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A New Year

by Tim on January 21, 2014

in Academics,College Life

It is the end of the first week back from winter break. Everyone is excited to see friends, have classes with friends, or just meet new people. These are my last spring semester classes. I have 2 classes with a friend. I finally have a class with my best friend and fellow blogger Corie. I also happy to find out that I have a new resident assistant (RA). My RA and I have a few things in common and we are kicking off a great friendship. I am looking forward to what this semester brings me.



December Baby

by Conner on December 16, 2013

in In Saint Louis

Well, that’s it. The Fall Semester is officially over. I had a few difficult finals and a rough week (39 hour all-nighter included), but what’s done is done. Now it’s time to celebrate!

The month of December is one that is celebratory for everyone every year, but for myself especially. December brings winter break, Christmas, holiday festivities, my birthday, and my roommate’s birthday! What more fun could a girl ask for? This year both my roommate and I are turning the big 2-1, and are having a joint birthday celebration to celebrate. We’re going all out with invitations, a cake, and an “End of Prohibition” theme.

With the celebration of winter break is the art of relaxation, or a little more sleep and a little less stress. I’m hoping to have some quality “me” time before the spring semester begins. I plan on getting a pedicure, shopping, going to the zoo, and seeing Christmas lights. I’m spending most of winter break at school working, so it will be my first official December in St. Louis. I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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It’s that time of year again. We’re just a few days away from Thanksgiving, a month from Christmas, then my birthday, and New Year’s! With these holidays come breaks from school, or times I usually think to be associated with relaxation and a lot less stress. I have a feeling this year will be different. My Thanksgiving break will be filled with driving back and forth from my hometown to St. Louis for work (Thank you, Black Friday), getting everything ready for all those holiday parties, and trying to at least a start all the projects due the second week of December. If there’s anytime this semester that I’ve needed luck, I think this occasion calls for it.

I look forward to seeing my family, baking and cooking, listening to holiday tunes, and experiencing winter weather this holiday season. Christmas and the holidays are merry times in the year, and the visual merchandising class I’m in just finished with their final display! The theme is “Unconventional Holiday”. Our display, which you can see below, houses numerous ornaments, snowflakes, and a dress made completely from ribbons! Our hope was that by looking at the display one felt a little holiday cheer. Thanks for reading..


I decided to do something a little bit different this time around. I hope you all like it.

10. Watching movies on netflix

9. English paper

8. Science homework

7. Playing video games with my friends

6. Beating old video games that I started

5.  Finish reading “The Hidden Hand”

4. post more stuff on tumbler

3. watching old episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead

2. Hang out with friends from out of town

1. Spending time with the family.


Packing Practice

by Carlyn May 20, 2013

Turns out you won’t have to wait until next semester to hear some of my stories! I’m excited to say that I’ll be blogging over the summer. This past week has been a bit exhausting. Moving all my stuff out of my dorm room is a major task. You’d be surprised how much you can [...]

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Welcome back!

by Amanda W. January 25, 2013

It’s crazy that winter break is already over. It seems like just yesterday I was walking out of my last exam, and now it’s 2013! A part of me just cannot believe how fast time is passing. But I’m excited for this semester, and I feel it will be full of a lot of surprises. [...]

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Last Blog For Semester

by Elizabeth P. December 8, 2011

Well, we all knew it was coming! The semester is ending! Finals are here and people are leaving. This will be the last blog for the year so I hope you enjoyed it, and I look forward to seeing you next semester. I hope your holidays are filled with shopping, happiness, and family. Merry Christmas! [...]

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When the Night Falls, We See the Star of Wonder

by Carly December 5, 2011

This is a bizarre feeling. I came home this weekend and realized that the only homework I have to do is study for my finals that I have next week and complete my last homework set for chem. I have a bad feeling, though, that I’m going to abuse this “free time” that I seem [...]

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Let your joy overcome your sorrows!

by Lizzie December 5, 2011

First off, I am just shocked by how fast this first semester has flown by. And it’s been a great one. There were some things I wished I could have been involved with, but maybe next semester will pay up for that There were also many things that I’ve learned and enjoyed. In my classes, [...]

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by Shannon L. November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I can’t wait! Thanksgiving means a break from school, family time, and some really yummy food, which just happen to be three of my favorite things! :] I kind of feel bad for Thanksgiving because it always seems to get overlooked with Christmas soon after it. But I [...]

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