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Out of the four spring breaks I’ve had while in college, I’d have to say that spring break 2014 is, by far, my most memorable. Yes, last year’s spring break was pretty memorable; after all, it was when I took the GRE for the first time (yippee) and when I started my internship at my lab. However, this year’s spring break included an unforgettable trip to Louisville, Kentucky, with my Special Topics course that centered on the Humana Festival of New American Plays at the Actors Theatre.

The trip was everything I had expected and more. I roomed with Angela and LaToya, two graduate theatre students, and we had a blast. On the drive there, Angela and I stopped for lunch at a yummy Evansville, Indiana, Amish buffet, where I had the most delicious whipped peanut butter pie. (Yes, I’ll totally agree, it sounds pretty gross, especially since I don’t like peanut butter. But, luckily, it was amazing and left me wanting more!) Once in Kentucky, we were able to see five plays. I loved two of the plays (“Brownsville Song” and “Partners”), liked two other plays (“Steel Hammer” and “The Grown-Up”), and only really didn’t understand the concept of some parts of the last play (“Remix 38”). In addition to the plays, we were able to attend some special workshops for college students, so a group of four of us went to workshops about all of the work put into each annual Humana Festival and about how you can incorporate everyday experiences into theatre and vice-versa. We also went to some great local eateries while in town, my favorite of which was Down One Bourbon Bar, which seamlessly combined the 1920s flair of “The Great Gatsby” with the elegance of Britain.

On Sunday, we didn’t have any plays to see, so Angela and I went to the Kentucky Science Center and the Louisville Slugger Museum. The Science Center was definitely the edgiest science museum I’ve ever been in, and it had a whole floor focused on human health and anatomy, which I adore. There was even this computerized game that allowed visitors to “be” a macrophage, T-cell, or B-cell and “kill” bacteria in manners relative to how their chosen cells worked. (For example, a macrophage could “eat” bacteria all by itself, but a T-cell could only kill bacteria that had been tagged by B-cells, just like in real life.) As you can see, I really enjoyed the Science Center.

Our trip ended after a trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum, where we purchased our own personalized mini bats and took a tour of the factory, where retail, minor league, and major league bats are created. Though we weren’t allowed to take a picture due to our presence in the factory, Angela and I were super excited because we had the opportunity to hold a bat that belonged to Cardinal Baseball’s Matt Holliday.

All in all, this trip was awesome. I really would like to go back to the Humana Festival and Louisville again. Maybe next year…

Want to see pictures of my trip? Just click here


Wow! What a crazy busy week it has been so far. I haven’t had a lot of free time this week, but with how much I have done I am reminded how convenient and easy it is to get things done here at Fontbonne. It is definitely a perk to be a Fontbonne Student in St. Louis!

I attended a job panel this week for the first time. The event was on campus and very beneficial. A panel of professionals from various fields answered common questions asked about applying for a job or an internship. As a sophomore, I have begun to think about these things and found their answers extremely helpful. The perk? It was just a two minute walk from my dorm in the library and I now have the “inside knowledge” for what companies look for in potential employees. Thank you Fontbonne.

Last night I attended what I think is another perk of being a Fontbonne Student; being so close to Busch Stadium. The Cardinals had another college night for yesterdays game, so tickets were available for $10. My roommate and I went to see Carpenter and the rest of the Redbirds play the Reds. Sadly, we lost, and could not celebrate right away, but the Dodgers did lose late last night. The Cardinals are now in the postseason! I cannot wait for October baseball! I am a huge Cardinals fan and last year was so much fun. 12 in ’12!

I saved three lives today by giving blood, and the perk about that was that the blood drive was right here on campus. I did not have to go far to do something that helps the lives of others. Although it did take me close to 40 minutes to give, I am glad I did. Donating blood makes me feel as if I have done something good that day and made a difference. A free t-shirt and matching arm wraps for when its over is a pretty good perk too! Oh, and the DSAC offered me free cake today for donating!

All in all, life is good for the Fontbonne Student. I am happy to be one!

Thanks for reading. Until next week…


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