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Christmas Break

The grades are now all in. The semester is officially over. And I have only one semester left at Fontbonne University.

This semester was definitely different for me in many, many ways. First of all, I only had classes two days per week, and I spent the other days of the week interning in a microbiology lab off campus and working on the seemingly-endless process of graduate school admissions, scholarship, and fellowship applications. Secondly, I only had one “real,” required-for-my-degree biology course. This was very strange for me since my semesters are generally chock full of science courses of all types, ranging from lab research to lectures. Finally, this semester was different for me because many of the people I’ve grown to love and be around weren’t on campus. They either graduated last spring or, in the case of my favorite professor, retired.

But even though this semester was totally different from what I’m used to, I found it to be beneficial. I’ve learned so much from my internship, and I’m now much more comfortable working independently in the lab and being solely responsible for the outcomes of the lab procedures that I perform. In addition, the extra days “off” from classes gave me the time I desperately needed to fill out grad school applications and talk to the various schools about any questions that I had. (And trust me when I say that I had a lot of them.) So even though this semester was extremely unconventional, I’m happy I experienced it.

Now that I’m officially 7/8 of the way through my undergraduate education, though, I’m excited to have a restful Christmas break and return refreshed for my final semester.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!!



December Baby

by Conner on December 16, 2013

in In Saint Louis

Well, that’s it. The Fall Semester is officially over. I had a few difficult finals and a rough week (39 hour all-nighter included), but what’s done is done. Now it’s time to celebrate!

The month of December is one that is celebratory for everyone every year, but for myself especially. December brings winter break, Christmas, holiday festivities, my birthday, and my roommate’s birthday! What more fun could a girl ask for? This year both my roommate and I are turning the big 2-1, and are having a joint birthday celebration to celebrate. We’re going all out with invitations, a cake, and an “End of Prohibition” theme.

With the celebration of winter break is the art of relaxation, or a little more sleep and a little less stress. I’m hoping to have some quality “me” time before the spring semester begins. I plan on getting a pedicure, shopping, going to the zoo, and seeing Christmas lights. I’m spending most of winter break at school working, so it will be my first official December in St. Louis. I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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Merry Christmas!

by Penny on December 16, 2013

in College Life,In Saint Louis

Our Christmas break is coming! For me, the meaningful of Christmas is love, joy, blessings, and happiness. I’m wishing that all my blog readers and your family have a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas from Penny!


One of the themes in Disney’s movie “The Haunted Mansion” revolved around the idea that nothing takes just twenty minutes to complete. We’ve only been back in school for a week, and, looking at the schedule, things don’t appear to be terrible. I, for one, am lucky enough to have the ultimate luxury of only having class four days a week. Yes, you read that correctly – I don’t have to be on campus on Fridays. This weekend, because of the MLK holiday, I had four days off. After just getting back in to the swing of school, I was looking forward to having a relatively-relaxing weekend. I thought that this weekend would be a breath of fresh air after the hectic return to school, studying, and homework.

Needless to say, I was wrong. It literally took me seven hours to read through the material for Molecular Techniques Lab, and it took me umpteen hours to read through my biochemistry textbook and work through the corresponding problems. It seems as though Christmas break – which, for me, was full of relaxation, working at the Science Center, and catching up on missed television and movies – is a far-off memory instead of an occurrence that took place a mere week ago.

Even so, I’m happy to say that I’m looking forward to my classes because I think they will really prepare me for what I want to do with my life, which is laboratory research. In Molecular Techniques Lab, I will learn the basis behind some of the most prominent techniques used in research today, and biochemistry will strengthen my understanding of the reactions that make those techniques possible. Add in physics (which essentially explains the universe), evolution (which explains why life is how it is), and neuroanatomy (which is just cool in general), and I think I’ll have a fun – albeit challenging, demanding, and just plain stressful – semester.

So what did I learn from this weekend? In addition to learning in-depth information about chromosomal inheritance, genetic pedigree analyses, and the pH scale, I learned that Eddie Murphy’s character’s kids were correct – we should never say, “Twenty minutes tops.”


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…Begins After Finals

by Conner November 29, 2012

The first semester of the school year is almost over! I can hardly believe it, partly because I have too many tests and projects to complete in the next week and a half. I’m not sure if it’s even possible to do as much as I have to, but I’m sure every other college student […]

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The Time Has Come

by Alumni Posts November 26, 2012

Well, now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to focus our attention on the most important part of December.  It may be a bit stressful to think about, but if you’re well prepared it won’t be a problem. The main thing is to go in with a game plan, stay positive, and don’t be […]

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What Did YOU Do Over Break?

by Alumni Posts January 20, 2012

Christmas break was great, but I’m so happy to be back at Fontbonne. I had a fun, action-packed break, so bear with me for a little while because I just HAVE to tell you all about it. I’m sure that most of you, by now, know that I love theatre. Over break, I was so […]

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Aaaand We’re Back!

by Alumni Posts January 17, 2012

“So, didja do anything fun over break?” Five dollars says at least one person’s going to ask me that in the course of the next few days, and I’d better have an answer ready! I didn’t go anywhere – my whole extended family comes into Saint Louis for Christmas  – but I had some great […]

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Where are you Christmas?!

by Deanna December 5, 2011

Every year I look forward to Christmas. Why wouldn’t I?! It’s the best time of the year! But this year I am looking forward to it so much more! With my new job I have more money to “spare” and can afford to get my 3 siblings and my parents better presents than ever! For […]

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Favorite Time of Year

by Alumni Posts December 5, 2011

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. There are just so many things I love about Christmas time. When I was younger it was that anticipation for getting Christmas gifts, but as I got older the reasons why I loved Christmas changed. I love going shopping for Christmas […]

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