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End of Semester

It seems crazy to think that just three-and-a-half months ago, I was starting my college journey.  Now, it’s almost 1/8 done!  Whoa…that’s a little scary to think about!  If this semester went by quickly, just imagine the remaining seven; before I know it, Fontbonne will be a memory and I’ll be entering yet another new phase of life.

But before I get too carried away with the future, I’d like to focus on the past 16 weeks and how my life has changed.  My professors have not only built a solid higher-education foundation for me with this semester’s classes, although that is very true.  I’ve also built solid relationships with many faculty members, including several I didn’t even have as teachers but may later on.  It’s priceless to have those positive associations both now and in the future — they know I’m a dedicated, hardworking student who is invested in learning for life; I know they care about me, truly want to push me and see me succeed, and are always willing to help in any way possible.  I can’t compare this to other schools because I was always homeschooled, and Fontbonne is my first college experience, but I must say I think you’d be hard-pressed to find — anywhere else — the level of dedication and professionalism all the instructors at Fontbonne have.

I have learned a lot more about myself and Fontbonne’s mission.  I’ve gotten through exams and essays and hard days that, prior to, seemed daunting, scary, or even impossible.  I’ve become more confident and knowledgeable in areas I never imagined I would be.  I’ve worked through difficult problems with logic and persistence, finding joy in finally coming up with the correct solution/answer and knowing I’m capable of doing so.  I’ve laughed a lot and cried a little (hope to keep it that way!).  I’ve been blessed with support and respect from my family.  I’ve learned how to be impeccable — and I mean impeccable — with my time.  I’ve also learned how much of a privilege sleep is — here’s looking at you, long-since-gone 8-hour nights!  Finally, I am not only majoring in dietetics; I’ve officially declared a minor in history, which is not something I expected to do at all, but now I am and I’m so glad!

For all this sentimentality, I sincerely hope I have expressed how glad I am to be a Fontbonne student (bet you never would have guessed).  This semester wasn’t perfect; I wouldn’t expect one to ever be.  But it completely affirmed my decision to attend; there’s no looking back or second-guessing myself!  I’m happy to have a month off with family, relaxing and getting ready for next semester. Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I’ll be that all-December-long celebrator.  I’ve already got the Christmas music in full swing during my commutes…and I’ll be starting my chocolate Advent calendar tomorrow (as I write this…and yes, I do have a chocolate Advent calendar; I don’t think you’re ever too old for one)!  My family and I are also going on a quick ski trip to Colorado at the very end of December/beginning of January, so that’s something I eagerly look forward to.

Whether you’re graduating in a couple short weeks (congratulations!), are midway through college, or completing your first semester ever, here’s some good luck sent your way for finals and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and break.  Study hard, have fun, and I’ll be back in a month!




Finals week. These are two words I have been dreading to manifest all semester. Time is a concept I have no control over so the inevitable has happened. The next eight days of my life are going to be sleep deprived and taxing, but wonderful and memorable at the same time. Finals week is also the week my roommate and I like to call “Fun Week”. We always go do a few of the things we wish we had done during the fall semester. Speaking of my roommate, there is a small project that we’ve been working on together that I am incredibly thankful for.

More than any other time of the year, the holidays are a period many people choose for allowing time to evaluate their lives, and discover what the last 10-11 months have been like for them. For the last month or so, my roommate and I have been working on our “Thankful Board”. She had a dry erase board for personal messages in her room, but after a little Pinterest imagination we decided to take it over for our own daily reflection. Every day, Carly and I write or draw something on the board that we had been thankful for that day. We plan on continuing through the semester. It’s nice to see what I was thankful for oh so long ago, but it’s a entire other story trying to remember why!

Thanks for reading..

Our Thankful Board!


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Another Semester Over.

by Alumni Posts on December 13, 2012

in Academics

I say after finishing finals every semester, but I can’t believe the semester is actually over.  Gone are the days of developmental bio, plant bio, physics I, biotech I and IV, advanced stats, and bio seminar.  It’s hard to believe it’s all over.

