So Much Going On!

This past week has been a whirlwind. Last Saturday was Dance Marathon! We raised $166,807.65 for the Children’s Miracle Network! It was an awesome experience and totally worth the weak knees after 12 hours of dancing. It was an extra treat for Fontbonne because we won the most spirited award for the whole event! I definitely had a good time and made a few friends in the process!

The week following had a lot of things going on too. The Pointersaurus contest (which is a giant pizza-eating contest for those of you who are unfamiliar with it) proved to be very interesting. Two members of the cross country team were in the lead for most of the contest, but I heard later that one of them almost vomited on the other! Yikes! The FAB board also gave away attendance prizes and every person at my table won something. One of my friends won a set of coasters, another won a Fall Dance ticket, and I won a cooler cup. My other won friend tickets to a Blues game!

Friday night was the kickoff of the basketball season here at Fontbonne with the annual Late Night with Lee McKinney Alumni vs. Student basketball game. It wasn’t only the kickoff of the of the men’s and women’s basketball seasons, but it was also the much anticipated debut of the Griffin Girls. Even though I wanted to go, I had something else going on. I can’t wait until the first basketball game of the season when I get to see the teams play and the dance team and cheerleading teams perform! There is so much to look forward to as the semester winds down!

Dancing the night away

This past weekend, I joined other Fontbonne students in dancing 12 hours for Dance Marathon. We raised money for the Children’s Miracle Network and the money goes to the two children’s hospitals in St. Louis. Let me just say, this was the most amazing experience ever. I enjoyed every second of the 12 hours that I was dancing for these kids. There were also miracle children and their families there to show us what we were dancing for. Each hour was themed, and so it was really fun dressing silly each hour. In between hours, different families would come share their stories, and it got pretty emotional for me. I was not only dancing for these kids, but I was also dancing for my sister’s friend who just went through surgery to get a tumor taken out of her brain. She is in ICU at one of these hospitals, and so I wanted to do this for her especially. I thought of her throughout the night as I was dancing and couldn’t help but cry — not always sad tears, but also tears of joy, knowing that all those dancers were there for her, and for all these kids who have to spend so much of their time at these hospitals, if not all of their time. Fontbonne got the most spirited award, and I definitely believed we deserved it. We didn’t stop dancing, and we were surprisingly energetic all 12 hours. All together $166,807.35 was raised. I am still just so happy that I got to spend 12 hours dancing FOR THE KIDS! And I cannot wait until next Dance Marathon!!!!!!! 🙂

About 30 days until Thanksgiving!

I just finished with the Metanoia retreat today, and I have to say it was a fantastic weekend! I felt like I did get to know some of those attending the retreat, despite my earlier apprehensions. Even though I didn’t get a lot of one on one time with many people, I did try to ask people how they were feeling about the whole experience. No one gave me a negative answer! I hope that everyone who attended felt like they were welcomed and that their environment was safe. The thing that I like about the retreat is the fact that the whole experience is promoted as meeting people where they are in their faith. I like this aspect because I wouldn’t say I am devout in my own faith and spirituality. I think the experience of working on the team, especially the core team, has brought me closer with God, but I can’t say that I’m quite devout yet.

Many other things are going on around campus as well. The next few weeks are pretty packed for me. This coming week I am hoping to either go to the “Theology on Tap” at Schlafly Taproom or the comedy night here at Fontbonne. Next weekend I’m hoping to get back into the habit of singing at choir for Sunday night Mass in the chapel. Oh, and it’s Halloween! I’m excited because I have plans with some of my friends who live next door. We’re staying in, but that’s just fine by me. The week after Halloween I am teaching a freshman class here at Fontbonne that I’ve been observing all semester. I’m really nervous, so wish me luck! Dance Marathon is just around the corner as well, and then it’s time for the Fall Dance. I’m so excited for everything to come, but the thing I’m most excited about is Thanksgiving break. I’m so ready to just hang out with my family for a while and gorge myself on Thanksgiving turkey, only to regret it a few days later of course.

Mary- Picking A Favorite Is Impossible

I can’t say that have just one favorite event on campus. There are so many things that I look forward to fontbonnemarythroughout the year, that picking one would be rather impossible.

We’ll start at the beginning of the year with FOCUS. Orientation is definitely more than one event, but when you put them all together it becomes one of  my favorite two weeks of the year. Being a FOCUS leader and creating a welcoming and fun environment for the freshmen every year is such a great time.

