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So my last post was about some ideas I had to do over spring in general, however, I did not say anything about what I’m doing over spring break. Believe it or not I have quite a busy schedule starting this Thursday as I begin my time off meeting up with a friend. The next day I leave to visit my grandma in Indianapolis, who is 90 years old. A few days later when I get back home I have some shopping to do. I will be on the search to find my Easter dress. I will also be stopping by a store called Schaffers that sells Austrian crystals. I also really want to see the new Cinderella movie that comes out next Friday.

I wish I could go to the beach, but not everyone in my family ever has the same schedule so I usually stay home, however, I think I have a enough to do.




Easter Happy in STL

by Conner on April 23, 2014

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This past weekend provided a much needed break! With a couple days off school, and only work and the never-ending to-do list to tackle, I could finally breathe a little bit. As always, I took the word “break” a little too literally. and didn’t accomplish as much as I possibly should have. Regardless of the feeling of anxiety Monday morning, I had a wonderful Easter here in St. Louis.

My first ever Easter away from my hometown and a large gathering of my family, I celebrated the day in the city with my twin and mother. Being from a much smaller town than St. Louis, they’re always happy to come to the “big city”. I threw on my Easter dress and statement necklace late Sunday morning and drove down to Lafayette Square to meet the pair. We brunched at Sqwires, a restaurant I had been wanting to try for quite some time. The area of Lafayette Square is beyond picturesque, and has become one of my recent favorite neighborhoods of the city.

One breakfast burrito with veggie sausage in the gorgeous sunlight later and I was feeling great. My twin, always eager for a little city shopping, was disappointed to learn the malls were closed. We decided to do the cultural thing and seize the opportunity to visit Forest Park, in particular the Art Museum. We battled all the traffic, picnic loving individuals, and runners, eventually finding a parking spot. With it being such a beautiful day there were many out and about. After wandering around admiring the art for a couple hours, we were hungry once again. We decided to visit Kayak’s Coffee, another spot on my “must do” list. It’s located just a few minutes from Fontbonne, and I have to say I’ll be coming back again. An iced coffee and a cranberry muffin did me in for the day, and it was time to return back to reality.

A crazy busy week (or three) of school awaits, but it was thoroughly enjoyable being Easter happy here in the city.

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Last weekend was Easter break, it was a good time for students because they got a one week break, and it was also a good time to think about how Jesus Christ died for us on the cross, then he was risen.

It was my first Easter here, and I joined the traditional Good Friday service and Easter Sunday service at Grace Church, St. Louis. I spent many times to think about Jesus’s death on Good Friday, and prayed with God. I like to spend time praying and studying the bible, which can let me be renewed by God.

Here is one of verses for celebrating the Easter Day. Take time to think about it:

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  (1 Peter 1:3)



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Easter Chaos

by Alumni Posts on April 9, 2012

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I have two big reasons why I love Easter so much. Saturday we celebrate with my father’s side, and Sunday we go to my mother’s side. Easter is full of bright colors and celebration. We feast on a home-cooked meal and enjoy each other’s company. Each side of the family has well over 40 people. It is such a blessing that I am close to all of my cousins. It’s really nice to hear what they are all up to. They were my very first friends growing up, and I love how we all stay in touch. Even though I was only home for a short amount of time, I feel like I packed my schedule with various activities with my siblings. One night, my brother and I went to Walmart, and we each get three of our favorite foods. They don’t have to go with each other whatsoever, but we come home and pig out on it all while we catch up. Then my little sister and I had a blast shopping and driving around her new jeep. I love being that older sister to whom they come to for anything and everything. It felt so good when I took off for college Sunday and my brother and sister send me a loving text message saying they always miss me when I leave. Saturday and Sunday was a pure joy to see all my family that I don’t normally get to see.


Easter Break Plans

by Alumni Posts April 20, 2011

Woohoo!!!! It’s almost Easter, and I am ready for it! I don’t know why, but this semester has been brutal for all parties involved. The few days of classes from which I will be free (which is really only one) will probably be devoted to homework. Don’t get me wrong, I will be spending time […]

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