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We are Griffin Nation

by Anna on October 21, 2016

in College Life

I know the “We Are Griffin Nation” movement kicked off a little while ago, but honestly, it slipped by me because of all the homework and studying surrounding midterms.  I just got a chance to check out some of the wonderful statements other Fontbonne students have come up with.  It’s clear that “Griffin Nation” is full of young adults who want to make a difference!  I loved the variety of responses, from future occupations and achieving goals to finding out who you are and what matters to you.   This campus that so many of us call home is dedicated to educating, inspiring, equipping, and encouraging tomorrow’s leaders.  I know this gets said a lot, but it’s really true:  you (and your education) matter at Fontbonne. 

It was really hard for me to choose just one option and a few sentences about what Fontbonne means.  I finally settled for “Fontbonne inspires me to…”  It inspires me to learn more and be more, obviously. But what exactly does that mean?  For me, it means that I am changing in a good way.  Even in the past two months, I know I have been transforming.  I’ve grown to be more confident.  I can think critically, prioritize my time, and make wise decisions.  Each day I gain a greater awareness of the world around me — and that’s not just St. Louis, Missouri, or even the United States.  I’ve learned to have an opinion that matters, but also respect others who have different views.  My professors, fellow students, and the whole campus atmosphere inspires me to be the best I can be not only in academics, but in life in general.  How can I contribute to the common good?!

It’s been a really interesting first semester.  It’s been both similar and different from what I expected (not unusual, haha!), but ultimately I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I cannot wait for the years to come and look back fondly on the great memories I’m already making.  I’m sure the changes that I’ve undergone already are nothing compared to how I will emerge in four years — prepared for the next step in my career, ready to influence the world, and inspired to never stop learning more and being more.





Hello again everyone! This week I’m going to write about one of my favorite teachers during my time here at Fontbonne: Julie Portman.

To start us off, Julie Portman was the very first teacher that I had ever met at Fontbonne. She was my WING team’s Mission Core teacher, so she was at our orientation all weekend. Since I had her as my Mission Core teacher, she taught me to be more aware of all that can happen in the world around us. We learned about so many social issues in her Mission Core class that I now pay more attention to my surroundings. Making sure that I know an adequate amount about different things that happen everyday can be useful in that you will always be able to have a conversation with somebody. Whether or not that could be small talk or a heated debate over issues we feel so strongly about! She also always talked about getting involved on campus, and she was one of the voices I listened to when I went to the Fall Expo last year. I thank her for all that she has done for me because now I am more socially aware, and I am more involved on campus than I could have ever imagined.

Thank you all for reading every week! I appreciate it, and I’ll see you all next week!



At Fontbonne, there are 2 instructors that inspired me. I took public speaking with Kristen Norwood. Public speaking has not been one of my strengths and she really helped me improve. She pushed me to do things that I was not comfortable with and I am a better public speaker today. A few years after I took this class, I gave a presentation in another class and she said I was a lot more confident!

Peggy Ridlen was my instructor for the freshman class culture and the common good. She is also a librarian. I really enjoyed her class discussions. She helped me with another class I was taking, information navigation. I found it very hard to use Mobius to search for academic sources. She inspired me to be persistent in learning how to find sources online and in the library. I enjoy seeing her from time to time and admire her positivity! She always has a smile on her face and puts me in a good mood.



The Value of a Good Teacher

by Anna on October 12, 2016

in Academics

You have probably had the pleasure of being taught by an outstanding teacher at least a few times over the past years of your education.  They’ve gone above and beyond to make learning not a chore, but an adventure and experience not soon forgotten.  They taught content in an effective way that related to you.  You looked forward to their class (at least most of the time) and were sad when the school year was over and you wouldn’t have them anymore.  If you haven’t experienced this yet, first, I’m sorry; and second, I can almost guarantee you that you will at Fontbonne.

As a homeschooled student, I had a very different 12 years of education — I had the same teacher the entire time, my mom!  This not only created an amazing, close relationship with her and my only other “classmate”, my brother; it also paced and customized my learning to best benefit me.  We followed a school schedule that went from July 1 to June 30…but that allowed us to take time off whenever we needed to, and spend more time on a topic to fully grasp and understand it.  My mom was of the belief that learning isn’t just in a classroom or textbook; you can learn on vacation, too!  So multiple times throughout our school years, we incorporated historical sites and other famous places into our “pleasure trips”.  A big project for my brother’s senior year and my freshman year was planning and executing a seven-and-a-half week trip to and from Alaska with our grandma, which included financial budgeting, hotel booking, time management, being selective when choosing what “don’t-miss” attractions we wanted to visit, serving for three weeks at a Vacation Bible School camp for Native Alaskans, and documenting the trip through daily blogposts and pictures.  Two years later, I applied the same principles for a much shorter, but still incredible, tour of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s historic home sites in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Missouri.

My mom’s influence on my life as my teacher and parent has been profound, from instilling core values and beliefs to encouraging me to pursue my passions and be an independent thinker.  I must attribute my overall-successful transition to college and who I am in life to her.  But I also can’t leave out my dad. While my mom focused on and taught the classical subjects, like math, history, and reading, my dad taught me useful life skills that will be applied for the rest of my life.  I know how to operate a backhoe, drive up to a 12-speed manual transmission (and drive a 6-speed every day to Fontbonne!), persevere and not give up, and work hard.

My parents are not just that — they are my teachers, friends, mentors, and examples.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing dad and mom who continually support me, even now as I am away at college during the day and being taught by other people.  What I have gained from them is now being further refined, polished, and built upon by my professors at Fontbonne…and I am so grateful for that.




Inspiring Education

by Claire October 12, 2016

As I am a sophomore in college, there are a variety of educators who have influenced me. One of the most impactful teachers was an english instructor my senior year of high school. Thinking my writing skills were at the level they needed to be at, I was shocked when I did not receive the […]

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About Me

by Adriana September 19, 2016

Hi everybody! My name is Adriana Salazar, I am 20 years old and I am a transfer student from Ecuador! I think is amazing that we can have this space for sharing opinions and experiences about what we are going through in our lives. In this post I am going to share 10 things about […]

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Finals are right around the corner. What have you learned this semester?

by Fontbonne University November 4, 2015

I have learned several things this semester. The first and most important thing I learned is your education has to be high on your priority list. If you are struggling, seek help immediately, it is vital to your success. My course work consisted of budgeting and finance, economics and finance for non-finance managers. These courses have […]

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A Thank You to My Former Teachers

by Claire October 6, 2015

Thank You to the My Former Teachers Thank you. I want to say thank you to every teacher who has taught me. You have influenced my life starting when I was four years old. You assisted with the transition from one grade school to the next and middle school to high school and you put in […]

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Collaboration is Key

by Fontbonne University April 28, 2015

This semester has been one filled with classes, exams, experience in the field, and knowledge that I will take with me into my teaching career! I have gained so much information this semester regarding elementary education, and I am grateful for this opportunity to learn each and every day. I have learned about different methods of […]

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Favorite Faculty Member

by Fontbonne University April 14, 2015

During my time at Fontbonne, I have met some incredible people from fellow students to faculty members to Fontbonne alum. It is hard to single out just one person I have met who has had a lasting impact on me, but Dr. Kelley Barger has been the most influential professor I have had here thus […]

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