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Easter Egg Hunt

One year ago at this time I wrote a 5 page paper on the history behind Easter egg hunts for my religious studies class. Since Easter is almost here I thought I would share some information. Believe it or not, Easter eggs and the Easter bunny all originate from different parts of the world. But one of the ways Easter egg hunts began was through a German myth from the 1600s. It was believed that Eoster, a Teutonic goddess, had a pet bird who laid eggs in baskets and hid them. When Eoster transformed her pet bird to a bunny, it continued to lay eggs.  This myth is based on the belief that rabbits symbolize fertility. This idea was started in Germany and was spread to America in the 1700s when immigrants arrived in Pennsylvania for the first time. They called their custom “Osterhase”. Often children would decorate baskets before they searched for the eggs because the baskets symbolized nests. Some people even left carrots out for the Easter bunny in order to show their gratitude.

Hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!



Have you joined any egg hunts designed for adults? I did.

Last Saturday, my friend and I joined an adult egg hunt in Arnold City Park. It was my first time to do an egg hunt and this one is for adults, not kids. My friend told me some skills for egg hunts. Here are the tips she taught me, “Penny, when you hear “start egg hunting,” you just keep running, and find as much as eggs you can, then put them in your bags, don’t spend any time to open the eggs, just put them in your bag.”

I think I did a very good job, because I got 30 eggs in 10 minutes. I run fast and I have good eyes so I found Easter eggs quickly even though it was so dark and cold outside. My friend gave me a flashlight to find the eggs. It was so much fun. Everyone was so excited when they found eggs around the park lake. When I picked the eggs, I found the weight of the eggs was so light, it seemed like I got many empty eggs. However, I just remembered my friend said, “Don’t open it, just got as much as eggs you could.” So, I just put them in my bag even though they looked empty. After 30 minutes, they announced the prizes for the egg hunt. They didn’t put the gifts inside of the eggs, but they marked the number of each egg, and the lucky number can get the prize. They kept announcing the lucky numbers for lucky people, but we didn’t get any prizes. When the time was closer to the ending time, they announced the number on my hand. “Wow, it’s me!”  Yes, I got a prize. Guess what? It’s a very beautiful and good quality beach mat, which is what I want. Thank you God, I got an adorable prize from my first Easter egg hunt. I was so happy!!!

By the way, I also saw Tim Ezell, the humorous TV reporter. He also joined this event. If you want to get a chance to see him, don’t forget to join me on this egg hunt next year. See you there.


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