Mystery Masquerade. I love the fact that no one knows where we’re going. Everyone just gets all dressed up, hops and a bus and prepares to dance the night away at an undisclosed location.

Dance Marathon..more dancing, but for an AMAZING cause….kids! This past year I was up for 26 hours straight, dancing for 12 of them and it was one of the best nights of my life! We raised over $134,000 for Children’s Miracle Network and have already started planning for next year, like to dance? You should come!

Service trips. Each year they get better and better. I love serving communities in need with the community we’ve created at Fontbonne. There is nothing better than helping others while having an amazing experience and getting closer with those around you.

Geez, I could go on and on!

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Krista- Can't Just Pick One Favorite

fontbonnekrista4My favorite thing about Fontbonne is, definitely, the professors., it’s living on campus, for sure. Or.. all of the fantastic clubs & activities. No, no, it’s the amazing location and beautiful campus.
Okay. I can’t choose just one thing. But all of the above, and many more, are aspects of Fontbonne University that make it a fantastic place to be. The professors are amazing–many schools claim that their teachers “really care about the students”…but there are very few colleges where the professors know each and every one of their students personally, by name. Like I said before, the professors I’ve had here at Fontbonne are some of the most intelligent, wonderful, funny, and caring people I’ve ever met.
I’m a senior, and this is the first semester I’ve lived on campus. I absolutely love it! My apartment is awesome, my roommates are fantastic, and it’s so convenient living right here on Fontbonne’s beautiful campus. It’s safe, central, and in a beautiful area. The Loop is 5 minutes away. So is downtown Maplewood, as well as the St. Louis Galleria. But living on campus also allows you to plug in here at Fontbonne–there is always something going on, and you really get to know people a lot better if you live here.
Speaking of on campus activities–one of my very favorite things about Fontbonne is all of the great clubs and student organizations!! I’m currently a part of several: I’m on the FISH board (Fontbonne In Service & Humility), I’m a Campus Ministry intern, editor-in-chief of the Fontbanner, the secretary of the SGA (Student Government Association), I was on the recent Dance Marathon board, and I was on the leadership team for the Metanoia retreat. It has been a busy, but blessed, semester! Anyway, these clubs and organizations are really the foundation of this University. Getting involved in them allows you to be a part of the core of this school, and definitely helps you get the full “Fontbonne experience.”
So, my favorite thing about Fontbonne? I can’t pick just one!

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Mary- Opportunity's More Than A Word

fontbonnemaryHmmm…what’s my favorite thing about Fontbonne? I have about a million answers to this question, but I think they can all be summarized in one word: opportunities. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought that I would have so many amazing opportunities at Fontbonne. Because of the close-knit community here and the number of faculty and staff who’s number one priority are the students, I’ve learned and grown in more ways than I could have ever imagined. 

       From week one of my freshmen year I was introduced to so many things that have grabbed my attention and gotten me involved. I went to an interest meeting and before I knew it I was a starting defender on the first ever NCAA Women’s Lacrosse team in the state! I had never even touched a lacrosse stick, and here I was traveling all over the country playing teams that had been established for years. Speaking of travel, my freshmen year took me to Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas for lacrosse, and down to Georgia and Mississippi for service trips through FISH, rebuilding houses from Hurricane Katrina and building relationships with the people of that community. All of the sudden my freshmen year was over and I was honored with the Outstanding Freshmen Leadership award by SGA at the annual awards banquet, something that I never expected, but was an incredible honor.

      Before I knew it, it was my sophomore year I was the service trip coordinator for FISH, planning trips and recruiting people to go on three different and successful trips. That year took me to Tijuana, Mexico as well as Biloxi once again. I led a team of dancers at the St. Louis Area Dance Marathon held at Washington University every year, which raises money for Children’s Miracle Network. After the amazing event that I experienced, I decided to apply to be a part of the Executive Board at Wash U and was chosen as the first ever student from outside of their university to be a part of all of the planning. That event took place two weekends ago and the whole process and the skills I attained on the board will last forever. My sophomore year also took me to Rome on Easter Sunday with Campus Ministry, a once in a lifetime experience that I will remember forever. This year I’ve been leading FISH as President and overseeing the awesome events that we’ve been having and am also in the process of starting to plan Freshmen Orientation 2009. From leading retreats and having fun on campus, to teaching my very first lesson as an education major by my sophomore year, Fontbonne has provided me with more than I could have ever imagined, and I still have a while to go before I leave.