I can say with confidence that I’ve learned a lot of really important, life-long skills this semester.  From biology seminar, I learned how to properly dissect a primary research paper.  I put in a ton of hours working on the two papers we spent half of the semester on.  There were times that I thought I’d never get the hang of it, but eventually, I did.  I now have the skills that are required to tackle any major primary scientific research paper, which is a skill that I will use for the rest of my career in biology.  From developmental biology, I became a lot better at understanding molecular biology; I’m still not a “molec pro,” but I feel much more competent while talking about things like transcription factors.  Biotech I and IV and plant bio increased my knowledge of lab-based research, and physics and advanced stats reminded me that, though I don’t like to admit it, math and numbers are a major, important component of biology and biological research.

All in all, I had a good semester.  There were definitely days of “I can’t do this” and “Why did I ever choose this major?”, but overall, I feel like this semester has helped me to think about applying what I’ve learned thus far in my major to everyday life in research and biology.

It’s weird to think that the semester’s over.  But hey, I have a lot of rest to catch up on over Christmas break.  Because when we return, it will be time for classes that are just as challenging – if not more challenging – than this past semester’s classes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone!!


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Minitab to the Rescue!

by Alumni Posts on December 1, 2012

in Academics

To date, I think I’ve highlighted each class that I’m currently taking , excepting advanced statistics.  For a third-year biology major like me, it is sort of strange to be in advanced statistics, which is a 300-level math class.  Dr. Newton is helpful and fun, and I’ve made some friends in the class, but it’s still strange to be among a group of people who’ve all taken calculus 3 and “diff-e-q” (whatever that is) and a bunch of other math classes with fancy names.

But last week was, for me, probably one of the most interesting weeks I’ve had in that class.  You see, we use a computer-based program called Minitab on which we run statistical analyses.  Last week – yes, just one week before the end of the semester – I realized that the statistician’s term “reponse” parallels the biologist’s term “dependent variable” and that the statistician’s “predictor” is the same as the biologist’s “independent variable.”  I had been reading along and comprehending the material all semester long while we were doing problems about the diets of “gummy ewes” and various types of beets in Australia, but it never really clicked until last week.  Well, better late than never right?!

Though I probably won’t use Minitab or some of the math-based skills I learned from advanced statistics, I think it was still worth taking this class.  I was exposed to the methods that statisticians will use to analyze my future research-based data, and I made some friends along the way. 

You say “toe-may-toe,” I say “toe-maah-toe.”  You say “reponse,” I say “dependent variable.”  It’s really all the same in the end.


So close!

by Alumni Posts November 26, 2012

What has seemed like the longest, most difficult semester of my life…is finally coming to an end! As my final day of Thanksgiving break is beginning, I am realizing that once I get back I only have two weeks left! That’s just crazy! Although two weeks is a short time, I do have a lot […]

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Last Call

by Alumni Posts November 19, 2012

It’s hard to believe the semester is almost over, but it is undeniably coming to an end. And while I enjoy not having classes and homework, I have to say that I miss being at Fontbonne during breaks! Because, honestly, academics is only one part of Fontbonne. I would have to admit that it is […]

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I’ll Stick with Biology

by Alumni Posts November 17, 2012

It’s official – after a two-day-before-Thanksgiving “week” of school, we have six days until the end of the semester. As usual, things are getting pretty hectic around campus. That’s why I was so excited to be able to go bowling with a close friend and fellow blogger, Sean. Last night, Fontbonne sponsored a bowling night […]

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I Smell Summer

by Alumni Posts May 1, 2012

These past weeks have been quite stressful on me. I could let things get to me, be upset, or have a mental breakdown. OR I can make myself to-do lists, and I can have the mindset of I CAN DO THIS. Once you tell yourself you can’t do something, then you won’t. It is not […]

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Waiting for the Right Time.

by Alumni Posts April 30, 2012

I made it. I can (almost) officially say that I survived a full year of Organic Chemistry Lab. I didn’t catch anything on fire, make anything explode, break anything expensive, or have to use the safety shower (Although I came pretty close to using the safety shower after spilling acid on my leg. Instead I […]

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Last Blog For Semester

by Alumni Posts December 8, 2011

Well, we all knew it was coming! The semester is ending! Finals are here and people are leaving. This will be the last blog for the year so I hope you enjoyed it, and I look forward to seeing you next semester. I hope your holidays are filled with shopping, happiness, and family. Merry Christmas! […]

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