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Last week, Fontbonne hosted its first-ever presidential scholarship interviews. (Staff and faculty interviewed prospective students as part of the scholarship application process). Your question is this: If you were interviewing prospects, what would you look for in a candidate? What qualities make a successful (and happy!) Fontbonne student?

If I was interviewing prospects, I would like to look for confidence, positive attitude, and potential leadership qualities. If the student has experiences from their high school clubs, then they would elaborate on what they did, how they did it, and what skills they’ve developed from those experiences. For those who didn’t join any clubs, I would askĀ  them if they would take the chances here at Fontbonne, especially if they’ve never stepped out of their comfort zone.

I may also ask the students about what they would do differently for our campus, like what kind of ideas they have or what do they expect from us? If the student answers questions well and asks good questions, then they could have a better chance of receiving the scholarship. Am I right or am I right? :)

As a student myself, I was able to gain more experiences here at Fontbonne. In high school, I was most active in the National Honors Society group. We did fundraisers, bought Christmas gifts for children at Children’s Hospital, and things like that. I was scared to have a leadership role though. However, I gained more confidence when I came to Fontbonne because of the people here.

For the students who were interviewed, I wish them the best luck on their paths! Hopefully, some of them decidedĀ  to come to Fontbonne. :)


Hello, fellow Fontbonne students and bloggers! My name is Sean Pellegrini, and I am a new “Real Life at Fontbonne Blogger”! I hope that some day I could meet you. I am a sophomore Psychology major and I LOVE this school. Fontbonne is like another home. I am from Chicago (yes, actually from there on the South Side). I chose to come to Fontbonne because it is a small, accredited university in what I have heard to be a very nice area. Personally, I feel special for being a part of the Fontbonne family. I was able to join several clubs here last year, but I have been particularly active the most in FLARE, Fontbonne’s (Straight and LGBT Alliance for Respect and Equality). Please check out the club! We have a new President this year, Ms. Jes Stevens. I would like to extend my thanks to her for continuing the legacy of FLARE. Aside from being an active member in FLARE, I occasionally go to meetings for FISA, Fontbonne’s International Students Association. This is actually one of Fontbonne’s larger clubs, and if you like to experience different cultures, this is the club for you! I hope you all have a very fun but studious semester! If you are a freshman or recent transfer student, I would personally like to welcome you to our fabulous Fontbonne family. If you ever see me around, feel free to say “hey!” Thanks for reading. Go Griffins!

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Hi FBU community! We are getting closer to the end of another semester, and some are about to graduate and some of us are still a work in progress. For those of you who will be remaining students for a few more semesters, I encourage you to take advantage of activities and organizations while you are here. Not only are these activities fun and informative, they can be added to your resume. There are many clubs based on majors such as Human Services, Business, Human Environmental Services, etc. just to name a few. These clubs allow you to put your major to work, creating a tangible experience. Many of us do not take advantage of the college life, but we pay for these clubs and organizations that provide us options and the opportunity to be more than just students. Many of the clubs have scholarships that are exclusive to the members. You can meet new people and network and even make a difference out in the community. Enjoy your college life; it is just as important as that junior and senior year in high school: priceless.


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