Fall weather. I know to some, they may not care for this time of the season but I truly LOVE IT! Did I say how much I LOVE FALL! 🙂

Fall is the time when I prepare to wear all of the scarves I have stored in my closet. I am a scarf fanatic! I have a variation of colored ones and plain ones as well as winter scarves and silk. Wearing them around my neck brings out the boldness in me, it showcases my personality and most importantly they keep me warm! I even wear them as head wraps as well. I also love that that Fall season lets me know that Thanksgiving is around the corner and the smell and taste of sweet potato pies sound so delicious and delights my heart!

Fall is also a time of the year when I can see the beauty of God’s creation with the changing of the leaves, I can feel the cool brisk wind on my face and enjoy having my windows down in my car as I ride to my destination listening to the wind. I love Fall! It’s one season I don’t feel that stays around long enough but I truly embrace it when it’s here.

What are some things you like about Fall? Do you have any favorite Fall drinks or food?



Summer Days Drifting Away Into A-A-A-Autumn Nights 🎶

by Morgan September 26, 2016

Hi everyone! I congratulate for continuing to read because now we are one week 3! This week we’re going to talk about the best season of the year: FALL! 🍂☕🎃 One of the main reasons I love fall is the drastic weather changes. Sweltering hot summer days and nights turn into chilly, breezy fall days with crisp, […]

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Falling Back!

by Yuri September 26, 2016

Look outside a window. Are the leaves changing color, perhaps falling; is the weather getting cooler; is time moving back by an hour? It is that time of year again: Autumn! The time when we transition from shorts to pants, T-shirts become jackets, and flip flops morph into sneakers or even boots. A lot of people love […]

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It’s Fall, Y’all…

by Jess September 26, 2016

So I’m not going to lie… …I love pumpkin spice as much as the Cheshire Inn Starbucks apparently does, via this sign. I’m definitely one of those people that gets very excited when she sees the first Pumpkin Spice item of the season on the shelf at the grocery store. I can personally attest that […]

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Summertime Reflections and Autumn Desires

by Terragan September 26, 2016

With September 22 being the official start of the fall season, some reflections on the summer and what we want from this welcomed season are in order. The summer fun of going camping, hanging outside with friends, swimming, and all other activities crafted the best I’ve had. Between the group hangouts and the barbecues, Griffin […]

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Falling for Fall

by Anna September 21, 2016

As I write this, we are just TWO days away from fall (although with the temperatures, it’s hard to think about)!  Can you believe we’re already back at this point?  It feels like we just started 2016 and now we’re moving into the final quarter of it! Coming in at a very close second to winter, fall […]

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Fall Preparation

by Patricia September 21, 2016

I know that fall is just in a few days, but I am still not ready for it yet. I am really holding on to summer and enjoying the nice weather. I have done some shopping for when it finally does come. I got marshmallow pumpkin latte lotion and a Halloween pumpkin hand sanitizer from […]

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