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Last Lecture

This past Thursday, Omicron Delta Kappa had the pleasure of collaborating with Student Government Association on the first installment of a very exciting, important series of events at Fontbonne, a Last Lecture Series. This was an idea of some student leaders in the beginning of this year. ODK and SGA saw it as a perfect opportunity for collaboration.

We chose the retiring President Dr. Golden to give his “last lecture” to the university. This consists of his final words of wisdom to students, faculty, and staff. You can find out more information on Last Lecture by viewing this link: http://www.fontbonne.edu/studentlife/activitiesorganizations/last-lecture-series/.

As Vice President of ODK, it was my duty to plan the reception following the Last Lecture. Dr. Golden is particularly fond of ice cream sundaes. I decided to call upon the local Strange Donuts in Maplewood for a special donut for the reception. We had ice cream sundae donuts made, along with hundreds of donut holes, fresh fruit, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Overall, it was a great evening. Dr. Golden delivered a memorable lecture, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the night. I look forward to many Last Lectures ahead!

Thanks for reading.

President’s Night!

Yesterday, I had a good night because it was “President’s Night”, which is a Fontbonne event welcome to international students. At President’s night, our President, Dr. Golden and his wife, Monica, invited international students to come to their house and eat dinner together. I felt honored I had a chance to join this president’s night, and every international student had a great time because we made many friends there.

In the special night, we had a very delicious dinner and conversation not only with our president and his wife, but also with all the international students and friendly staff who work in the international center and student affairs. During the President’s Night, you can have a chance to make many friends with different students from different countries, and also have a chance to eat many delicious international foods, such as pasta with hummus, chicken with peanuts, and beef with sour cream.

When I joined the president’s night yesterday, I found out we have many international students from different countries, such as Japan, France, Taiwan, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, and China. Isn’t it exciting to see students from different countries and states?

I want to welcome these international students and students from other states to join the Fontbonne community, I know you’re not alone even though you came to St.Louis by yourself, because Fontbonne is a big family. Here, you will make many good friends to support each other. Good luck to your new life at Fontbonne.


Places to go, People to know!

This week, I was asked to talk about someone on campus who is important to know. Well, I couldn’t physically name just one person. I feel every adult on campus is important to know in some way for some reason. Depending on what your interests are, some people are more important than others. The people that I feel everyone should know are the president (Dr. Golden), their advisor, and the admissions people. I feel like everyone on campus should be close with the president in order to unite the campus with each other. You advisor will be important to you for all 4 years of your college. The will make your schedule, help with problems, and are just a good person to talk to with any problems. The admissions people are the ones who got you here. They gave you your scholarship, they accepted you, and they take care of any transcript issues. It is definitely important to be involved with the admissions people.

Now for the individuals. If you are a sports player, obviously your coach is a good person to get close with, especially if you play all 4 years. Whatever clubs, or extracurricular activities you are involved in play a huge role in who your are so you should get to know the president of the clubs and the other club members also.

People to Know

This is my 3rd year at Fontbonne and there are so many people on this campus who have been influential and who I feel privileged to have met. Though I could write about influential people here for hours, I will spare some time and just cover a few who stand out to me. I will start out with two obvious ones, Dr. and Mrs. Golden, who lead by example so well and whose mere presence in a room has a “feel.” Then there is Mike Horn. What would this campus be like without that young man? He is such a great person and friend to all and if you have not met him and go to Fontbonne, then I would have to ask where you’ve been and question if you actually go here. There are so many others who have influenced me throughout my time at Fontbonne; however, two that have had the greatest and most positive impact on my life are Michael McKinnlay (better known as Art Mike to some), and Stephanie Wilson. Art Mike is a hilarious, enthusiastic, and sincere person who can make you smile almost anytime you need one. Stephanie has been involved on campus and is President of FAB this year, and is a person who I am very fortunate to have met here at Fontbonne. In addition to these people, several other people have the gift of just being able to make you smile whenever you see them, such as Izzy Lui and Tyler Malek. Thank you to all of these people for making Fontbonne awesome.

Why I Chose Fontbonne

Well, if I remember correctly, I actually applied to Fontbonne before I visited. I kind of put the cart before the horse, but deadlines were starting to pass me by. Anyway, I was pretty much undecided until about February of my senior year of high school. I fell in love with every school I visited, except one (which I won’t name here).

My high school counselor was helping me, and said, “Have you thought about Fontbonne?” My recently made plans were that I wanted to teach high school history. He said Fontbonne was a good teaching school and that I should look at it. So that’s when I applied, just in case. I wrote a killer (or at least I thought so) entrance essay about the idea of being comfortable in a college setting.

To be honest, I had really never heard of Fontbonne. My mom and I visited, but my expectations were non-existent.  I toured in February and then attended an education workshop.  I don’t really remember when it was that I officially decided.  I know that my tour had a lot to do about how I felt about our fine institution.  I remember two things about it that really struck me.

The first was the “pancake story,” in which one of the guys giving a tour told us a story about running into Dr. Golden.  He said that the university’s president paid for his and his friend’s meal, as they were trying to get a stack of pancakes at the restaurant named after Fontbonne rather than Washington University, whose named it currently carried.  Although they didn’t eat enough pancakes for that, they chatted with Dr. Golden and I feel like that close relationship is one that’s not common on a college campus.

The other thing that happened was that my tour guide, who told the pancake story, yelled across campus when he saw someone he knew.  That someone on the receiving end happened to be someone that I knew as well.  I went to high school with the person that he was saying hello to.  I knew that Fontbonne was a lot like my high school in that it was small.  When I saw that, I got the impression that it was friendly as well.  I think it was after that day, and some talks with my parents, that I finally made my college choice.

Even though Fontbonne doesn’t have some of the things a big school might have, there’s this sense of community that I wouldn’t give up.  I know most of the people I see on campus as I walk to class, and I think that makes Fontbonne a pretty unique school.  Oh, and how many people in college know their president on a personal basis?

2011 Scholarship Luncheon

On March 2, 2011, I attended the Endowed Scholarship Luncheon. Luckily, it took place during my break in between classes so I was able to not miss anything too important! (Sleep is only semi-important) At our assigned tables, scholarship recipients sat with their scholarship donors and other important figures at Fontbonne. My donor was not present, and instead, Dr. Taylor, the executive vice president, sat next to me. Since I have work-study, I tend to meet and see fairly important people at Fontbonne because of all the running around I do — seriously I run all over the campus some days!! But, I had never met Dr. Taylor before  nor a few others at our table. He was a very interesting character; the conversation drifted from who the students at the table were to where he was from and a little about what he does at Fontbonne. Lunch was very delicious — but then again I am not a picky eater to begin with!! Then, out of nowhere, some speaker starting calling out the names of the scholarship recipients and informed us we were to have our picture taken with Dr. Golden and our scholarship donor!!  Once, I heard “walk to the camera,” which was conveniently placed in front of everyone, I started to freaaaak out!! It’s hard enough walking in heels, but to do so in front of people who you know are watching your every move — that is nerve-wracking!! Thank God my name was roughly towards the end, giving me enough time to freak out and the crowd ample time to forget about my awkward “walking in heels” strut! After, I made my way to my seat and started to regain a normal heart beat! To top it all off, I was able to take the flower c,enterpiece!! It was a pretty great day!!

Now onto studying for tests and doing homework! wooooo!