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Spring Break Part 2: Easter Edition

Ok, so, this is a shortened school week for Easter, or as I like to call it Spring Break Part 2. Our first spring break earlier in March was pretty decent, the weather was ok, and it was mostly filled with work for a lot of us. But this weekend will be different! I’m not overly religious, but Easter has always been a holiday that I have cherished for the family time. I come from a decent sized family (20-30 people when we’re all together), we’ve always been very close knit and spending time together is important and cherished. This Easter, much like this past Thanksgiving and Christmas, is even more important. Back in August my grandpa (now 88 years old) was diagnosed with stage four cancer. This rattled the foundation of our family pretty hard, especially for those of us that live out of state (most of my family resides outside of Chicago and just over the border in Wisconsin). Since the diagnosis my grandpa has been doing really well, keeping up with his exercises and keeping a healthy appetite. Everyone else in the family visits home as often as possible, helping my grandma out when she needs it, and enjoying every second we get to spend with everyone. We don’t think of my grandpas’ diagnosis as a tragedy, he’s lived a long life, full of love and memories; rather, this is an opportunity to be even more grateful for the time we do have with him. So this weekend I will happily make the five hour drive north, help cook an awesome Easter brunch, and laugh, a lot, and love very single moment of it. Enjoy this second spring break, go visit with your family and friends, or call them, tell them how much you love them, laugh with them over good jokes and memories. Cherish the moments, that’s what’s truly important in life.

Easter Happy in STL

This past weekend provided a much needed break! With a couple days off school, and only work and the never-ending to-do list to tackle, I could finally breathe a little bit. As always, I took the word “break” a little too literally. and didn’t accomplish as much as I possibly should have. Regardless of the feeling of anxiety Monday morning, I had a wonderful Easter here in St. Louis.

My first ever Easter away from my hometown and a large gathering of my family, I celebrated the day in the city with my twin and mother. Being from a much smaller town than St. Louis, they’re always happy to come to the “big city”. I threw on my Easter dress and statement necklace late Sunday morning and drove down to Lafayette Square to meet the pair. We brunched at Sqwires, a restaurant I had been wanting to try for quite some time. The area of Lafayette Square is beyond picturesque, and has become one of my recent favorite neighborhoods of the city.

One breakfast burrito with veggie sausage in the gorgeous sunlight later and I was feeling great. My twin, always eager for a little city shopping, was disappointed to learn the malls were closed. We decided to do the cultural thing and seize the opportunity to visit Forest Park, in particular the Art Museum. We battled all the traffic, picnic loving individuals, and runners, eventually finding a parking spot. With it being such a beautiful day there were many out and about. After wandering around admiring the art for a couple hours, we were hungry once again. We decided to visit Kayak’s Coffee, another spot on my “must do” list. It’s located just a few minutes from Fontbonne, and I have to say I’ll be coming back again. An iced coffee and a cranberry muffin did me in for the day, and it was time to return back to reality.

A crazy busy week (or three) of school awaits, but it was thoroughly enjoyable being Easter happy here in the city.

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A New Year

It is the end of the first week back from winter break. Everyone is excited to see friends, have classes with friends, or just meet new people. These are my last spring semester classes. I have 2 classes with a friend. I finally have a class with my best friend and fellow blogger Corie. I also happy to find out that I have a new resident assistant (RA). My RA and I have a few things in common and we are kicking off a great friendship. I am looking forward to what this semester brings me.

December Baby

Well, that’s it. The Fall Semester is officially over. I had a few difficult finals and a rough week (39 hour all-nighter included), but what’s done is done. Now it’s time to celebrate!

The month of December is one that is celebratory for everyone every year, but for myself especially. December brings winter break, Christmas, holiday festivities, my birthday, and my roommate’s birthday! What more fun could a girl ask for? This year both my roommate and I are turning the big 2-1, and are having a joint birthday celebration to celebrate. We’re going all out with invitations, a cake, and an “End of Prohibition” theme.

With the celebration of winter break is the art of relaxation, or a little more sleep and a little less stress. I’m hoping to have some quality “me” time before the spring semester begins. I plan on getting a pedicure, shopping, going to the zoo, and seeing Christmas lights. I’m spending most of winter break at school working, so it will be my first official December in St. Louis. I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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It’s the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. We’re just a few days away from Thanksgiving, a month from Christmas, then my birthday, and New Year’s! With these holidays come breaks from school, or times I usually think to be associated with relaxation and a lot less stress. I have a feeling this year will be different. My Thanksgiving break will be filled with driving back and forth from my hometown to St. Louis for work (Thank you, Black Friday), getting everything ready for all those holiday parties, and trying to at least a start all the projects due the second week of December. If there’s anytime this semester that I’ve needed luck, I think this occasion calls for it.

I look forward to seeing my family, baking and cooking, listening to holiday tunes, and experiencing winter weather this holiday season. Christmas and the holidays are merry times in the year, and the visual merchandising class I’m in just finished with their final display! The theme is “Unconventional Holiday”. Our display, which you can see below, houses numerous ornaments, snowflakes, and a dress made completely from ribbons! Our hope was that by looking at the display one felt a little holiday cheer. Thanks for reading..

