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Autumn. That time of year when everything starts to change. Leaves go from Green to a Brown or even an Orange hue & when you start hearing leaf blowers in the distance. Even the coffee starts to change! They sawada-coffee-10dec2015-003go from Frappuccinos & Iced Coffees to freshly brewed hot cups of coffee (which sound really good right about now)! Seattle, WA (where Starbucks is Head Quartered) makes coffee look VERY appetizing! Just look at that presentation! And the weather: well, it’s right in the neutral zone! Not too humid & warm/not too cold (yet). Autumn as a season is just beautiful! As for me, even though we are on Fall Break right now, mentally & physically, I am not on break. I am currently getting a head start on future assignments, planning out Board Meeting Agendas for the next several months, filling out Organizational Financial Reports and doing everything else in between. Until next time guys, Stay Classy!


Hey all, Brooke here! With finals quickly approaching… everything on campus seems to be a little more hectic and a little more alive. With this being my 7th finals week at Fontbonne (whoa!), I have a few pointers (or at least places) that may help you survive these next two weeks! At Fontbonne, we are so small you always see the same people, right? Well, that is not the case when you are in the Finals Countdown! Every computer in the library is magically claimed by students that you have never seen before. This may also mean that your favorite study spot has been taken over. No worries – there are plenty of other places you can go!

  • The AMC a.k.a. the Arnold Memorial Center a.k.a the first floor of Medaille. There are at least ten computers here and if they are all taken, there are plenty of spaces where you can hunker down with your own computer. Pro tip: check to make sure there is paper before printing. No paper? No problem! Head into Student Affairs and they will hook you up.
  • Basement of the Library. This may sound creepy or have a dungeon feel, but studying in the basement of the library is my favorite. There are a few different rooms that you can utilize down there! (Don’t forget about the study rooms on the third floor either, they have dry erase boards that come in handy for the perfect study break a.k.a. a game of hangman with whichever friend you conned into coming with you.)
  • Want to get off campus? Head to a coffee shop! Personally, I am a huge Starbucks fan (which is where I’m writing to you from now… so I may be a little biased). Being a Starbucks rewards member = major caffeine perks. (Can you say free refills on iced coffee?) I personally get too distracted on campus these days; I always find someone to talk to which is easily more interesting than reading a textbook. Being at Starbucks helps me to focus more, believe it or not.

Regardless of where you are: focus, think positive, work hard, and I’m sure you’ll do well! Happy studying, Fonties!

~ Brooke


Maybe I’m broaching a subject that has already been done, or perhaps more than a bit stereotypical? But it’s near and dear to my heart. St. Louis offers up some awesome local coffee shops to fulfill the caffeine needs of any student. If you’re looking for something relatively close to Fontbonne I would have to recommend either Kaldi’s on Demun, just off Clayton Rd., or Foundation Grounds on Manchester, just off Big Bend. Both shops have great coffee, breakfast and lunch items, baked goods, and a relaxed atmosphere perfect for doing homework or hanging out with friends.

If you’re willing to explore the city a bit more, there are a few different neighborhoods with great shops. The Tower Grove neighborhood has Mokabe’s and the Gelateria on South Grand, Hartford Coffee House on Hartford St., and the lesser known, Sweet Art Bakery and Cafe (a personal favorite of mine) just north of Tower Grove Park on 39th St.

In the Delmar Loop neighborhood there’s Meshuggah Cafe and Blueprint Coffee. In the Central West End there’s the Coffee Cartel, Palate Coffee Bar, and Cafe Ventana. Also, in random places around the city, you have Park Avenue Coffee in Lafayette Square, Benton Park Cafe on Arsenal and Lemp, The Mud House on Cherokee Street, and Comet Coffee on Oakland. Each establishment has something a little different to offer its patrons. I would highly recommend taking some time out to try the different, local coffee shops that St. Louis has to offer.



Nothing compares to standing underneath the giant trees, surrounded by a beautiful park. St. Louis has so much to offer, but perhaps the most influential in my everyday life is the scenery. Coming from a suburb that has a sidewalk and one bike path, I love exploring the parks around school. The one pictured above is called Concordia Park.

Follow the dirt path off of Fontbonne’s campus and it will lead you to this stunning park. At the time I went, spring flowers were blooming. Nature was attempting to shake off the winter blues. The small park has beautiful trees, flowers, and much more. The park is always filled with dogs playing catch, picnics, and people relaxing. All this is happening, but the park makes you feel like it is just you standing underneath the tall trees.

Across the street there is a Kaldi’s Coffee that perfects the mood. Taking a stroll never felt so relaxing with a cup of coffee in your hand and a nice park. Convenient and beautiful, Concordia park happens to be one of my favorite parts of St. Louis.


An Unexpected Snow Day

by Fontbonne University February 23, 2015

A week ago we had a surprise snow day at Fontbonne! A friend and I decided to make the most of our snow day and made some great memories! First, we went sledding on Art Hill in Forest Park! It was my first time sledding there and I absolutely loved it! There were tons of […]

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Finding Your Balance

by Fontbonne University February 12, 2015

College, jobs, family, friends, extra-curricular activities: a lot of college students juggle some or all of these things in their daily lives. The real challenge, however, is finding the right balance with everything and still find time to sleep. After almost three years of college life, I’ve come up with a few tricks of my […]

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The Last Hoorah

by Alumni Posts February 10, 2015

Spring 2015. My last semester here at Fontbonne. It’s a strange feeling, and I knew this was coming all along, but somehow I can’t quite believe it. I don’t want to believe it. I think I’ve taken this semester as an opportunity to pack in everything I think I need to accomplish before graduation. This […]

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My Fall: Running and Coffee Shops

by Fontbonne University October 23, 2014

My fall memories are full of men and woman lacing up their shoes and heading to starting line. The brisk air hitting you as you walk around to see t-shirts being sold, runners stretching, and food being talked about. This is the sport of Cross Country and it has been a part of my fall […]

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St. Paul to St. Louis

by Fontbonne University September 29, 2014

Without having a car here on campus I get to experience this beautiful city by foot or by bike! I am from St. Paul, Minnesota and I love being somewhere new where I don’t know where I’m going and what I am going to find. Biking around the Fontbonne University area the past few weeks […]

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Coffee Crawl

by Alumni Posts April 15, 2013

Are you a coffee lover? If you are, you should join the annual coffee crawl in the St. Louis area. A coffee crawl means people walk to several coffee shops to try free coffee and donuts and also visit other fantastic shops around the area. Last Saturday,my friend invited me to join the coffee crawl in historic downtown […]

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