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Fall Festival

Happy almost Halloween!   It’s the last week of October already; can you believe it?  If you haven’t had a chance to do any festive activities, Fontbonne has a few going on this week that you might want to attend:

Fall Festival–Okay, so this one was last week.  But if you missed it, you definitely want to go next year!  Campus organizations come together in the meadow (or the AMC when it rains) and celebrate the end of October with all kinds of fall activities.  This year, NSSLHA (National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association) had baby pumpkins to paint and BSO (Biological Sciences Organization) had big pumpkins for carving. RHA (Residence Hall Association) had some delicious cookies to decorate (and to eat, of course). There was also chili, apple cider, and . . . (wait for it) . . . a crepe truck!  The cardinals game was also playing on the huge blow-up screen, so no one missed any of the action while enjoying the party. So if you missed the fall festival this year, make sure you come next year!

Candy grams:

Monday-Wednesday this week, FAB is selling candy grams. If you’d like to go all Mean Girls on your friends, you can order them some candy grams to be picked up in the DSAC on Thursday 11:30-1:30.  You go, Glen Coco!

Halloween Havoc:

This is taking place on Thursday from11:30-1:30 in the DSAC (candy gram coincidence? I think not).  I hear they have caricature drawings and apple cider. You should stop by if you have time.

One last thing:  I promised you an update on my pumpkin carving. Well…

Voila!  One and a half hours and a very messy kitchen later.

You can guess which one is mine (the one that took 1 1/2 hours to scrape thin enough for the light to show through).  Happy Halloween!


Fall. It’s that time of year when everything whizzes by. After midterms, it’s one event, test, project, or activity to the next, and the next thing you know finals are over and it’s Christmas break. This past week, it was enjoyable to hit the “pause” button for an evening and relax.

Student Government Association (SGA) held their annual Fall Festival. Numerous clubs and organizations on campus got involved by providing games, food, or other activities. Held in the Meadow, it was a beautiful fall evening for all that stopped by. The Cardinals game was projected so us Cards Fans didn’t miss out on the action. Holy Crepes, a food truck, was even on campus providing chilly students with the warmth of some delicious crepes. Pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, and a Halloween costume contest were some of the tables sponsored by student organizations. Offerings of chili, apple cider, caramel apples, and other candy and treats were welcome for all. One thing that’s always a constant at Fontbonne is free food. The Fall Festival was no exception!

Omicron Delta Kappa was one of the student organizations present at Fall Festival. At our general board meeting a few weeks ago, we determined we wanted to offer something different and decided on pumpkin bowling. It’s a simple game of bowling with a pumpkin bowling ball (basketball) and ghost pins (soda bottles). I spent the week of the Festival preparing for our tables by painting faces on the basketball and pins. ODK gave out individual pretzel bags to students, which we adhered our special Halloween logo to.

It was a very successful event. We had a lot of students come out and do their best with pumpkin bowling. Only one person knocked down all the pins the entire night! I’m excited to move onto the next ODK event or involvement, but don’t want the rest of this fall semester to go by so fast!

Thanks for reading..

ODK Pumpkin Bowling

Treats ODK provided with our Halloween logo!


Let’s be honest here: I’m a summer girl. I like warm (borderline hot) weather, laying out in the sun, and wearing flip flops and tanks. But I can get on board with fall. After all, it does bring about my favorite holiday: Halloween! Fontbonne always does a good job of celebrating the holiday with a campus-wide Fall Festival that includes games and activities from all the student organizations. Will Environmental Club be there? YOU BET.
As you may know, this year the Fall Festival is October 24th from 7:30 to 10pm. Hopefully a lot of student organizations will be there besides us, but regardless we have the thrift shop costume contest locked down. The setup: we get a bunch of crazy stuff from the Good Will Outlet, set up a table at the Festival, and have people come by and create a costume from our raw materials. We take a picture of each participant, and the best costume at the end of the night will win a prize. The prize will likely be food related….Caramel apples? S’mores making kit? Some other delicious treat? You’ll have to stop by and find out!
Here are some pictures from last year to get the creative juices flowing:
Intergalactic space traveler
Wendy from Peter Pan (THE WINNER)
Anyway, I hope to see you there!


A lot can happen in 48 hours.  Being overly interested in microbiology and bacteria, I can tell you that a visible colony of E. coli can grow on an agar plate in as little as 48 hours (although 72 hours would probably give you more to work with).  But anyways, as I said, 48 hours is a lot of time.

That being said, I had an extremely busy 48 hours, starting on Thursday and ending last night.  Those two days were the kind of days that make me so happy to be a biology major because I was able to partake in activities that relate to science without being all school- and homework-related.

So what did I do?  Well, Thursday started off with my Plant Biology “Botany of Desire” presentation.  (Basically, we are supposed to read a chapter of Michael Pollan’s “Botany of Desire” and present on it.)  I chose to present on how to best clean an apple by preparing agar plates using microbial swabs of three different apples – one that had not been washed at all, one that had been washed with warm tap water, and one that had been washed with vinegar.   It turns out that all three plates grew bacteria (gross!), but I enjoyed doing my table-top activity in Ryan to show Fontbonne students, faculty, and staff the results of my mini-experiment.

Thursday night was Fall Festival.  The Biological Sciences Organization (BSO) sponsored an elephant toothpaste booth.  Students watched in amazement as we combined hydrogen peroxide, dishwashing soap, and baker’s yeast in pumpkin candle holders and allowed the product of this exothermic chemical reaction to ooze up and over the sides of the pumpkin.

And then yesterday, we took a Biotechnology field trip to Gallus, a research corporation near Lambert Airport.  We attended their poster session, which was a great way to meet scientists and see what they are currently working on.  After the field trip, I went straight to the Science Center and performed two shows at Center Stage.

As I said, a lot can happen in 48 hours.  Last night, I was really tired, but it was a good feeling.  I love being able to partake in science outside of the classroom, and I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with the general public.  But that was enough fun for a while.  Now, I need to get back to the school- and homework-related science I previously talked about.

~ Making a Mess at Fall Festival! ~


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