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I stood by the window, waiting for the stage manager to call places.  I just stood staring at the football field below, the field was so beautiful, so pristine, is there anything more perfect than the freshly fallen snow?  I could stand and stare at a field of snow all day.  What makes it so mesmerizing?

I grew up in Wisconsin; snow was an everyday thing.  It was something I never thought twice about.  Something I never thought I could miss so much.  Since we moved to St. Louis, I began looking forward to the first snow each year — more so than I did Christmas!  However, the snow here is not the same as the snow back home.  I think that is why a fresh field of snow brings me back home so easily.  Snow all looks the same and it’s not until you touch it that you realize its different.

In Wisconsin a great way to get around is by snow mobile.  I used to love watching the snow mobiles racing alongside the cars.  It was a rarity to find a fresh field of snow untouched by the tracks of a snow mobile or preyed upon by the snowman-making hands of children. I remember as a child it was like finding a buried pirate’s treasure to find a field of snow that hadn’t been touched yet!  It was a hunt!  I never had a second thought when I pounced on the fresh snow, now it is such a blessing to me.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t realize my cast had gathered around the window with me.  We were each lost in thought.  I wonder what memories this fresh field of snow brought to them.


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