       As simple as the word “opportunity” is, Fontbonne has been anything but a regular college experience for me because of the opportunities that I have been provided with. I’ll carry the skills and memories I’ve made from these opportunities with me forever….they’re all my favorite.

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Rachel- Smell the Fontbonne Spirit!

I can honestly say that last week was the best, and most exhausting weeks of my life, especially my life at Fontbonne. It was SPIRIT WEEK on campus, and it couldn’t have gone any better! My spirit week started on Monday, at the Griffin Gang meeting, when we met to make t-shirts and signs for the Women’s Volleyball game on Tuesday!  From glitter to spray paint, the room was filled with the smell of school spirit! The Griffin Gang tailgated before the game, with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, dip, soda, and lemonade for all students that showed up. I helped set up the cook out but couldn’t stay the whole time because I was working the Bi-annual Alumni Phonathon.

In coming later to the game, I was so excited to see the Griffin Gang, as well as a lot of other students, up and cheering! Fontbonne Activities Board (FAB) gave out plastic bam-bams and that were not only purple and gold but loud enough to get some real attention! Gunner the Griffin was even in the spirit, dancing along to the cheers of the crowd! The match ended in a very close loss in the fourth game.

Wednesday night, I was excited to watch the first ever Lip Sync contest on campus! I had planned to compete in lip-syncing “Anyone Else But You” from the movie Juno, with one of my guy friend’s, but was really mad when he couldn’t get off work! We most definitely would have been competition for the others “syncers.” I knew all of the competitors personally, which made it even funnier. Jackie Raines was by far my favorite. She made her mouth into a person of its own by laying upside down on a table, putting googly eyes on her chin, and wearing a cap. Her chin sang one of my favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers songs very dramatically!  It was absolutely hilarious, but maybe you had to be there… I can say, by the end of the night, my abs were sore from laughing!

My first ever Mystery Masquerade was a huge part of my Spirit Week too! I decided at midnight of the night before to go, which didn’t leave much time for getting ready. I wore a dress and heels I already had, and found a huge group of other friends who were going too. After a hot, crowded, bus ride through the city, we were all excited to stop in front of a Saloon! I love to dance and evidently so did all the other students who went! We salsa-ed, cha-cha-ed, shimmied, shook it like a Polaroid picture, rolled the dice, and threw our hands up and shouted. It was like a night out in a club, minus the cigarette smoke and the creepy guys. Totally worth it!

Dance Marathon ended my Spirit Week and exhausted me physically and mentally. Raising money for Childrens’ Miracle Network and meeting the children we were dancing for was rewarding and emotional. It was great to end a week of fun with friends from Fontbonne, dancing the night away to help others.  We were all smiling and trying our hardest to win the spirit award. We came close placing first before the final Morale dance, but lost out to a local high school.  But, the night did bring a group of fifteen of us closer together and created more pride for the school we love, Fontbonne University.

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Ashley- Takes Pride in School Spirit

There were so many great events that happened during spirit week. Fontbonne Activites Board (FAB) did a really great job at putting on great events for the students. 

On Tuesday, it was “Purple Pointers Pizza Day”. I attended this event and received a free t-shirt, and some of the best pizza in St. Louis. This was only the beginning of a great spirit week. On Tuesday evening, there was a women’s home volleyball game, and I was very proud to see all of the school spirit that was shown. The newly formed “Griffin Gang” came out to support our women and cheer them on while they played a local team here in St. Louis. My favorite part of Spirit Week was the superhero trivia on Thursday afternoon. At this event, I realized how little I knew about superheroes! Nonetheless, it was a great event, and spirit week was phenomenal.

On this past Saturday, I participated in the 10th annual Dance Marathon held at Washington University to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. The Marathon was held from 3 p.m. until 3 a.m., and we raised over $130,000 for children with terminal illnesses. This event was so rewarding. I was so happy to have helped the children and their families by dancing the night away and having a great time.

Even though I will be graduating in December (7 weeks) I will miss Fontbonne and the awesome events that they put on for the students. Spirit week was a huge success, and I hope that the spirit weeks in the future only get better and better!

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