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This summer is going to be off the hook! I have so many things planned.

May: Help with graduation, bridal shower, and go home for about two weeks!

June: Summer school (not that exciting)

July: Still summer school, a week in Mexico, Warped Tour, Mayhem fest, and Colorado

August: Still in Colorado, and then MY LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE.

I also plan on going to Six Flags and hanging out with my friends since I will be here in St. Louis majority of the summer! Im super excited!


The question that always comes up to kids is that, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I didn’t have an answer until Fontbonne. As a kid I would say, “I want to work at Taco Bell!” Thanks to my dad, I love taco bell. Obviously, as I grew up I realized that Taco Bell wasn’t a good future. My career goal is to create ads. I know when I start out it will be small, but I hope to work my way up the tree.

After graduation, my goal is to not live with my parents in Illinois anymore and to move to Colorado. I want to start my new life somewhere else. I feel Illinois doesn’t have much to offer me anymore. My future is in Colorado and maybe at some point branch off to California.

Fontbonne will help me achieve this goal in multiple ways. I feel out of all the schools I have looked at, Fontbonne is the only one that would help me get hands on experience in my field before I even graduate. Ill have an idea what to expect before hand and that will benefit me.

Until next time Griffins!


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