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Happy New Year!!!

by Lizzie on January 31, 2014

in College Life

Chuc mung nam moi!!! Translation: Happy Lunar New Year!!! Or Chinese, hehe.

Hello, again, everyone. I hope you’re all happy and healthy out there! Things have been pretty okay lately for me. Well, except for the bitter coldness not too long ago…I have never been so impatient for spring to come! But I’ll deal with it. Be patient, young one…Sure.

Anyways, I have actually made some new decisions this year. They’re not really “new year’s resolutions” but more of letting myself explore and experience new things. Well, I have been doing that but I’ve been talked to about being a little more selfish–to take care of myself more.

I may have mentioned before about working with my mom all the time, but this year, I need to work for myself. As a ceramics major, I need to expand my experiences. Therefore, I will apply for an internship! Where, you may ask? I don’t have a specific place in mind yet, but I have options. That will be updated later. I will also work on more individual projects to show my techniques and prepare myself for a show (taking place in March). I’m determined to make extraordinary things and hope people will appreciate it.

Another thing is to take things slowly this time. Last semester was almost a nightmare. I said almost because I did have fun and gained new friendships and opportunities, so I can’t complain too much. This semester, I want to be more relaxed and not stress over too many things. I would also want my fellow Fontbonnies to relax and just take each day slowly; cherish every moment. I know, how cliche is that? But it’s really true!

Life is precious. Yes, there are crazy people and things out there, but let’s be happy that we have what we have and please, don’t take them for granted. Take care!


Alumni Posts


by Alumni Posts on April 20, 2011

in Academics

One of the classes I’m really excited about taking next fall is ceramics! I’m an English major, and I do love my English courses, but it’s kind of nice to get a change of pace in my schedule. Ceramics is something I’ve never done before, so it should be interesting. When asking about opinions on taking this class, I got mixed signals. One person said it was a lot of work and not worth it, but another said it was easy and a nice relaxing class. I don’t know what it will be like, but I love art and I’m so excited for it!


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