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Choosing colleges is one of the huge life events that happens after high school.

Fontbonne wasn’t a hard pick for me once I knew what was out there.  When searching for colleges, I looked in the Illinois and the Saint Louis area for colleges that offered dietetics programs.  It was Fontbonne vs. a handful of other colleges, but after visiting the campus and going to an Open House geared for dietetics majors, I knew Fontbonne was the right choice for me.

It was something about the individualized attention that the staff gave to prospective students. The impression that I received from the beginning has continued semester after semester. Big universities were never my thing. In fact, when I was younger, I thought that college wouldn’t be “my thing,” because I pictured giant lecture halls and dorms the size of a small bathroom. I thought this was my only option, but that’s absolutely not true! The good thing is that at Fontbonne, you have a wide range of paths that you can take to reach your goals.

I am a transfer student from Illinois who commutes to campus. In the beginning, I thought this might make me different from everyone, but it certainly wasn’t the case. Many of my classmates are commuters, and many are far from “traditional” students. This is one of the things that makes Fontbonne so great!

Another thing that really drew me to Fontbonne was the small but beautiful campus! It’s hard not to love only having to walk a short distance from your car to your class, or to the library. I have many friends from other universities that drive from class to class! So to me, this is another bonus of Fontbonne. Along with its small size, Fontbonne is a small and connected community. In other words, you really get to know people and the campus, and that is what I ultimately love about Fontbonne.


I wish I could say that I sort of stumbled upon Fontbonne. In actuality, Fontbonne University had been mentioned to me by a lot of different people that I knew. My teachers, friends, my friend’s mothers, my mother’s friends, all spoke highly of Fontbonne. I expressed my concern to them that I wouldn’t be able to find the perfect balance–I wasn’t looking for a big school, I wanted smaller classes. I also wanted to be an Art Major, something I was doubtful of with other schools. My art teacher in high school went to Fontbonne, a fact that I surprised to learn at first. But it became evident through her teaching methods and love of art that she was a Fontbonnian, especially after I became one myself!

I think a lot of people can relate when I say that I had a certain feeling about Fontbonne. My older peers told me that they, too, got a certain feeling when they found the right college. I wasn’t sure I would ever find it. A lot of people encouraged me to go to Webster and I even considered going to Mizzou. When I stepped onto Fontbonne’s campus, I just knew that I was going to make a lot of meaningful friendships.

I chose to commute for a lot of reasons, one of them being that I wasn’t sure I was ready to take the leap to live on campus. Choosing to be a commuter was the right decision for me, especially Freshmen year. It was nice to ease into things, and commuting definitely helped me make a smooth transition as I pursued college life. Eventually, I hope to move on campus.

The people are definitely my favorite part about Fontbonne. It took some time for me to adapt–and I still am!–but that’s the case with anything. I’m enjoying my time here and the future looks bright.


I’ve lived here about three weeks now, and I suppose I’ve gotten to know the apartment pretty well at this point.

Perks of living in a really old building:
-Lots of closet space
-Tall ceilings
-French details on the walls, trim, doors, framework.
-Mosaic tile in the hallways
-Hardwood floors
Not-so-perky things:
-Squeaky EVERYTHING. Floors, doors, cabinets…
-Sticky doors and crazy doorknobs
-Scary basement. Very scary.

But I love it. I love it so much. I have a cozy quiet (but squeaky) place to come home to. There was always noise at the dorms. ALWAYS. Any day of the week, any time of night. Ironically, it was quietest on the weekends. More and more people went home on the weekends as the semester went on. I love my new roomie and I absolutely love having actual furniture. I never want to leave!


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Back in Action

by Alumni Posts on September 23, 2013

in Academics,College Life

Wow! I can’t believe my senior year is already here. Since it has been a little over a year since I have blogged, I would like to take a moment to reintroduce myself. My name is Whitney, and I am a senior at Fontbonne University I am studying Speech-Language Pathology (SLP). I am a commuter and do not play any sports for the school, but I still feel completely connected and at home at Fontbonne. I love the campus and the faculty and staff. They have all been amazing at helping me get through the past three years and preparing me for the years ahead! I am going to apply to Fontbonne’s SLP graduate program this fall with fingers crossed that this is where I will attend graduate school. But, that’s enough about me. I hope everyone’s school year is off to a wonderful start! Don’t forget to take advantage of the Dedicated Semester events, and remember, no matter how busy or stressful school gets, always take time to enjoy St. Louis with good friends!


My Rationale For Choosing Fontbonne

by Alumni Posts February 8, 2012

Hi all, For the first time ever, I’m going to write along the lines of the weekly theme, which for this week is “Why Did You Choose Fontbonne?”  (Proud of me?) Honestly, it all came down to, as the real estate agents say, “Location, location, location.”  I knew I wanted a school in Saint Louis […]

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Commuter Week!

by Alumni Posts October 3, 2011

Happy Commuter Week, everyone! Commuting is the way to be this week, as the Commuter Advisory Board is pulling out all the stops with its (relative) plethora of events to celebrate all those who don’t operate out of a dorm room.  This is CAB’s first year as an activities-based group rather than merely an outlet […]

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