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My favorite place at Fontbonne

by Alumni Posts November 7, 2012

There are so many places I like at Fontbonne, but if you ask me my favorite place, I will answer you “the Library is the best one in my life.” Here are some reasons why I go to the library almost every day. Many useful resources. I like to go to the library very often, […]

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A Day on Campus

by Alumni Posts April 30, 2012

Just last week, my friend Shannon and I were both feeling stressed because of our classes and work. To relieve stress, we decided we were going to have a day around campus! We took “naps” in the Meadow (it was more like we just laid there in the sun chatting), we drew with chalk around […]

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Change is Good

by Alumni Posts April 16, 2012

Well, this is it. There’s just four weeks left of my first year of college! I can hardly believe it. This past week was quite a busy one, with final projects being introduced and other class related things to do. SHESA (Student Human Environmental Sciences Association) is sponsoring Denim Day in a couple of weeks, […]

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small campus size

by Alumni Posts February 21, 2012

One thing that is quite nice about Fontbonne is the small campus size. It is impossible to get lost on campus, something that is quite possible at larger schools.

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The one person every student should get to know on campus

by Alumni Posts October 13, 2011

There are so many great people that every student should get to know on campus. It might just be too hard a task to narrow it down to one. So to be fair, I’ll break this topic down, and I’ll choose a person in an educational sense, as well as in the social scene. Therefore, […]

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by Alumni Posts October 12, 2011

Midterms. The one word every college student never wants to hear. The big scary test that happens before the exam. Well, they are definitely scaring me. I have two of my midterms on the same day. I had always been lucky enough in high school to never have more than one test on the same […]

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Places to go, People to know!

by Alumni Posts October 4, 2011

This week, I was asked to talk about someone on campus who is important to know. Well, I couldn’t physically name just one person. I feel every adult on campus is important to know in some way for some reason. Depending on what your interests are, some people are more important than others. The people […]

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People to Know

by Alumni Posts April 26, 2011

This is my 3rd year at Fontbonne and there are so many people on this campus who have been influential and who I feel privileged to have met. Though I could write about influential people here for hours, I will spare some time and just cover a few who stand out to me. I will […]

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Of Flash Drives and Fontbonne

by Alumni Posts April 20, 2011

If there’s one trend that’s appeared again and again this school year, it’s my penchant for losing flash drives. Between the two flash drives I use regularly, one that’s a bright pink rubber bracelet and the other that’s plain ol’ gray except for the postage stamp on its side, I have misplaced them on campus […]

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Workin’ it Out!

by Alumni Posts March 28, 2011

Ah, Spring Break…its been lovely. Its been a time to reconnect with friends and family, relishing in home-cooked meals, and working out! Yes, exercise is a big part of my Spring Break too! I know it’s not the typical vacation activity for most, but its something that I try to integrate into my life daily. […]

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