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Summer School

Are you taking classes over this summer? A lot of students wonder if and how that would benefit them. I say if you have the option to take some of your required classes over the summer, do it! I took two courses last summer, both of which were online. I recommend it! There are a lot of advantages to taking some classes over the summer.

  • It’s a great way to get ahead so you can lighten your course load during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Taking classes over the summer can allow you to pick up a minor or possibly even double major and still graduate on time.
  • Students typically only take one or two classes over the summer, so that gives them the ability to focus on those courses more intensely.
  • A good variety of classes are offered online, so you don’t have to go to school once or twice a week. It’s all online.

As you can see, there are quite a few advantages by taking just one or two classes over the summer. Even if you don’t plan on taking classes this summer, you can always look into next summer. I suggest you do some research on summer classes and maybe you can find a fit for you!

The New Year

I was excited for this school year. It is my second year here, and I have become vice president of the Residential Housing Association. My schedule didn’t look too bad. I am glad that I have no Friday classes. My favorite class so far is my introduction to secondary teaching. This is a more hands on class. I have a co operating teacher that I work with. I get to do a lot from grading papers to teaching a lesson. Both of my hardest classes I have friends that can help me out with what I am not understanding.

I have met a lot of new faces. They all seem like a good group of friends for me. The international students are great too. One of them taught me a Brazilian card game. It was confusing at first, but once i got the hang of it, I enjoyed it. My best friends have introduced me to some freshmen that are pretty cool in my book.

My summer classes

How is your 2013 summer?

For me, this summer is a season for learning and doing.

During this summer, I have classes plus volunteering at a hospital. Actually, this is my first time to take summer classes. Before taking summer classes, I had heard about summer classes were easier than regular classes. Unfortunately, it is not true, at least for my graduate level classes. Although all my graduate classes are challenging, summer classes are harder to undertake, since we have so many research papers and projects that need to be finished in 8 weeks instead of 16 weeks; therefore it’s more condensed. Actually, my classmate just figured out that our due dates are nearly every day. If you miss one day, you will lose points. Therefore, I set up daily reminders and alarms to help me submit my assignments on time.

Although this summer is very hard and hot for me, I believe it’s worthy to sacrifice my sleep time to make my 2013 summer more meaningful by working and studying hard for my graduate program. Here are some quotes I want to encourage my classmates and other students who work hard for summer classes.

There is always a reward in all hard-work and sacrifices, so you must be patient and stay strong in all circumstances” (Nishan Panwar).

Your hard work might not pay off today or tomorrow, but it will eventually pay off” (Sonya Parker).

By the way, some classmates just asked me about my strategies for time management. The most useful strategy I found is writing down all the due dates on my calendar, and to start working on them as early as I could, so I have time to think, write, and revise it again and again. I’ve always worked very hard to try my best to prevent being a last minute person. I found out “the harder I worked, the luckier I got” (Alan Bond). Hoping this strategy also helps my blogger readers.

Where did this semester go?

I think we can all agree that this semester has flown by quickly. I feel school just started a few weeks ago but we only have two months left of the fall semester. I took it easy this semester because I am at a new school and I wanted to get the hang of things before I overload with school. Part of me wants this to end, but then another part of me wants it to keep going. I love my classes I am taking, and all the new friends I have made are awesome! It makes me sad that some of them are seniors this year and they are leaving me. I wish them the best of luck and hope we will stay in touch. Even though this semester is great, I am looking forward to next semester. The classes that I want to take seem like they are going to be fun and interesting. I am hoping to also make more new friends. Until next time Griffins!

My Favorite Classes So Far

If I do say so myself, the classes I picked out this semester are a pretty great mix. I’m taking Advanced Stats, which is more fun than it sounds like it would be when you’re in class with a bunch of your friends, Visual Programming, in which I’m learning Visual Basic, a pretty cool language to learn in that you can make Windows applications, and, probably the most exotic of the bunch, Artificial Intelligence.

AI sounds daunting, and there’s definitely a lot of work from the class that’s keeping me busy, but it’s a pretty intriguing topic that’s really a cross-roads for fields like psychology, programming, neuroscience, and machinery. While I’m only skimming (and by “skimming” I mean “really, really, really skimming”) the surface of the field, it’s making me stretch my reasoning skills and my understanding of what programming and machines are capable of.

Did I mention we’re building a robot in class, too? I’ll have to tell you that story another day. Have a good week, everyone!

There’s Lots of Learning To Do

You might notice that this text of this blog post is in pink, and of the font “Verdana.” Very observant, you are. I’ve been experimenting with HTML ever since we made a practice web page in my Server Technology class, and I had to go big for my final post of the semester.

Anyway, I’ve mapped out my schedule for next year, and it’s looking like it’ll be a tough one. (Hey, I’ve switched to Comic Sans MS! Did you catch that?) I’ve got Linear Algebra, Advanced Statistics, Software Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence lined up, and then I’m taking Newspaper Workshop and Graphic Design, as well.

What’s crazy is that Linear Algebra follows Advanced Stats, so I’ll have four straight hours of difficult math all together twice a week.

Such is life, I guess.

(…You may have missed it, and I’ll forgive you the first time, but you just had the privilege of seeing my new catchphrase in action.)

Fortunately, I’ve got a couple of months of SUMMER to gear up for a grueling fall semester!!! (…provided I make it to summer after surviving the last 2 weeks of school here…)

The Best Stuff on Earth

Do any of you remember the Snapple lady who declared that Snapple drinks were made from the best stuff on Earth? Maybe, you guys are all too young but I’m sure there is a YouTube video out there some where with her.

I bring up the slogan of the best stuff on Earth because I feel that way when it comes to all the classes that I’ve taken through Fontbonne. I am constantly learning each semester something new that will help me in a classroom. As challenging as some of my classes have been, I’ve always been able to follow along online with my textbooks, the PowerPoints that are given, journal articles, and the ability to ask my professors questions and get clarification.