Top ten things that will be acconplished during break.

I decided to do something a little bit different this time around. I hope you all like it.

10. Watching movies on netflix

9. English paper

8. Science homework

7. Playing video games with my friends

6. Beating old video games that I started

5.  Finish reading “The Hidden Hand”

4. post more stuff on tumbler

3. watching old episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead

2. Hang out with friends from out of town

1. Spending time with the family.

Packing Practice

Turns out you won’t have to wait until next semester to hear some of my stories! I’m excited to say that I’ll be blogging over the summer.

This past week has been a bit exhausting. Moving all my stuff out of my dorm room is a major task. You’d be surprised how much you can fit in a dorm. My mom filled up her vehicle (Ford Edge) twice. And my car was filled once. The worst part of packing up was taking all the décor and posters of One Direction and Justin Bieber off my walls (which is quite a lot). It was extremely strange and boring to stare white, empty walls, even though it was only for a day. Because my room was so empty, it echoed every time the door opened and closed. It would have been more emotional leaving my room if I wasn’t going to live in the exact same place next year. I have a major attachment to my room, Medaille 312. I already have plans on how I want to rearrange the furniture in there next school year.

After I got all my stuff home, I of course had to then unpack it. Over the course of the last few days after work I have done so. I finally have all my clothes, accessories, and supplies back in its place. Most of the furniture is just stored in my basement for the summer. Also, I sold most of my books, so it feels good to have those off my hands. Soon I’ll begin packing for the FAB retreat that takes place next week. Then as soon as I get back from that I’ll pack for the five and a half weeks that will be spent in London (which is going to be a MAJOR challenge). Are you sensing a pattern here? All this packing and unpacking should make me a wise traveler. However, this is not the case. I have a tendency to pack a lot of things. And when I say “a lot,” I really mean a lot. Well, practice makes perfect, right?!

Welcome back!

It’s crazy that winter break is already over. It seems like just yesterday I was walking out of my last exam, and now it’s 2013! A part of me just cannot believe how fast time is passing. But I’m excited for this semester, and I feel it will be full of a lot of surprises. I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing break. I know I did. My best friend returned home from a semester of studying abroad, and I was able to see all my friends who go to school out of state. I would have to say the best part of break was spending some much needed time with my family.

When the Night Falls, We See the Star of Wonder

This is a bizarre feeling. I came home this weekend and realized that the only homework I have to do is study for my finals that I have next week and complete my last homework set for chem. I have a bad feeling, though, that I’m going to abuse this “free time” that I seem to think I have and am consequently not going to get anything productive done…

Well, since the semester (and the year 2011, as well!) is coming to a close, I’ve decided to comprise a list of New Semester’s Resolutions for the second half of the year. Here are a few of the things I have come up with while abusing my free time:

My New Semester’s Resolutions:

  1. Be a better student in the lab. Since I have decided to take organic two next semester, I’ve decided that it would be in my best interest to be a better student while working in the lab. Not only does this entail taking better, more accurate data, but it also means numerous other things as well:
    1. Not spilling hydrochloric acid (it was dilute…) all over my legs (I don’t want to have to sit with my legs in the sink again…embarrassing!)
    2. Not spilling distilled cloves everywhere
    3. …Not spilling things in general
    4. Not tricking people into smelling abrasive substances by insisting that it smells really, really good and they need to experience it for themselves
    5. Not turning any parts of my body abnormal colors

  2. Don’t get involved in things that I don’t really care about for the sake of being involve This seems like a no-brainer, but when you feel the need to get involved in as much as you possibly can, it’s easy to get carried away. Thus, I’ve decided to limit my involvedness to only the following things: blogging, the Fontbanner (I’m sure Dr. Somer will be delighted to have me back on the staff again…hopefully I have time), the Honors Program, BSO (I just joined even though I’m not a Bio major and I’m excited to see what I can contribute), and I really need to join SHESA but have not motivated myself enough to pay the fee to do so (maybe paying the fee should be a resolution in and of itself).
  3. Find a way to train for my first half marathon and my first triathlon all while staying on top of my homework. The only reason why I didn’t do the half marathon in the fall was because training for it was proving to be stressful with all of the homework I had to do. Soooo…training for both of these things in the spring will require a lot of effective time-management and a lot less time wasting. Which leads me to my next resolution.
  4. Stop wasting so much time! I guess I better start on this one now and get back to studying. There’s no time like the present, no?

    Our Christmas tree is up! Our house is half decorated! My mom and sister are Christmas shopping as we speak (so I could have the house nice and quiet to…umm…study, which is exactly what I am not doing!)! That means only one thing: time for me to break out my Sufjan Stevens boxed set of Christmas CD’s! Yes, this is most definitely one of my favorite things about Christmas. As an early Christmas gift, I’ve decided to leave you with both my personal favorite song off of the five different albums (“Star of Wonder”) and my brother’s (“Sister Winter”) for your own listening pleasure. Decide for yourself which is better, and then get back to work!

    Good luck with finals and have an amazing break!


    “Star of Wonder” and “Sister Winter” …both by the amazing Sufjan Stevens