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I have never really been one to jump outside of my comfort zone; I never really was brought up to. My life has always been very planned, even vacations; we are the family with an itinerary down to the minute. I just thought that’s how it always was! Well, as I have grown up, become my own person, yes, I do love my predictability, but I have learned how much flexibility and spontaneity are important for me to be successful.

I think the first big jump from my comfort zone was going away to college. Yes, I went to a college where I knew some of the people that went there, however, they were graduating that year so we never had classes together and I only would see them maybe in the cafeteria or at rehearsals. I had to meet new people, rearrange my schedule, depend on myself to get my homework done and go where I needed to go without reminders from my parents. This was a huge shock to my system. But after a few months this too becomes routine. Then the next leap: transferring to a graduate program at a different college. Another place to meet people, this time I knew no one, and I now didn’t have the luxury of living on campus I was now a commuter and the classes I was in only had ten people – if that – in them. How would it ever become routine? Well it does.

Student teaching terrified me because yet again, I was leaving my routines, is now in week 10 and I have settled in. I know my schedules, I know my students, I know my peers and I am comfortable. However, this will all end in 2 more weeks. I will be yet again shot into unknown. I have never seen graduation as a happy time; it has always been absolutely terrifying to me. Those routines and bonds you form are shattered the moment you cross that stage. Yes, you should feel proud, but what now? I have a piece of paper in my hands but no clear set routines formed, no bonds in sight. I remember that feeling after my BFA, and it is slowly creeping in yet again. Come May, what do I do then?


This week, the business department is hosting the annual occurrence know as Career Week. Throughout the week, there are numerous events planned that are intended to better prepare students for the work force. For example, resume/cover letter workshops, mock interviews, networking skills lectures, branding seminars, and more. To finish the week, there is going to be a career fair on Friday, in which various companies will be represented. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about possible internship and job opening.

Another offering was “Etiquette Dining.” I have been to a similar event in the past, but it was still interesting to go again. As a nice three-course meal is served, the rules of etiquette are presented. This type of information will be helpful for possible future meals spent with clients, employers, etc. Also, I “modeled” in a career wear fashion show. Various business appropriate outfits were presented for men and women (ranging from very formal to casual Friday looks). Then afterwards, students could purchase career wear.

Personally, I think it’s great that Fontbonne hosts Career Week. I want to use these types of helpful resources now while I am still in school. Once I enter the “real world” I won’t have professors and career counselors all around me!


The more I think about my future, the more I realize I’m clueless. My response to this state of cluelessness is to seek out other people to talk to; current and former professors, close friends and significant others, parents, randomly trustworthy strangers… why not?

The thing is, I want to do SO MANY things. I’d love to work a bunch of different jobs for a while, and not even particularly glamorous or well paying jobs. I’d like to work in a loud, noisy, dangerous factory for a while, for the experience. I’d like to work as a waiter for a while for the practice in interpersonal skills. I’d like to work at a printing company to learn more about the printing process and see what goes into the process we so often take for granted in our packaging. I’d like to work as an electrician because wiring things up is just cool, and I’d love to get the skills and know-how to fix up my own house – for the same reasons, I’d like to work as a plumber and an auto mechanic and a carpenter, so I can do so many things myself. I’d like to work as a landscaper and a construction worker to get outside and do things with my hands and sweat. I’d like to be a salesperson, both door-to-door and in a store. So many things! It’d be so cool!

On top of that, of course, there’s the “real” jobs, the jobs where my college-earned credentials are important. I’d love to work in advertising, of course, as an account executive, but also maybe as a planner, a media buyer, a research analyst… And more recently, I realized how much I’d enjoy being a professor, teaching advertising and sociology.

The cool part is when I think about all this, I’m not scared at all. Right now I don’t know where I’ll be in three months, six months, a year, three years… No clue! But I’m not scared. I’m realizing how much I’ve learned at Fontbonne during my time here that isn’t just random skills and useless facts. I’ve learned so much about critical thinking and problem solving. I’ve learned how to learn new things, if that makes sense. So I know that wherever I end up and whatever I end up doing, I’ll be okay.

And that, that’s pretty exciting. So… where are you headed?

(Fifty-two days ‘til graduation!!)


May 21, 2011 is a date that looms over my head every hour of every day of this spring semester. It is only  53 school days and roughly 120 hours of class away from this exact moment. That is it: the day of my graduation from Fontbonne University. I know that most of my peers look at that day as one of freedom, celebration, excitement, liberation from homework, but for me, it is a deadline. That is when I have to decide what I want to do with my life, where I want to live and how I’m going to support myself. And that is the day I will no longer be a student at Fontbonne and become an alumni. I’m incredibly proud of this change in title, because I am incredibly proud of my university, but all I want to scream is, “What am I going to do?!?”

Again, my crisis with my future plans doesn’t stem from the negative in my college experience. It is indeed the opposite. I am too inspired by all the amazing, interesting ideas, jobs, and markets that I’ve been exposed to to choose between all of them. As a prospective grad student or young professional, Fontbonne groomed to be a perfect candidate: tons (and tons) of student involvement from student government to service to professional development, a great internship, a great academic background and a community of helpful and guiding faculty and staff. But, there’s one drawback, I don’t want to leave!

They can’t make me. I love my school so much that it is breaking my heart to let it go. I feel like I’m losing the love of my life and the place I call home all at once. All the mentors of campus (I have ten, because everyone is just so amazing), keep telling me that I’m going to go so far and am so prepared, which is encouraging. I just can’t decide which wonderful or exciting place to go first.

First and foremost, FBU instilled in me a love of service and a longing to serve those who haven’t been as fortunate  as I have. From that, I am looking in jobs in non-profit or possible a stint in Americorps. Second, the Communication department (my degree program) has opened so many opportunities for me to get work in my field, I know I would love any job I could get. And third, all my extracurriculars have shown me what I think may be my “real passion:” Higher Education. I am obsessed with the workings of a college from the academics to student affairs to athletics to administration. I want to learn and work with it all.

So, here I am with a deadline and an array of enticing options to decided between before d-day: Saturday, May 21 at 2 p.m. This is where I have to look away from the numbers, away from Fontbonne and into myself. I have to find what will make me happy. I know college has definitely provided me the tools as both a student and a future alumni to do that. I will be a very happy Fontbonne graduate.


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