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Dedicated Semester

I feel like I’ve been slacking on my environmental propaganda duties, so I’m going to take this opportunity to throw out a few reminders of some Environmental Club/Dedicated semester events we have coming up:
November 15th: America Recycles Day! For one joyous day out of every year, we get to celebrate the beauty of Americans recycling. For this momentous occasion, Environmental Club members will be handing out candy (with recyclable wrappers of course) and entering people into our raffle.
November 18th: Tony Ruebsam (lead contractor for the AB hall renovation) will be coming to Fontbonne to speak about sustainable energy choices. He has a Masters degree in environmental engineering from Wash U., so he knows his stuff. He’ll be in the Lewis Room at 10am for a short presentation.
November 19th: Rosemary Grove shopping night! The Environmental Club has a partnership with this charming Kirkwood store in which we get 10% of the proceeds from any sale made that mentions us. (Which we then donate to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.) So every once in a while they sponsor a special shopping night for us with cookies and coffee, and we encourage everyone we can to come! The event is
6-7:30pm, and if you’re interested in carpooling I can hook you up. It really is a great store – everything is Fair Trade certified and supporting a good cause – so come out and get some Christmas gifts!


As many of you know, Fontbonne has a dedicated semester every fall. This year’s dedicated semester theme is sustainability. During the past dedicated semesters, I had not made it to many of the on campus events. Not because I didn’t want to, but because it is very difficult to make it because of class and job conflicts. This semester I am making it a point to make it to as many of the events as I can. So far I have made it to two events: the showing of the movie, Carbon Nation, and a presentation given about the ecovillage in The Central West End. I can say that I am really glad I attended both events because they really opened my eyes to the immediate threats of global warming and how our planet is rapidly changing. I would highly encourage everyone to make it to at least one dedicated semester event, even if it may be a little out of your element. You may be really surprised at what you can learn and take away from it!


This dedicated semester is Foodology, therefore Fontbonne opened some special classes about Food.

I signed up for a cooking class to learn the common food ingredients in America. This cooking class is taught by Dr. Houston, a director in the dietetics program. She taught us many useful skills in the kitchen. Actually, I’m good at cooking Asian food, but not very familiar with American food or cooking terminology in English. So, I really like this class because I’ve learned a lot.

This class included different kinds of food, such as butternut-quinoa soup, eggplant pasta, spring rolls, and tamale pie. It was so much fun to cook together with my American classmates. Last week, we had a Bok Choy salad. It surprised me because I never used Bok Choy to make salad. In our culture, we sauté Bok Choy with meat or put it in soup. Moreover, the size of Bok Choy in America is twice as big as the one we had in Taiwan.

After we did the Bok Choy salad, I felt the flavor was so yummy. Maybe I will try to put other Asian vegetables into salad instead of cooking it next time. Putting Bok Choy in salad is healthier and still delicious.


This semester’s dedicated semester is Foodology. There are so many meaningful events I’ve joined. One of them is “ World Food Day.”

World Food day is a very meaningful day, which has many volunteers join this event to package nutritional food in the USA. Then, the STL World Food Day group shipped the packaged food to the Republic of Tanzania in Africa. Each package of food can feed 7 malnourished children in Africa.

Last Friday, 30 Fontbonne students and faculty volunteered to package food in John Burroughs School. We took a “real” yellow school bus to go to the high school which was the location for gathering all the volunteers to package food in St. Louis. I felt so excited because it was my first time to join the World Food Day, and also my first time to take a real yellow school bus in America. We chatted with each other in the school bus, just like high school students.

After we arrived at the high school in Ladue, we wore aprons and covered our hair to protect the food. Then, Fontbonne separated into five teams to make the food packaging more efficient. Some people put rice into the bag and some people added vitamins. Each food package included brown rice, dried vegetables, soy protein, and a vitamin and mineral packet.

The weight for each package is 390g which can feed 7 kids. Fontbonne’s students and faculty did a very good job on World Food Day. We packaged 504 bags which can feed over 3,000 children in Africa.

Everyone was so happy because we packaged food for over 3000 children in just 45 minutes. We really did a good job packing food. I’m hoping the children in Africa can enjoy the nutrition packages.


Weeks gone by

by Alumni Posts October 12, 2012

Woooooaah, sorry  about the 2-week hiatus! Time has totally slipped away from me! These past few weeks have been so crazy, hectic, and a little sad. A mix of  tests, projects, work, and family concerns have me slowly spinning in circles. But, I am slowly figuring it all out without getting too dizzy! In my […]

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Peace, Love, Donate

by Alumni Posts October 5, 2012

The blood drive was yesterday, and I can remember last year like it was just yesterday. So weird that it’s been a year already. But anyways, it was a very busy day for me. I first visited my family at the hospital because my uncle was getting brain surgery (sounds scary I know, but he […]

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by Alumni Posts September 21, 2012

As a senior, this is my first time actually participating in a Dedicated Semester course! I mean, I should have participated more over the years becasue it was at my disposal, but I didn’t. Over the course of four D.S., I went to the events offered and even picked up a few t-shirts, but never […]

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Plants as food

by Alumni Posts September 21, 2012

This semester is a dedicated semester — Foodology: the Culture, Economics, and Science of Food. Therefore, there are a lot of interesting events to explore about the food we eat every day. Last Saturday, I joined the dedicated event for “Plants as Food,” which was a day tour of the Botanical Garden in St. Louis. […]

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Food, Fun, and Festivals!

by Alumni Posts September 17, 2012

Something that I have come to love about Fontbonne is its Dedicated Semester every Fall Semester. The Dedicated Semester is something fairly unique to Fontbonne and features a broad topic that gives the Fontbonne Community a chance to learn about and discuss the topic through various classes, activities, and events. This year’s Dedicated Semester is […]

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Foodology was meant for me!

by Alumni Posts September 10, 2012

My gosh, I can’t believe I’m a sophomore already. I was just thinking about when I moved in last year into the dorms. I was so scared and excited all at the same time. Now walking in as a sophomore, I feel like I own the school. Ha Ha, not really. But I do feel […]

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