I won’t say that all my classes have been my favorite, because I’m naturally more comfortable with courses that require me to use my writing and reading skills. I was an English major the first time around in college, and old habits never die. I know that I have personally used lots of techniques from my educational psychology classes, not only with my students, but with family. And that is a yes to using psych techniques with both my kids and hubby.

I think that the classes that challenge me the most are the ones that deal with math (not a personal favorite or best for me) and science. Over the summer, I had a class that dealt with speech and language development that challenged every fiber of my brain to remember details of the anatomy and why some children and adults have developmental delays. Wow — I never thought I could remember all the parts of the ear. The only thing that I knew was not to stick the Q-tip in your ear… no joke. But I learned not only the parts of the inner ear, but what specifically happens when these parts don’t work. I know that this class kept me on my toes.

The other most challenging class was last fall. It was a class to teach various testing techniques. At one point I was about to admit defeat over simple mean, mode, and median, but between my 17-year-old and 11-year-old helped me to keep going. Thank goodness for my children both excelling in math.

That brings me to another path on my journey at Fontbonne. My kids have helped their mom with learning to make PowerPoints, watching videos and making notes on PowerPoints. I know my son always wants to look through the PowerPoints to “learn something I didn’t know.” Gotta love that spirit.

I hope that you are having a great semester and feel like you are learning some of the best stuff on Earth.

Blessings- Sherry

Fourth Time’s A Charm???

For those of you who’ve followed my blogs since my first weeks at Fontbonne, you’ll remember that registration and I aren’t very good friends. For some reason, I’ve always encountered problems with my registration.  In the past, some of the classes that I had signed up for were cancelled. (But don’t worry – I was able to take those classes at other institutions if necessary.)  Other times, the registration website said that I “had not met the prerequisites” for certain classes despite the fact that either a) I had or b) I had retrieved the proper signatures saying that I could take the classes.  Whenever this happened, I practically flew around Fontbonne’s halls, trying to find my professors in order to get their signatures in a timely manner.

Registration has proved to be a really big problem for me.  However, I just registered yesterday for my Spring 2012 semester classes, and I don’t think that there were very many glitches.  The slight glitches that I did have (supposedly needing prerequisites for two classes and – this one’s embarrassing – having no computer because I forgot to charge my netbook the night before) were easily taken care of because I had already obtained the signatures and because my friend, Darryn, came to my rescue with his laptop.

All in all, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing went wrong with my registration.  It looks good so far, but after all the trouble I’ve previously encountered, can I really believe that the fourth time’s a charm???

The Return of the Test

In college, there is nothing dreaded more than exams. They have a way of sneaking up on students. Then, you feel there is no way you can already have a test since you just had a test last week– or what felt like last week! Those last minutes of studying and cramming will hopefully pay off! Sometimes they do, sometimes they do not! At least with the first exams of the class, you obtain a basic understanding of what the Professor looks for and what they count off for. From there, you study what you think you’ll be tested on and hope you do well!

In the cases where studying and paying attention pay off– GOOD JOB! In those other cases, maybe its time to study with other classmates or even a tutor!

And Better Luck next time– better yet, STUDY SOONER!!


The Big Decision

Well, it’s midterms, folks, and high school seniors (like my sister Emily) are probably getting a little concerned as to where exactly they’ll be this time next year.  My own journey to Fontbonne was an irregular, weird, and stressful one (i.e., it was JULY before I picked a school), so I don’t feel qualified to give you any advice on choosing a college.  I just don’t have any idea of the normal course of action for doing so.  (But, I CAN tell you that if you decide mid-summer that you want to go to a different school, just call the school up and ask if you can come.  It worked all 3 times I did it that summer.  (And I’m very serious when I say don’t be like me when you grow up.))

There’s a lot of pressure during the senior year of high school to a) go to college (trust me, not everyone does, despite the assumptions of school guidance counselors and your peers) and b) go to a certain school or a certain type of school (private, “party,” out-of-state, etc.).  My advice is this:  Even though the Disney channel puts a lot of emphasis on being all kinds of awesome your senior year of high school because that’s how everyone will remember you at your 40-year reunion, this “wisdom” (i.e., stupidity) doesn’t apply AT ALL when it comes to making your decisions about college.

It is absolutely critical that when you go to pick a school, you base your decision on your own personal situation, and not upon what your classmates will think of you if you go with one school over another. You owe it to yourself to choose the school/lifestyle that will benefit you the most over the long-run.

This may mean taking a year off, or going to a community college and getting your general education requirements finished off while you figure out what you want to do in life, or living at home and going to school in your hometown as opposed to going to an out-of-state school.  Everybody has a different life situation, and you need to choose the option that will work out the best for you.  (And ask your parents for help.  Even if you’re their first brush with applying to college, they know you well and they can help you figure this stuff out.  Just don’t be rude to them, like me.)

It may be rough when you tell people the choice you’ve made and they give you all kinds of flack about how “College was the best 4 years of my life when I went to (some school)!” and imply that you’re just making that choice because you’re afraid of new things or you can’t stand up to your parents.  It may be really annoying and depressing when your friends are picking out towels for their dorm rooms (Yes, I was jealous of my friends because they got to buy new towels for school and I didn’t because I didn’t need them.)  or deciding what they’re going to name their new pet fish.  But, throughout it all,  have confidence in the choice you’ve made because although it’s not popular, it’s right for you and it’s going to pay off in the end.  Long-term dividends, I believe it’s called.  Go after the long-term dividends, not the 4 years of crazy, even though that’s the hard (but mature!) choice to make.

And know that, as always, I’ve got your back.  : )