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I know that lately there have been quite a lot of events going on at Fontbonne, but really I wish I could have attended one of those events. This semester has been one of the busiest semesters for myself, working over 35 hours each week, being a full-time student, co-leading a bible study with Campus Ministry, planning for the bible study, and more. Though honestly, being so busy it makes me really appreciate my time and the time I have to spend with friends when available. Just the other day, I ended up having lunch outside with two of my close friends and just spent the time enjoying the sunlight, though sure, we had to work on homework and stress about registration. For the entire duration of hanging out with my friends, I was able to at least relax and life. Spending time with friends during college is very important for anyone to experience, creating those memories where you can smile and laugh. Creating those lasting relationships to endure the thick and thin that comes with college stress and difficult assignments that never seem to end some days.

Looking back on some of the best moments with my friends, all I can do is smile so big. Such as previous nights this semester venting to my best friend about a professor that may have been driving me crazy – we all have our moments – but that same night I laughed so hard that I snorted like I have never snorted before. We laughed, cried and created some of the best new memories together.  Another time would be when having a great bible study session, learning new things about our faith together. Yet, I know that I have more memories to come, during the stressful times as well as during the more relaxed of times.


Typically, Fridays are  very hectic days for me. I have Calculus in the morning, and then go straight to Brentwood Middle School to observe 7th grade math, then I usually have about two hours before I have to go to work. Last week, I got really lucky and not only had Friday night off work, but Brentwood had the day off too! So after Calculus my friends, Katie and Katherine, and I all went to paint pottery! We went to a shop called Baked Goods, which is where Katie and I always went with our friends in high school, so it isn’t a new place to us. It’s so much fun! We all painted different things; Katherine painted a Christmas gift for her sister, Katie painted a cat-treat container (The knob to lift the lid is a gold fish) and I painted a food bowl shaped like a fish for the new kitten I got later that night!

After we painted pottery we went out to lunch at Helen Fitzgeralds which was delicious! It was nice to just relax and have a day where we could all hang out and just have fun, because our schedules with work and classes never match up! Then, after lunch, Katie went straight to lunch, Katherine went home to St. Genevieve which is about an hour and a half from Fontbonne, and I went home so I could go to the Humane Society with my mom to get a cat! 🙂 [If you can’t tell, I am really excited to have a kitten!]

We got to the Humane Society and went to look at all the cats…and boy did they have a lot of cats! There were fat ones, tiny ones, old ones, and young ones …. That was a lame attempt at a Dr. Seuss-like rhyme (I should really stick to math). My mom had her heart set on getting either an all black cat, or a grey one, and we had seen a couple that she liked, but then in the back corner there was a bed with three tiny kittens all cuddled up next to each other. These were three month old kittens, and I thought for sure my mom would have liked the mostly black one, or the partially grey one…but I was wrong! She absolutely loved the one that was mostly a dark brown, with some orangeish-red stripes! I was so happy she didn’t pick a black cat, as were my siblings because our last two cats were all black!

We named our puppy, my oldest brother rescued from an abandoned farm two summers ago, Hercules,  because of that my mom wanted our cat to have a Greek name as well, so we decided on Athena! This weekend was one of the times I was really grateful to have picked a school so close to home, because I got to go adopt Athena, and play with her a couple times over the weekend, but my sister who goes to school in Rolla, and my brother who goes to school in Kansas City both are upset because they don’t have time to come to St. Louis until Thanksgiving and they really want to see her!


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